WWE SmackDown Highlights And Match Results 3rd July 2020

We are only 2 weeks away from WWE Extreme Rules 2020. We have already covered about the confirmed Title matches between Drew McIntyre Vs Dolph Ziggler, Asuka vs Sasha Banks, and also the info on how to watch WWE Extreme Rules Online. Here in this post, we come with the WWE SmackDown highlights and match results happened on Friday Night SmackDown 3rd July 2020.

The show began and we had Michael Cole as the show in charge this time. He welcomed everyone, and soon Corey Graves joined him. Cole entered the ring and called for the guest, Matt Riddle. Graves started talking about Matt, his recent WWE Intercontinental Championship, and asked Riddle about his victory over AJ Styles.

WWE SmackDown Full Show 3rd July 2020 News

Riddle answered by saying after his last win, and he thinks now he should get used to it. When asked about bare feet wrestling, Riddle mentioned that when he was a kid, he got frostbit on his foot so when he wears shoes, it hurts him.

King Corbin entered the ring and moved Cole out of the ring before mentioning that Matt Riddle disrespected him in the last week. King Corbin added by saying that someone is required to ‘put him back at his place.’ Matt Riddles answered by saying, ‘Let’s leave it, bro.’ King Corbin then calls for John Morrison to fight in his place.

For the next week’s SmackDown, two title matches are already announced; meanwhile, we saw Jeff Hardy keeping his promise.

WWE SmackDown Highlights And Match Results 

Have a look at SmackDown match highlights and winners results-

1. John Morrison vs. Matt Riddle

King Corbin continues to be with us by making commentary as we see Miz coming and joining at the ringside. The match starts, Matt and John began countering holds of each other before Matt Riddle was tossed aside, but he managed to enter back by making a gut wrench suplex. John Morrison got stuck as he was in an ankle lock before he hits a kick off the ropes for having a near fall.

wwe smackdown highlights

The match was taking exciting twists; John hits a corkscrew plancha, and he was about to receive three counts before he ran knee to the face. Matt Riddle was standing out, and he started hitting King Corbin using his flipflop before we had another break. As we return to the SmackDown again, we see John was hitting a huge top rope move, and after that, he hit a standing Spanish Fly to have a near fall one more time.

Matt Riddles gets the upper hand as he knees strike and powerbomb after that before he hit the last Flash Knee Strike. Miz and King Corbin were putting all the efforts to distract Matt Riddle, but he just managed to roll up the John and marks his victory.

Result: Matt Riddles wins the match

2. Drew Gulak vs. AJ Styles (c)

Inside the ring, on Friday night SmackDown both AJ and Drew Gulak can not wait more and wanted to start the match. Via zoom call, we had Daniel Bryan with us on the show. AJ’s entire focus was on Gulak’s knees, and then Drew proceed to make his submission before was saw AJ moving out of the ring to get a breather.

smackdown highlights

When we were back to the SmackDown, we noticed that Drew Gulak was having a challenging time, and AJ hits on his eyes. Gulak moved AJ styles down to the buckles. AJ Styles defeats Gulak by hitting a Phenomenal Forearm.

Result: AJ Styles wins and gets the Intercontinental Championship again

3. Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

As we return to the SmackDown, we see Bayley getting punched on noes, and then she was working on Alexa Bliss’s shoulders before she had some near falls. The champion hits an elbow before both of the women got down on a botched move.

wwe smackdown results

For hurting Alexa’s shoulders, Bayley made use of the apron and later hit a running bulldog. At ringside, we had Cross cheering for Alexa before she got into it with the Sasha Banks. Bayley started shouting on her and then got clocked on the face. This made referee hand Bayley a DQ win.

Cross gets inside the ring and move Bayley out and made her and Sasha retreats.

Result: Bayley wins via disqualification

4. Kofi Kingston vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Kofi Kingston entered the ring and started with massive kicks; this made Shinsuke leave the ring. Kofi began to follow him outside the ring then Shinsuke was moved to the barricade. Kofi did not let it happened, and he crashed him into the barricade.

kofi vs nakamura

The referee sent off Cesaro and Big E, and the match continues. Kofi Kingston did not have Trouble in Paradise anymore when we were back in the show. Kofi got a couple of near falls and got hit with a running knee.

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura wins the match

Summing Up SmackDown Full Show Highlights & Results 

So this is all about SmackDown held this week. We hope you enjoyed reading the article. This time it was quite a decent episode—an outstanding ending we had.

We got to see Matt Riddle winning and retaining his title by defeating AJ Styles. Do share your views about the show in the comment. In our next posts, we will be sharing more confirmed matches of Extreme Rules 2020. Keep visiting WMR for the WWE event’s latest updates.

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