WWE RAW Show Highlights, Full Match Results, Winners 13th July 2020

Are you looking forward to watching WWE Raw Show Highlights? On 13th July 2020, we had the final show of RAW before the Extreme Rules. WWE fans across the world are all set to have a ‘Night of Grudges” on 19th July 2020. We will see familiar opponents battles as they have jockeyed for position on this upcoming event.

Champions are going to clash; we will know about tag team contenders, and there will be a rematch of high-profile WrestleMania 36. Non-title matches would be there as well, e.g., Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio, BigShow Vs. Randy Orton, and more.

Finally, it’s time to see some of the biggest matches of the year. We are getting the confirmation of matches and lots of spoilers of Extreme Rules, which are now out.

WWE RAW Show Highlights, Match Results from 13th July 2020

On Monday night, we finally had a return of Kairi Sane. She teamed up with Asuka to have a match against Sasha Banks and Bayley for the Women’s tag team championship.

On 10th July 2020, SmackDown WWE officially announced some of the Grudge Matches. The first match was Randy Orton vs. R-truth for a non-title fight.

The next one was Viking Raiders vs. Angel Garza and Andrade- Elimination Match. As the show begins, we had an advertisement for MVP’s VIP lounge.

He had invited Dolph Ziggler for this; both started a conversation about how Ziggler has helped McIntyre become the champion of WWE.

The discussion was quite short, and McIntyre himself entered and gave a surprise to Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler will have a title match against Drew McIntyre on Extreme Rules 2020.

At RAW Vega, Angel Garza, Andrade were having an interview backstage. They said they are ready to face Viking Raiders at today’s show. Andrade noted that if Angel Garza had his back, he could return the favor even before the Viking Riders will enter.

Check out WWE RAW full match highlights and match results

1. Andrade and Angel Garza vs. Viking Raiders- An Elimination Match

Ivar and Andrade started the first match on Monday night. Raiders were dominating the match at the beginning. Angel Garza successfully manage to take Erik out before he tagged in Andrade.

wwe raw highlights

With a Basement dropkick, Angel Garza took Ivar out from the apron, which allowed Andrade to go for hitting a hammerlock DDT on Erik. Andrade got the first pin of the show.

1st Elimination: Viking Raider’s Erik got eliminated.

As we return to the RAW, we saw that Garza and Andrade were all set to team up against Ivar. Next, we see Ivar hits a dive from above the ropes, and this moved both Garza and Andrade out. Andrade made a selfless move, and he pushed Garza away and also went for roundhouse kick before his elimination.

2nd Elimination: Andrade got eliminated.

Garza was unable to manage for Wingclipper, and he took a spin kick. Andrade broke the pin by putting his foot on the rope. Angel Garza entered again out of somewhere, and he hits a Powerbomb off a counter.

Result: Angel Garza and Andrade wins the match 

2. The IIconics vs. Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott

Royce and Riott started the match. Early in the match, Kay was tagged, and Riott was taken to the corner by the IIconics. Royce was back by now and attempted to stop Riott from tagging in but failed to do so.

monday night raw results

Royce and Riott started us off, and Kay was tagged early as the IIconics took Riott to their corner to isolate her. Royce was back in and kept Riott from making the tag but failed. Riott took Royce down, thereby allowing Belair to go for hitting the Kiss of Death and marking an easy win on the show.

Result: Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott wins the match 

3. Murphy vs. Aleister Black

Black and Murphy were heading to start the match, and we see that Black was moved outside the ring as Murphy began to dominate the match from the start. Aleister hits a massive kick and sent Murphy down before he hits a sweep kick.

murphy vs aleister black

Aleister was making attempts of knee strike to get a near fall, but it was Murphy who countered the Black. He then took Black on the rope’s middle, and later Seth broke the pin.

Result: DNF

4. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

On RAW at the backstage, Murphy was tensed for the ‘Eye for an Eye’ match. Seth Rollins told him about the significance of making some sacrifice to achieve something big.

raw show highlights

Later Seth Rollins gave a long speech on what’ Eye for an Eye’ actually means for him, and he realized that Rey Mysterio says it before trying to understand what’s why people don’t like him and also the vision has for RAW.

