WWE Friday Night SmackDown Highlights 31st July 2020

What happened in WWE Friday Night Smackdown Highlights? Are you excited to know about SmackDown Match results held on 31st July 2020? Here we have jotted down all the highlights and match details.

The show begins, and Nikki Cross, Alexa Bliss, and Sasha Banks, Bayley hyped the match of SmackDown Women’s title, which was between Nikki Cross and Bayley.

  • Big E said that he is going to face Miz in the show tonight.
  • Naomi and Lacey Evans are set for the match at SmackDown.
  • AJ Styles was going to defend his title against Gran Metalik, and it was quite evident he was confident enough to retain his title this time.
  • Big E had a fantastic match with the former WWE Champion and had a monumental win.
  • Bray Wyatt made some big announcements at the show.
  • Mandy Rose was severely attacked.

Finally, the show kicked off, and we had Bray Wyatt and the FireFly Funhouse. Bray made a statement he wants to acquire the title of Braun Strowman, and at the swamp, he was looking for him. He added to his account that until he finds Strowman, no one is safe.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Highlights And Match Results from 31st July 2020 

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1. Gran Metalik vs. AJ Styles 

The show kicked off with the first match of Friday night between AJ and Gran inside the ring. AJ was having upper hand early on as Gran got knocked about by the champion. Styles hits him with a massive backbreaker followed by a stalling vertical suplex as he was dominating the match.

wwe friday night smackdown highlights

After the break, Metalik was under control, and he hits a top rope move. Gran Metalik got dropped as Styles hits him with a couple of kicks. Metalik then received a near fall from a DDT before he went for a missile dropkick.

AJ Styles countered and tried to hit the top rope move before he locked in the Calf Crusher and marked his victory. When the match was over, Lince Dorado went for helping Gran Metalik. AJ Styles started attacking Dorado and hit him with a Styles Clash.

Result: AJ Styles wins the match and retained the Intercontinental Title

2. King Corbin vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak got caught in a right hook and received a near fall. King Corbin then started to attempt to move Drew down by making a half-crab submission, but Gulak won the cross face in, which was off a counter.

smackdown match results
Credits- WWE SmackDown

King Corbin interrupted and broke the hold and then hit Deep Six. We saw Matt Riddle entering to create a distraction. King Corbin was just almost stuck in a pin, but he the End of Days and received the three count.

Result: King Corbin is the winner of the match

3. The Miz vs. Big E

Big E’s renewed singles run started with a match against The Miz. As the game was about to start, Big E started commenting on Miz and tossed him in the ring. Miz answered this by slapping Big E on his face. Big E moved Miz outside the ring and threw him straight into the announcement desk. While the referee was looking at the other direction, Morrison took him down.

wwe smackdown highlights

Big E regained the strength and used the apron before hitting a dive, but at the last moment, Miz stepped aside. We had a short break after this, and when we were back, Big E was got caught up in a headlock. Big E successfully broke it and started hitting a series of Belly to Belly Suplexes and then hits a splash.

Miz was hitting with kicks, and he went for attacking leg of Big E in the corner. Morrison then interrupted in the match, and Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale to get a near fall.

This was the third time the referee noticed the interference of the Morrison. Miz was then convincing the referee to allow John to stand at the ringside. Big E then went to catch Miz with a Stretch Muffler. Miz slowly just tapped out, and Big E become the winner of the match.

Result: Big E wins the match

4. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans

The match begins, and Lacey had the upper hands first, and she hits a powerbomb and then planted her on the canvas face first. Lacey went for Naomi’s hair and trapped them in the steel steps and then waited to receive a count-out, but Naomi managed to get out of it.

naomi vs lacey evans

Naomi then tossed Lacey outside the ring, and then she dodged the Women’s Right. She then caught up Evans using a backslide pin and successfully gets three counts in the event.

Result: Naomi is the winner

5. Nikki Cross vs. Bayley: A match for SmackDown Women’s Title

Nikki Cross started strong and tossed Bayley across the ring and hit a neck breaker early on. Bayley fled the ring before Nikki used the apron and then tossed her back in the ring.

nikki cross

Before the quick break on SmackDown, Bayley received a near fall, and she was moved inside the ring. Nikki was beating when we were back and moved Bayley to the apron, but she missed the drive-by.

Nikki then stole Sasha’s ring and then tossed it back at Banks and gets a near fall. Next, we see Bayley was getting thrown into the barricades outside the ring. Sasha then interrupted in the match, and she got hit by Nikki with a dropkick.

Nikki hits a crossbody from the top but receives only a near fall. Nikki then tried for a backslide, but she got moved to the mat using a facebuster to have a pinfall.

Result: Bayley is the winner, and she continues to have the SmackDown Women’s title

Summing Up WWE Friday Night SmackDown Highlights & Results

Bray Wyatt made the big announcement, and there were two essential title matches on Friday Night SmackDown.

Mandy Rose faced a brutal attack in the show, and there was a shocking heel turn by Shorty G.

SummerSlam is a few weeks to go, and before that, we had a splendid episode of SmackDown. Two of the matches for PPV are already confirmed, and many are being predicted. Stay tuned for more updates and news on Wrestling.

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