WWE SmackDown 14th August Results Highlights 2020

Are you looking forward to knowing about WWE SmackDown 14th August Results Highlights 2020? Here we have covered SmackDown match results, winners, and highlights ahead of SummerSlam 2020.

WWE SummerSlam is a week away. We have already confirmed fights for SummerSlam 2020. Fans are excited about the event, and WWE is trying to provide the best experience amid the pandemic.

The Friday Night SmackDown begins after we had the Retribution’s last week’s attack recap. We got to know that security has been tightened from entry to exit so that there are no more attacks in the future. Big E made his entry to have the first match of the show and face John Morrison.

WWE SmackDown 14th August Results Highlights & Updates

  • Asuka vs. Bayley is confirmed for WWE SummerSlam 2020
  • Bayley and Sasha were seen for a shocker in the show
  • On SmackDown, the Retribution once again left their mark
  • For next week’s SmackDown, Jeff Hard got a title match

The lights began to flicker before the match could start, and what we saw was quite shocking, it was the Retribution again attacking the two contestants. Both Morrison and Big E were lying at the ringside, and The Miz came to see the tag partner.

At backstage, Morrison and Big E were there, and King Corbin was making attempts to convert the locker room into fighting back against the unknown enemy. Next, we see Sheamus was coming he took jabs at E, Big E said that later in the show he would face Morrison in a match.

Bayley and Sasha Banks were back, Bayley commented that right now, even McMahons cannot keep them down. Both Banks and Bayley then kicked off the Battle Royal at Friday night SmackDown.

1. A Battle Royal for deciding the SmackDown Women’s title No.1 Contender

On SmackDown, the match begins, and IIConics started to work on Riott Squad and eliminated Ruby initially. Outside the ring, IIconics and the two teams had a brawl. Inside the ring, Nikki Cross was dominating, Tamina moved her outside ring by moving her from top of the ropes.

Bianca managed to pick up Tamina, and she dropped her outside. Naomi was then moved out by Evans with the Women’s Right. Evans was moved out by Shotzi, and Shayan received help from Lacey for eliminating Blackheart from outside. Nox sent Belair over the ropes; outside the ring, Baszler dumped her outside; meanwhile, Dana Brooke helped.

Asuka hip attacked Brooke, and on SmackDown after Brooker was eliminated, only Asuka and Baszler were left.

Asuka was moved out by Baszler, but she landed on the champs and didn’t touch the floor. Asuka then got caught in the Khirifuda Clutch and was able to reverse it and move Shayna outside and marked her victory by winning the Battle Royal.

Result: Winner of Battle Royal is Asuka. She will not face Bayley at WWE SummerSlam 2020

2. Shorty G vs. Sheamus

The match kicked off by Gable being strong at the beginning, later he was slowed down by Sheamus through big chops. Gable was making attempts for some ground offense; by an axhandle, he got wiped out. Shorty hit a missile dropkick and was hitting his chops. He took down Sheamus to receive a near fall.

wwe smackdown 14th august results

Gable then attempted for the ankle lock, but Sheamus was able to break it and get out of it. Sheamus hits the White Noise, followed by a Brogue Kick, and becomes the winner of the match.

Result: Shorty G got defeated

3. Gran Metalik vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Using some fast actions, both Nakamura and Metalik kicked off the match. In the beginning, we saw that Gran Metalik was in control. Nakamura went for hitting the Inverted Exploder and then set up the Kinshasa. After months on SmackDown, we saw Kalisto returning.

smackdown 14th august 2020 match highlights

LHP took out Cesaro on the ramp, and Gran used the opportunity for picking up the three count off a top rope elbow drop.

 Result: Shinsuke Nakamura got defeated

4. John Morrison vs. Big E

Morrison and Big E were back again, and, in the beginning, Morrison was performing well. Morrison was sent outside through the ring post. Big E went for hitting a splash on the apron and Miz ran a distraction after that. John then marked his comeback in the match on the show.

smackdown 14th august 2020 full show

Lights were flickering, and before that, Miz was confronted by the Otis. After we return from a quick break, we saw that the Retribution was attacking the backstage area and destroyed it.

The whole roster came at the ringside for protecting the match while they got backstage, the group then left. Inside the ring, Big E locked in the Stretch Muffler and defeated John Morrison.

Result: Big E is the winner

Concluding WWE SmackDown Results & Highlights

This week’s SmackDown episode was fun-filled. We had the return of Strowman and former US Champion. Also, Retribution continues with the destruction of the Blue Brand.

For SummerSlam 2020 match card, there is one more confirmation. Keep visiting WMR to know the latest info on the WWE’s upcoming PPV.

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