Monday Night RAW Show Highlights & Results 3rd August 2020

The Monday Night RAW show highlights begin with a suspicious misfunctioning of the lights in the arena. Apollo Crews, the new United States Champion entered the ring. Apollo Crews was recovering from the injury which he had before Extreme Rules. Before the first match started, MVP took the mic and said he was the actual US Champion, and tonight he is going to prove it by defeating Apollo Crews.

Monday Night RAW Show Quick Updates-

  • Announcement for three matches for SummerSlam 2020: Rematch of MVP vs. Apollo Crews for US Title, Dominick Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins, a rematch of RAW Women’s Title.
  • Nia Jax got suspended for an indefinite time, and Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre had a war of words.
  • Shane Mcmahon shared an interesting announcement on the show.

Here is the complete information on what all happened on RAW.

Monday Night RAW Show Highlights 3rd August 2020 

1. MVP vs. Apollo Crews: A match of United States Title

 On Monday night, the show begins, and we had awaited the match kicked off. In the beginning, MVP was in control, and he went for locking in a submission. Crews successfully reversed it into a pin to receive a near fall. In the arena, lights were flickering as the match continued, and we proceeded for a break on RAW.

monday night raw highlights

After the break, MVP received a couple of near falls, and then he went for hurting the already injured neck of Crews using ropes. MVP then attempted to charge at Crews but failed to do so, and this allowed Apollo to hit a massive kick followed by spine buster and get a near fall.

The match continued, and Apollo hits a toss powerbomb and defeats MVP. He retained his title by winning the match. After the match, Bobby Lashley went for Full Nelson on Apollo, but the champion dodged before he left.

Result: Apollo Crews is the winner, and he retains US Championship

On RAW backstage, Crews was celebrating his victory, and at the ringside, MVP said because lights were flickering, he lost the match, and the Apollo has stolen his title. MVP said he wants to have a rematch at SummerSlam 2020 before leaving.

2. The IIconics vs. Riott Squad 

The show continued, and next, it was Ray and Riott inside the ring. Royce got tagged in the beginning, and Riott was facing difficult times as IIconics continued to dominate by making submission moves. Kay was back again, and they were attempting to stop Riott from making the tag. However, Morgan received the tag and entered by making a dropkick from top of the ropes.

raw highlights

Morgan moved Kay down and received a pin her for having the quick win. The IIconics were enraged, and they almost hit their combined finisher on Liv. Riott then moved out Kay using their finishers.

Result: Riott Squad is the winner of the match

Because of the power outages, some boxes fell and might have injured someone before MVP got to know that Apollo Crews is ready for a rematch for the US Title and accepted the challenge backstage on the show.

3. Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin- A 24/7 title match

It was time for another breath-taking match. Akira left the ring as Shelton took the crap out of the R-Truth inside the ring. After some time, Akira made a surprise return for making a roll-up on the champion but got hit with a powerbomb by Shelton.

RAW highlights

Truth then returned and started hitting massive kicks, but Benjamin moved him down before a ninja hits him. Ninja was moved out by MVP and Lashley, and Akira hits a top rope senton on R-Truth and wins the match on RAW.

Result: Akira Tozawa is the winner of the triple threat match and is now the 24/7 champion. 

On RAW backstage, Dominick Mysterio said his mind is not in the right state after his dad got blinded at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020. He challenged Seth Rollins for a match at SummerSlam 2020 and then left.

4. Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler

Outside the gate, Sasha slapped Baszler, got hit with a couple of suplexes, and got a kick to the spine. Shayna then stomped on the hands of Sasha and locked in an armbar, but Sasha managed to move out. Bayley then interrupted in the match, which allowed Banks to make some moves in on Baszler.

RAW highlights

As the match went on, Baszler got the control once again and got hit with a crossbody. Baszler then hits a backbreaker and then countered the Banks statement. Both Banks and Baszler got knocked out with kicks of each other.

Asuka them attempted to move out Bayley, and then Banks was forcefully made to leave the ring, and then the match was called off.

Result: DNF

Asuka was present inside the ring, and she was demanding to have a rematch of RAW women’s title at the upcoming PPV. Shayna Baszler entered and said she was rooting for Asuka, but she will hit her first. Sasha Banks then came and said Asuka could have a rematch at a condition; She has to beat Bayley in the coming week.

5. Angel Garza vs. Angelo Dawkins

Dawkins has the control as the match started, he tossed Angel Garza out of the ring, and we had a break on RAW. After the break, Garza was facing a tough time as Angelo Dawkins hits a slam followed by a dropkick and got a couple of near falls. Demi was watching all this from the backstage.

RAW highlights

Angel Garza once again came and hits a dropkick and then Wing Clipper and got countered. Angelo Dawkins made some big moves, and Montez was cheering so excitedly that he passed out at the ringside. Angelo Dawkins had concerned about Ford, and he went for checking on him, which gave Garza an opportunity to hit a Superkick and a dropkick in the match and win.

Result: Angel Garza is the winner

6. Andrade vs. Montez Ford

During the match, Montez managed to keep Andrade in his hold at the start, but Andrade received the upper hand in a short time. He made use of the rope for choking out Andrade and then hits him with few kicks as Ford appeared to be in bad shape.

RAW highlights

Andrade was moved onto the barricades, and then he was knocked down. Ford returned with a clothesline followed by a dive. He then passed out once again after celebrating on the ropes. On RAW, the match was called off.

Result: DNF

Finishing Up Monday Night RAW Show- 

This time, we had lots of thrilling fights on RAW, and it was a complete action package. We had a reunion of Riott Squad, Drew McIntyre called Randy Orton, and most importantly, we had an announcement of three matches likely to be on the match card of the SummerSlam.

So far, two matches are already confirmed for the SummerSlam PPV event. WMR is the one-stop destination for all updates on SummerSlam2020, RAW and SmackDown. Keep visiting us so that you do not miss any updates.

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