WWE SmackDown Live Highlights, Winners & Results 10th July 2020

Excited to know what happens on this week’s SmackDown? Catch WWE SmackDown Live Highlights and match results in this post.

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules is just a week away now. At Friday Night’s SmackDown, it was promised that there would be a couple of tag team matches, which will be starring pairs of tag team champions of SmackDown on its 10th July 2020 show.

The New Day had put the Tag Team Championships of SmackDown on the line. This was done against the remarkable pair of Cesaro and Shinsuke. For combating these technical performers, both Big E and Kofi Kingston were struggling. However, it is the truth that they cannot lose without any possible consequences.

WWE SmackDown Highlights & Match Results On 10th July 2020

Have a glance at Friday night SmackDown highlights of the show-

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss were seeking to achieve one up on Bayley and Sasha Banks in a non-title match. All three brands have been dominated by the women’s tag team champions of WWE. The best female tag teams of WWE are still The Goddess and the best friend of her.

The champions’ title match ended up in a big disaster. And it is now confirmed that Jeff Hardy and Sheamus are ready to have brawl at Extreme Rules 2020. Jeff Hardy was taunted for his alcoholism by Sheamus last week. Jeff said that he wishes to defeat Sheamus and leave all this in the past. Miz and Morrison challenged to have a Bar Fight at the Upcoming PPV event on 19th July 2020. Hosts were excited when Jeff Hardy signed off. Once the segment was completed, Jeff Hardy asked who among them wish to face him inside the ring before he attacked both the hosts.

Blue Brand committed to having a replay of the first fight of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman at WWE Money in the Bank for the preparation of Wyatt Swamp Fight. As the blue brand talent continues to search for new opportunities, it has made SmackDown quite chaotic.

The kick-off show begins, and we see Miz TV, and with us, we had guests of the night Jeff Hardy. Miz and Morrison had a small argument with Jeff regarding which clip of his should be shown before the promo of Sheamus and Jeff’s feud. Later in the show, Miz told Jeff that he is the favorite WWE Superstar of his daughter Monroe.

Check out the complete match highlights, winners and results of SmackDown 10th July 2020

1. The Miz vs. Jeff Hardy

On SmackDown, the match begins, and Jeff and Miz were standing inside the ring. The control was with Miz at first, and he dropped Hardy on the apron. Jeff then went for the Swanton off a springboard kick, but Miz was moved out of the ring by Morrison. As we headed towards the commercials, Jeff took out both men.

wwe smackdown live highlights

After the break on SmackDown, we saw that Morrison was behind the referee, and Miz once again managed to take control. Miz was hitting the ‘It’ kicks inside the ring, and he had a near fall. Jeff Hardy hits the Jawbreaker, which was followed by the inverted atomic drop.

It was Miz who was countering the Twist of Fate; however, he just missed the finale. Hardy went on the top, and we saw Sheamus on the Titantron for running a distraction. Jeff got rid of it and went to the rollup pin.

Result: Jeff Hardy wins the match

2. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss Vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks and Nikki Cross were present inside the ring, and Bayley got tagged in very early. Champions continue to tag in and out meanwhile keeping Nikki Cross far away from her partner. Nikki managed to get hold of Bayley and unloaded on her before she tagged Alexa to have a double team.

smackdown live highlights

The champions got somehow distracted by the commentary team of the SmackDown. Alexa and Nikki used this opportunity and moved them out of the ring. After the break, we saw that Alexa was getting dominated by Bayley.

Alexa successfully managed to kick out all the moves before Shasha kicked Nikki and moved her to the apron while keeping Alexa at the corner. Nikki received the tag finally, and then she hits a running bulldog on Sasha. On Bayley, she runs a neck breaker, but Sasha Banks just broke the pin. Bayley was sneaking in with pin using ropes and marked the victory while Nikki Cross was being distracted by the Banks.

Result: Bayley and Sasha Banks win the match

As the SmackDown continued, we got to see an extended look of the 2k Battlegrounds videogame of WWE. We got to see a full recap of Universal Title match between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt from Money in the Bank. On backstage, NewDay was getting ready for the title defense in Friday night’s main event.

Sasha Banks will face Asuka on Extreme Rules 2020 for a Women’s title match.

3. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi

The match was already underway when we returned to the SmackDown. Lacey was dominating at first, and both of them were not wearing wrestling gears and shoes. Lacey Evans moved Brooke at the ringside, and then she pushed Tamina to the apron, which made her angry.

smackdown results

Inside the ring, Tamina and Brooke both were interrupting Lacey, and later they moved her out of the ring. There was a big brawl between the four of them, and the referee had no option other than calling off the match.

Result: DNF

AJ Styles had an interview backstage, and he mentioned there that he believed that no one could defeat him for the title before he was informed that in a title match scheduled for the next week, he would be facing Matt Riddle. 

4.Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro vs. The New Day – SmackDown Tag Team Championship match

Nakamura started the match. He started it against Kofi Kingston, and at the beginning, the challenger was having control before Cesaro was tagged in for making some of the more significant moves. Kofi somehow just managed to take Cesaro at the corner before he hits the Unicorn Stomp.

wwe smackdown highlights

Taking help from Big E, Kingston hits a dive above the ropes as we were about to have another quick break at the SmackDown. When we were back, we saw Kingston made the tag, and also Nakamura did so. Big E hit a Belly to Belly Suplex before Nakamura broke the pin. Kingston came and joined to have a double team Meteora. This time Nakamura and Cesaro were double-teaming Kingston. By that time referee made the call for the bell marking the end of the match.

Result: DNF, SmackDown Tag Team Championship, was retained by the New Day.

After the match, the brawl was not over. Challengers took a table out and moved Big E on it before they drove Kofi on him and also a table along with a powerbomb from the rope.

Summing Up Friday Night SmackDown Show

This Friday night, SmackDown show was quite short. The reason behind it was we had a recap which was from the Money in the Bank, which took a lot of time for the episode. The best part of the night was when we got to see Jeff Hardy’s promo and also the tag title match.

WWE fans found the women’s tag match equally entertaining. So, this is all about the SmackDown. WWE is all set to give the most thrilling experience to viewers of Extreme Rules 2020. Just wait and watch how the rivalries of superstars of RAW and SmackDown will get end in this PPV event.

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