Rollins said that Rey had forced his hand to make him blind at the Extreme Rules 2020.

The match was going on as we return to the RAW. Rey Mysterio and Aleister were spectating from the ringside. Seth Rollins was begging for mercy, but Kevin didn’t stop and went to hit a massive cannonball.

Seth Rollins and Aleister had a face-off before KO was totally out of control, and he got mad at Messiah and punished him by taking him at the ringside. KO took a chop block inside the ring before he hits a dive from above the ropes, and then we headed for a quick break.

Now match was being dominated by Seth Rollins. He sent KO to the buckles; KO was then hit with a blockbuster, later Rollins was distracted by Aleister, Rey Mysterio, and Dominick. This gave a chance to KO to go for hitting the Stunner and win the match.

Result: Kevin Owens wins the match

When the match was over, Rey Mysterio said that Seth Rollins would enter the upcoming PPV event with both eyes, but while leaving, he will have only one left.

5. R-Truth vs. Randy Orton

Before the match was started, Ric Flair came, and he told R-Truth that, tonight, he wouldn’t get punted, and he will get RKO only. When the bell rang, R-Truth said he wanted to speak with Ric Flair, but as Randy hits RKO from the behind, he responded with a kick. Randy retaliates the offense and hits the RKO for taking out a 24/7 champion on Monday night’s RAW.

randy orton wwe raw

Result: Randy Orton wins the match

When the match was over, Ric Flair tried to get Randy Orton to stand down, but he went for the Punt Kick. Big Show entered, and he stopped Orton from taking out next Superstar. Randy threw a challenge on Big Show to have an unsanctioned match on next RAW, and Big Show accepted the challenge and chased Randy Orton away then.

6. Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley

Ricochet dominated early, but Bobby tossed him and moved him to the announcer’s desks outside the ring. Lashley then hits a Dominator inside the ring to get a near fall. Ricochet went for running the standing shooting star so that he can have a near fall.

wwe raw full highlights

Ricochet got caught in the Full Nelson lock, and this ended the match. Later there was brawl as Cedric came to extend helping hands to his friend. Bobby then took out Cedric, too, with the Full Nelson Lock, then he celebrated his victory on RAW with MVP.

Result: Bobby Lashley wins the match

7. Kabuki Warriors vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley- Women’s Tag Titles match

Before the match, Sasha Banks and Bayley presented their ‘film; which showed the bond they share. Both of them then went for attacking Kabuki Warriors while they were about to enter. They attacked them even before the bell rang on the RAW. When we were back from the commercials, we see that match officially started, and Asuka and Sasha Banks were inside the ring.

sasha banks

The match began, and Bayley got tagged in early. Asuka had control of the match with her before Bayley moved her to their corner and then tagged Sasha to have a double team match. Kairi enters and moves out both the opponent with a single big move.

The Kabuki Warriors went for hitting the double hip attack. Asuka kicked Sasha and then hip attack inside the ring before Bayley received a tag, and they moved Kairi into the plexiglass. When we return to RAW, Sane was struggling.

Sasha Bank got caught up in the Asuka lock. Bayley attempted to break the lock, but she was moved out by the Sane. Banks had no idea of the tags made. Sane had the Insane Elbow, but Bayley moved her from the ring before the count of the pin was made. At the ringside, Asuka was getting over with Bayley.

Result: Bayley and Sasha Banks win the match

Concluding WWE Monday Night RAW Highlights

Right before the Extreme Rules, we had an excellent go-home show. Big Show vs. Randy Orton is all set for the next week’s RAW.

We had a return of Shayna Baszler at the RAW. Couple of exciting matches we got to see during the show.

Set Rollins and Rey Mysterio had a face-off right before the PPV event. For closing things, we also had a big title match this time at RAW.

So this is all about the RAW this week. Stay tuned and keep checking WMR for all the latest wrestling updates, news and highlights.

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