WWE SmackDown Live Results Highlights 17th July 2020

Check out the full WWE SmackDown Live results highlights held on 17th July 2020. Right before WWE’s Extreme Rules 2020, we had a fantastic show on Friday Night. 

SmackDown Quick Updates-

  • Cesaro, Nakamura, Miz and Morrison, AJ Styles, and Braun Strowman were among the superstars of the SmackDown night.
  • Cesaro vs. Big E- Winner will get to select stipulation for The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.
  • SmackDown Kicked off with Cesaro and Big E inside the ring.
  • A huge title match on the show, Bray Wyatt, received a strong message from Braun Strowman.

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After the title match, Matt Riddle got attacked, and also, Asuka is seen teaming up with an unlikely superstar.

These are glimpses of Friday Night SmackDown highlight. Let’s check out the full SmackDown show summary along with match-winners and results.

WWE SmackDown Live Results Highlights 17th July 

The kick-off show on Friday night begins, and we see Big E and Cesaro inside the ring. The match starts, and Big E was running towards the corner.

Cesaro sidestepped and sent the tag champion outside the ring. Inside the ring, Cesaro had control, and he was dominating, but he got stuck in a belly to belly suplex. Before a second, Big E was seen following up with a splash.

wwe smackdown live results highlights

As we were about to have a break on the show, Big E went for hitting a massive splash on the apron. Cesaro took the control back, but somehow he just missed a neutralizer before he went for locking Big E in the sharpshooter.

Outside the ring, Kofi got attacked by Nakamura. When the referee was down, Nakamura hits a big kick to the Big E. The distraction made was used by the Cesaro, and he hits the neutralizer and later received the three count.

Result: Cesaro wins the match

When the match was over, heels went for the table. Kofi made a great dive, and he moved Cesaro on the table, but the Nakamura saved him. 

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nikki Cross and Asuka

We got to see Banks and Cross next in the kick-off Friday night show. Sasha and Bayley unloaded on Nikki soon after Bayley got tagged.

Nikki got stuck in her opponent’s corner when they got tagged in and out. Even though all this, Nikki managed to have a near fall on Bayley.

asuka vs sasha banks

Next, Asuka was tagged in, and she destroyed both the tag champions before Nikki got hold of both at the apron. Nikki unloaded on them, and then she danced on the desk of announcers.

As we return from the break, we see that Asuka was attempting for double knees from the corner, and later Bayley got tagged in.

Nikki was tagged in, and she was not successful in making a top rope move. Later she hits Bayley with Tornado DDT by making use of the announcement table. 

Sasha Banks broke the pin, and then Asuka moved her out by hitting a considerable kick. For getting a dirty pin on Cross, Bayley was using ropes in the ring.

Shasha Banks will face Asuka for a women’s title match at Extreme Rules 2020.

Result: Sasha Banks and Bayley wins the match

Braun Strowman vs. John Morrison

Braun was heading towards the ring he announced that he is all set for ‘slapping the devil on his face’ on the PPV event this Sunday. Morrison was scared, and it was quite explicit. Soon John got pummeled and then took a clothesline, and it turned him upside down before he stepped on his face with his entire weight.

smackdown results

Inside the ring, John Morrison was having a tough time being rag-dolled before Strowman tossed Morrison and then hits him with Running Poweslam.

Result: Braun Strowman wins the match

Lacy Evans vs. Naomi 

Naomi had the upper hand early, and she slapped Lacy. As the match continued, she went for an elbow drop to receive a near fall. Naomi got the near fall by hitting the split. Later she dodged the Women’s Right.

wwe smackdown live results

Evans tied Naomi’s hair onto the rope and then hit the Women’s Right on her as Naomi becomes free.

Result: Lacey Evans wins the match

Matt Riddle vs. AJ Styles- Intercontinental Title Match

The match starts, and at the beginning, Matt Riddle was strong, and he hits two Gutwrench Suplexes and then a Knee strike, this sent Styles to a fit of rage. Matt was making fun of Styles angry antic, and he took him down as we were having next break on the SmackDown.

wwe smackdown highlights

After the break before AJ Styles were able to control by making a big move, we saw Matt hitting Fisherman’s Suplex. AJ hits a Dragonscrew, and then he attempted the calf crusher.

Matt riddles first hit a powerbomb, and then a running knew to have a near fall before the break. Next on SmackDown, AJ Styles was making attempts desperately, and he hits a superkick.

Matt Riddle got caught in the calf crusher. Styles marks his victory as he managed to roll up Matt Riddle.

Result: AJ Styles wins and retains the Intercontinental Championship

Summing Up Friday Night SmackDown Highlights

It was great watching SmackDown as we are just one day away from the Extreme Rules 2020.

Fantastic title match we had, and Asuka and Nikki Cross had an outstanding match with the tag champions.

Stay tuned for all the updates, spoilers, and news of Extreme Rules 2020.

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