WWE RAW Latest Highlights 27th July 2020, Winners & Results

Here we have covered WWE RAW Latest Highlights held on 27th July 2020. Monday night’s RAW kicked off, and we had Randy Orton in the ring.

He talked about all the accomplishments he had in his long career and then mentioned that he wants to fight with Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. He said that he had respect for McIntyre, but he has the title which Orton wants before challenging him for a title match at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

As Randy Orton was moving out, we saw Nia Jax entering. She said she wants to throw a challenge for RAW Women’s title. Soon Shayna Baszler interrupted her and said no one cares about her, and Nia punched her right away on her face, and then there was a big brawl between them as we were heading towards a break.

After the commercials, we had The Street Profits inside the ring. For the next watch, they are willing to be the ring announcers.

Main Highlights Of WWE RAW Show 27th July 2020

Here are the main highlights of the show

  • Seth Rollins and Murphy injured a superstar on the RAW.
  • Drew McIntyre got hints on what he could face at SummerSlam 2020.
  • We had two title challenges for the SummerSlam.

WWE RAW Highlights And Match Winners 27th July 2020

1. Angel Garza and Andrade vs. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs. The Viking Raiders- A match for No.1 contender for the RAW Tag Titles

On RAW before the bell rang, The Viking Raiders was attacked by Angel Garza and Andrade. As we were heading towards the break, we saw Profits was entering. As we return by now, Ivar and Alexander were present inside the ring, and Garza and Andrade were standing at the ringside. In the match, Ricochet got tagged in, two-team decided to avoid fighting with each other and attack on Andrade and Garza.

wwe raw latest highlights

The two teams finished off Garza and Andrade, and Ricochet went for teaming up with Andrade for a while against Erik, Andrade then turned on him. Before another quick break on RAW, Ivar came in, and he took Andrade.

After the break, as the match continued, Ricochet and Angel Garza got tagged in. Ricochet started hitting a sequence of huge moves and then finished in a standing Moonsault. Andrade then came back, and Erik began to beat him to knock him out. Erik was then dragged at the ringside by Angel Garza.

Ivar went for making a considerable dive, and he moved out Cedric and Ricochet. Angel Garza then marks his victory on the show by hitting a Wing Clipper on Cedric.

Result: Andrade & Angel Garza are the winner. At SummerSlam 2020, they will face The Street Profits. 


2. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax


Without wasting a second, both Nia and Shayna went for each other, and the referee could hardly manage to get out of the way. Both of them moved out of the ring, and Jax started slamming Baszler into the plexiglass. They were not counted out on the show.

raw highlights results

The brawl didn’t stop, and the security has to come out for stopping them before the security was moved out by Nia and Shayna.

Result: DNF


3. Mustafa Ali vs. Bobby Lashley


We had Lashley and Ali facing each other inside the ring. Bobby was dominating early on, and he went for tossing Ali inside the ring.

bobby lashley

Akira Tozawa ninjas came and interfered in the ongoing match. At the ringside, Lashley destroyed them by taking help from Shelton Benjamin.

After a quick break on RAW, Ali was being manhandled, but he managed some counters before moving out.

Ali then countered the Dominator, and he hits a huge DDT, and then 450, but Bobby dodged it. By locking in the Full Nelson, Lashley made Ali tap out on the show.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner


4. Sasha Banks vs. Asuka- A RAW Women’s Championship match


Sasha Banks and Bayley gave a long speech before the match kicked off. Kairi Sane then chased Bayley as we had another break.

As we return the match was ongoing, Asuka was hitting with a hip attack at the starting before Sasha countered the Shining Wizard. Sasha the locked in the Boston Crab, and she injured the left leg of Asuka.

Sasha moved Asuka out of the ring before she attempted to get Asuka disqualified. The referee caught Sasha doing the act, and then Asuka ended up by receiving an upper hand.

As we return to the RAW, Sasha Banks was still working on the left leg of Asuka. Though Asuka hit a knee strike, she was struggling to stand. Banks made use of apron for damaging the Asuka’s knee before she hots the Meteora and gets a near fall.

Sasha Banks got Boston Crab again, but this time Asuka fought out. Asuka had a kneebar followed by the Ankle Lock, but Sasha Banks continued to be in the match. Both of them struggled to stand now as a German Suplex was hit by Asuka, followed by a hip attack.

Asuka got caught in the Banks Statement before she ran away from the ring. Sasha then sent Asuka knee-first towards the announcement desk, and Asuka could hardly beat the count. Inside the ring, Asuka had a missile dropkick. Next, we see at backstage Kairi was getting attacked by Bayley.

Asuka was in a dilemma whether to fight in the match or go to save her friend. She decides she will keep her friend and left the ring by handing the match to the Sasha Banks using count-out.

Result: Sasha Banks is the winner of the match and becomes RAW Women’s Champion 

5. Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo

Outside the ring, Murphy unloaded on Humberto. As the match continued, Humberto took a turn and started making some big move before he dived outside the ring and moved Murphy into the barricades. Murphy then received a near fall and went for locking in a submission hold.

wwe highlights 27th July

Humberto then went up top, and then Murphy moved him down. After a superkick made by Carrillo, both of them went down. Carrillo receives a near fall on Murphy as he hits a dropkick. Carrillo then took Murphy’s Law and moved down for the benefit.

Result: Murphy is the winner of the match

6. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre- A Extreme Rules Match Rematch

As the match was about the start, both went for a steel chair at the beginning. Dolph was moved to the plexiglass, and he almost broke it. McIntyre took a Kendo stick and started beating Ziggler.

drew mcintyre

McIntyre then tossed Ziggler back inside the ring before bringing in a couple of steel chairs and tables on the show. Ziggler was getting hit with the chairs; he took control in the match by beating the champion with the kendo stick. The fight shifted to the timekeeper’s area as we were heading towards the ads. 

After the break, Ziggler was hitting big suplexes and took a Famouser. Ziggler hit a Superplex and took the ZigZag. McIntyre defeats Ziggler by hitting the Clay ore and sending him through the table.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner, and he retains his WWE Championship 

Summing up Monday Night RAW 27th July 2020

On RAW, we had two matches that are worthy of PPV. Title challenges for SummerSlam 2020 were sent out by Randy Orton and Nia Jax. Dominik Mysterio saved himself from getting an injury, but Aleister Black’s luck was not in his favor tonight.

Do let us know what you expect in the match card of SummerSlam? We would love to hear your opinion and predictions. Stay tuned with us we will be posting all the information on SummerSlam for you all soon.

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