WWE SmackDown Highlights 7th August 2020 Match Results, Winners

Are you looking forward to getting insights about the SmackDown highlights 7th August 2020? Here in this post, we have covered WWE SmackDown match highlights and essential details of the show.

SummerSlam is all set to be live on 23rd August 2020. We already have a few confirmed matches for the SummerSlam 2020, and lots are being predicted.

As the show begins, fans had a recap of Bray Wyatt and the actions of The Fiend from the last week. Bray Wyatt greeted all and said that for what all happened with Alexa Bliss’s previous week, he was getting blamed. He further added that Braun Strowman should be blamed for all this. The Fiend said that he was waiting for the Strowman to come.

Matt Riddle kicked off the SmakcDown, and he was the first one to fight on the show.

Have a look at WWE SmackDown Updates- 

  • On SmackDown, Mandy Rose took revenge on Deville.
  • Twice King Corbin’s match got interrupted, which caused him distraction in the match.
  • A bombshell was dropped on Sasha Banks and Bayley by Stephanie McMahon.
  • The ending of SmackDown was quite shocking, and this had bever happened before in the show.

WWE SmackDown Highlights 7th August 2020

Here are the complete SmackDown show highlights and match results-

1. Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle 

At the beginning of the match, Matt had a standing sleeper hold. Meanwhile, Sheamus locked in his headlock, Sheamus went for hitting massive kicks, and Matt locked in an armbar. Next, Sheamus hits a considerable powerbomb followed by the chops inside the ring. Matt Riddle kicked him towards outside.

smackdown highlights 7th august 2020

On SmackDown, we had a quick break as we return, we see Sheamus was hitting a trio of backbreakers. Riddle was back by now, and he made sequences of moves to receive a near fall. Matt Riddle was looking to go on top, but he missed the Floating Bro. Matt then took a White Noise to get a near fall.

The match continued, and Sheamus missed a spear and moved outside. Matt Riddle accompanied him there to have a brawl at the ringside. During the match, Matt got attacked by Chad Gable, and this presented The Original Bro an opportunity to have a DQ win.

Result: Via DQ Sheamus got defeated.

2. Lince Dorado vs. Cesaro

On SmackDown, it was time for another fantabulous match. We saw that at the starting Cesaro was having the upper hand. Lince entered with a Hurricanrana as in the show; lights were flickering. Cesaro got hold of him inside the ring by using a huge elbow drop, and we saw Lince kicked out at two.

smackdown live highlights

As the match was going on, Lince went for hitting the springboard stunner, followed by a couple of moonsaults from the ropes. Cesaro caught Lince before he could make the third. On the show, Cesaro hits a Neutralizer and wins easily.

Result: Cesaro is the winner

3. King Corbin vs. Jeff Hardy

King Corbin dominated the match first, and he sent Jeff out of the ring to get some big shots on the announcer’s desk. Jeff was having a tough time; King Corbin dodged a Twist of Fate followed by a massive clothesline. Jeff then countered King Corbin outside the ring.

Both were then present inside the ring, and Corbin hots a Deep Six to have a near fall. King Corbin locked in a submission inside the ring, and Jeff moved out once again when we saw Sheamus came in and hits a Brogue Kick.

smackdown live highlights

King Corbin was enraged because of Sheamus. He suffered a loss via DQ. Corbin moved out to fight with Sheamus, and we had another quick break on the show.

Result: King Corbin got defeated via DQ

4. Sheamus vs. King Corbin

After the break was over, WWE fans saw Sheamus and Corbin inside the ring and having a match. Using clothesline move, Corbin moved Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus moved Corbin into the announcer’s desk and then to the ring post and finally sent him back inside.

smackdown live highlights

King Corbin hits Sheamus with a side slam. Sheamus lifted Corbin, but he failed to hit the finisher. Matt Riddle interrupted the match to distract Corbin. Sheamus got a chance by this to crash the Brogue Kick and become the winner of the match.

Result: Sheamus is the winner

5. Miz and Morrison vs. Heavy Machinery

Tucker and Morrison started the match, and Morrison hits a massive clothesline before lights began to flicker in the arena one more time. Miz and Otis got tagged in, and Otis was steamrolling through his opponent and then tagged Tucker to have a double team match.

smackdown live highlights

The match continued, and Miz received a near fall on Tucker. From the apron, a cheap shot was hit by Morrison. In the match, Otis got tagged, and he hits some massive moves on Morrison, followed by the caterpillar. Miz then broke the pin. Tucker was moved into the barricades by Miz. Otis was also sent into the steel steps when we saw Many Rose coming out and attacking Sonya Deville.

Result: DNF

The match has to call off, and both the team were struggling to separate them. On SmackDown, it was another break as Otis and Tucker successfully took out Mandy from the ring and moved her away from Deville.

After the break, the two groups were still fighting backstage, and lights were cut out. Retribution took over the ring and carried baseball bats and started attacking everyone, including the NXT Superstars present in the audience at SmackDown.

They were attacking who so ever was in sight. Announcers have to leave the show, and some of the crew started to pick up steel chairs for self-defense. The Retribution flipped the announcement table, and they were spraying the ring and also the barricades as the carnage was still on. One of the guys went for cutting the ropes of the ring using a chain saw. Cameras were cut out, and no one was able to understand what just happened.

Ending Up This Week’s SmackDown Show

A lot of chaos we had had this time on SmackDown, along with some fantastic moments. Cryptic promo of Bray Wyatt along with most likely a heel turn from Braun Strowman. Mandy Rose took revenge on Deville.

The ending of the show was most shocking, which no one has ever expected. So guys, how was your experience of watching the latest episode of SmackDown. Stay tuned for the updates on RAW, SmackDown, and SummerSlam 2020 by WMR.

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