WWE RAW 17th August 2020 Highlights, Winners & Match Results

Do you want to explore about WWE RAW 17th August 2020 highlights, match winners and results? This week’s RAW episode was the final before we have SummerSlam 2020. It may also be the last RAW taking place at the WWE Performance Center. For SummerSlam 2020 and other future tappings, WWE has confirmed that now they will be held at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. WWE now calls this place the Thunderdome.

WWE RAW Highlights & Results Quick Sneak Peak

  • A teasing appearance of Rey Mysterio by management before the match of his son Dominik against Seth Rollins at PPV.
  • A special appearance by Shawn Michaels.
  • A legend of WWE returned for defending Ric Flair.
  • Secret footage showing Montez Ford was poisoned by whom as The Retribution took RAW off-air.

Monday night’s RAW began with Drew McIntyre, and he was talking about Randy Orton. Drew referred Randy as evil for what all he did to Flair. He then reminded Randy that at SummerSlam 2020, he does not have to face Flair but McIntyre, and he is looking forward to hurting him.

The Retribution was back and attacking the mid promo and the production truck and then took out the crew using baseball bats. They forced an employee to take the show off the air, and we had quick commercials after that.

When we were back, McIntyre was making attempts to have the locker room excited to face The Retribution, Rollins came and said he is the ‘leader’ of the locker room. Drew and Rollins started exchanging harsh words, and Superstars began to take the side of Drew. Cedric Alexander then reminded Seth Rollins that Rey Mysterio can come anytime now, and Seth left in a hurry after that.

MVP with the boys was back, and he started blaming Apollo Crews for being the brains behind The Retribution. Apollo made him quiet and said if he could defeat Shelton Benjamin tonight, then Benjamin and Lashley will be banned from being present at the ringside on PPV.

WWE RAW 17th August 2020 Highlights Full Match Results-

1. Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

Monday Night Raw starts with Apollo and Shelton inside the ring. Benjamin was strong in the beginning, and he took down the US champion to receive near falls.

wwe raw 17th august 2020 highlights

However, Shelton got hit by a spine buster as Apollo marked his comeback. Shelton countered a toss powerbomb and went for hitting a DDT. R-Truth rushed towards the ring, and behind him, ninjas were there. Apollo used the distraction as he caught Shelton inside the cradle and became the first winner.

Result: Shelton Benjamin got defeated

2. Ivar vs. Angel Garza

As the match starts, Ivar took the lead, and he kept Angel Garza down at the mat before he went for hitting a substantial senton to receive a near fall.

raw 17th aug 2020 results

Zelina saved Garza as Ivar made a dive. Ivar got defeated by Garza via pinfall as Andrade ran a distraction. Quite disappointing it was.

Result: Angel Garza is the winner

3. Natalya vs. Mickie James

James started by being tough, and her DDT met with a clothesline before we saw Rollins and Murphy coming out at RAW. They both asked Joe whether Rey Mysterio is present at the show or not. In all this chaos and confusion, Natalya defeats Mickie.

raw 17th aug 2020 full highlights

After the match was over, Mickie went for attacking Natalya. Rollins said that if he sees Dominik or Rey on RAW tonight, neither will be able to show up at the PPV on Sunday.

Result: Mickie James got defeated

4. Asuka and Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

The match begins, and Nia Jax interrupted the match, she moved Shayna to the ringside and soon there was another brawl as officials were trying to keep them apart. We had a quick break on RAW, and after the break, Banks was tagged by Bayley. Sasha hits a Meteora and taunts the former champion.

wwe raw 17th aug 2020 results

After this, Asuka got stuck in the Banks Statement, and Baszler came out for breaking the hold. The tag was made, and for the first time, Shayna began to dominate. Sasha went for hitting the backstabber but could not manage to capitalize. Sasha broke up the Khirifuda, and then Asuka took her to the ringside. Meanwhile, Baszler locked Khirifuda Clutch for one more time on Bayley for winning the match.

Result: Shayna Baszler and Asuka wins the match

5. Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

Riott starts the match by making a big move and sending Royce out of the ring before sending her into the barricades and apron. Peyton went for turning it around, and she hits a knee strike. On the show, Ruby came back again with an elbow.

raw 17th august 2020

Kay was interfering by giving taunts to Morgan and Ruby. Royce then sent Ruby into Liv outside. Ruby was sent back inside the ring as the fight continues, then hits with Deja Vu for having a pinfall. Royce marked her second victory in the last two weeks.

 Result: Peyton Royce is the winner

6. Apollo Crews, Ali, Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and MVP

Early in the match, Lashley eliminated Ali using a dominator and then tagged Shelton in. Within a few seconds, it was Ricochet who got eliminated. Apollo was left now, and he came with a toss powerbomb on Shelton and got the first elimination for the team at the show.

wwe raw highlights 17th aug

Shelton was outside, and Alexander came from behind to pin him at the ringside and become the 24/7 Champion. After a quick break, we saw MVP missing a big boot and taking the powerbomb to receive the three-count.

Bobby Lashley was up next, and Crews moved him down for a standing moonsault. After receiving a near fall, Bobby countered the toss powerbomb, and he went for hitting the spear.

Result: Shelton Benjamin, MVP, and Bobby Lashley wins the match

7. Akira Tozawa vs. Cedric Alexander

Akira was trying to get his ninjas for helping him, but Alexander moved them out. After a bit of chaos, Alexander moved out Tozawa using a Lumbar Check and wins the match.

Result: Cedric Alexander is the winner

8. Andrade vs. Montez Ford

Montez kicked off being tough and went for a massive superplex. Ford dropped Andrade, and Vega ran a distraction.

raw 17th aug 2020 match winners

Bianca Belair came for taking Vega at the ringside using a backbreaker. Ford went for hitting Andrade as he was distracted and received the three count.

Result: Montez Ford wins the match

Concluding WWE RAW 17th August 2020 Highlights & Results

Although we did not get to see many exciting matches in this week’s RAW episode, watching Baszler and Asuka was sheer pleasure. A great promo we had by HBK and Mysterio family. What are all you expecting at SummerSlam 2020? Share in the comment section; we would love to hear from you.

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