WWE SmackDown Highlights Results 24th July 2020

Are you looking forward to watching WWE SmackDown highlights results? We are heading towards the biggest PPV event of WWE next month, i.e. WWE SummerSlam 2020. We had another fantastic SmackDown show on this Friday Night. On 24th July 2020 SmackDown kicked off, but before that, we had Sheamus and Jeff Hardy on the backstage, they were telling about the bar fight scheduled for the night.

We got a hint that there will be a bar match tonight as Sheamus’s bartender was present and making things ready.

On SmackDown, we had a glimpse of Shasha Banks and Bayley, and they were telling about the definition of ‘greatness’ which means them.

Next in the show, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss came. Nikki said her chance was stolen and demanded a rematch. Bayley told if she could manage to defeat Alexa Bliss, she will give her a rematch.

SmackDown 24th July 2020 Quick Updates

  • AJ Styles got to know who will be his next challenger.
  • Nikki Cross is all set to have a rematch in the coming week.
  • Two of the title contenders were crowned.
  • Bray Wyatt told about the current status of Braun Strowman.

WWE SmackDown Highlights Results from 24th July  

Here are the complete match highlights and results of SmackDown held on 24th July 2020.

1. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

This Friday night, SmackDown kicked off with Nikki and Alexa inside the ring. On commentary, we had Bayley and Sasha Banks. Bliss was in control, and she also got a rollup almost before Bliss and Cross traded holds.

Nikki then blocked a chop, and she went for hitting a tornado DDT. Alexa was countered, but she tossed into the corner for the combination of bulldog/clothesline. Bliss was caught up in the apron but took Cross down before she received any shots in.

Tag champions were cheering up for both of them before Bliss and Nikki moved them out at the ringside. After a short break on SmackDown as we return, Cross began to dominate the match as she managed to hit a backbreaker followed by reverse DDT.

Nikki somehow missed a frog splash, and her ribs got injured. The referee then went to check the condition of Nikki and asked Bliss to stand down and wait. Nikki used the situation to her benefit, rolled up Alexa, and became the first winner.

Result: Nikki Cross is the winner. 

She will now face Bayley for SmackDown Women’s Title in the coming week.

2. Tony Nese vs. Matt Riddle 

The match started, and Riddle was dominating first, but Tony hits a triangle moonsault, Riddle was trapped in the body scissors by him. As the match continued, we see Matt Riddle recovered, and he carried on with his assault. 

wwe smackdown highlights results

Matt Riddle tried for BroDeric, and Tony just countered it. A couple of suplexes and strikes set up Tony for the next attempt at the BroDeric. 

Result: Matt Riddle is the winner of the match

3. Drew Gulak vs. Shorty G vs. Gran Metalik vs. Lince Dorado- Fatal four-way No.1 Contender’s match

The match begins of SmackDown, and Lucha House Party began dominating early on. Metalik then moved Gulak to the ringside, and then he dodged a suplex, which was from Shorty G. After this, Gable made a dropkick, and then the pin was broken by Gulak. Dorada started hitting Gulak with a big boot, which was followed by a huge dive. 

smackdown highlights

Next, we see Gable took out the rest three by hitting a moonsault. After the break, when we return the show, we see Gulak breaks a pin from the Gable as both of them began to trade suplexes inside the ring.

Both Gulak and Gable were trying to be on the same side and fight against Metalik. Dorado then almost received a pin a Gulak. The Lucha House Party was fighting in themselves, and then Shorty G used the situation for his benefit and almost secured a pin on Metalik.

Now the Gu-lock was in, and Gable reversed it before getting stuck up in the Anklelock. Dorado then hit a splash. Shorty G moved Gulak outside the ring and took out Lince. For winning the match, Metalik makes a move from the ropes. 

Result: Gran Metalik is the winner of the Fatal 4-Way. He will face AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship. 

4. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy- A Bar Fight

While WWE fans were already waiting to see Jeff, Sheamus was already present at the bar. Jeff Hardy entered on time and refused a drink. He poured himself a glass of beer and tossed it on Sheamus’s face before the fight started.

smackdown results

Sheamus started beating Jeff on the bar itself and then on the concrete floor. Jeff was then tackled to the floor. Jeff got hit with a keg, and they were fighting in the corridor, which was dimly lit and ended up by entering the men’s room.

Jeff’s head went straight to the urinal, and then Sheamus was moved to the bathroom stall. Jeff and Sheamus returned to the bar later, but Jeff was carrying a ladder to hit Sheamus with.

In mid-air, Jeff got caught up, and he was sent to the wall before Sheamus almost hits him using an electric guitar. As we headed for a quick break on SmackDown, we saw Jeff was moved to the drumkit.

After the break, Jeff tackled Sheamus at the barstools and tables and then smacked his head on the bar. Jeff then hits a Twist of Fate, and then he took Sheamus down. Jeff was then setting up a ladder and was going up on it but got attacked by the bartender.

Jeff then attacked the bartender and moved him through a table. Jeff was moved down, an Irishman was having a drink before we had Jeff back on the show suddenly, and his face was all painted. Jeff smashed a bottle on the Sheamus head, and a Swanton Bomb followed this for having a pin.

Result: Jeff Hardy is the winner of the match

Summing Up SmackDown Highlights on 24th July 2020

This is all from the WWE SmackDown 24th July 2020. On this week’s SmackDown, we had fewer matches, but it was a great episode. We had a Bar Fight, a fascinating Fatal Four-way match, and confirmation of two title matches for the coming week.

How was your experience watching the Bar fight? Do share your views on the Friday Nights Smackdown in the comment section below. We are soon coming up with the latest updates on WWE’s SummerSlam 2020. 

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