What Happened In WWE RAW Highlights Last Night? Match Results 20th July 2020

After Extreme Rules 2020, here we come up with complete details of RAW 20th July 2020. Read our post to know what all happened in WWE RAW Highlights last night?

Monday Night RAW begins, and Seth Rollins talks about the gruesome match he had at Extreme Rules. It was Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules 2020. Seth Rollins said he won’t ever be able to forget the image of injury he had caused to Rey Mysterio. He further added by saying that the WWE Universe is responsible for turning him into a monster.

Aleister Black then entered to avenge Rey Mysterio, and he sent Murphy to the announcement desk by hitting him with few kicks. Rollins used this opportunity to flee the ring, and then we headed for the commercials on the show.

Monday Night RAW 20th July 2020 Top Highlights

  • We had the return of SmackDown star to the RAW.
  • There was an official announcement for the rematch of two Extreme Rules title matches on next week’s RAW.
  • For Golden Night Models, it was a night to forget.

WWE RAW Highlights Last Night 20th July 2020

1. Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins

Monday nights RAW begins, and the show kicked off with Rollins and Black inside the ring. Seth Rollins was hitting a sling blade before he went for Aleister’s right arm. For a near fall, Seth Rollins hits a suplex. He sent Aleister into the turnbuckles after that.

wwe raw highlights last night

Rollins hits Black with a kick straight to the face before Murphy came. Black attempted to move Murphy out and dodges the stomp as he wanted to hit the Black Mass. During the match before pin could be made, Murphy came in. Black then took out Murphy one more time with the Black mass as we moved to have a quick commercial break.

As we return to the show, Black was kicking Rollins number of times, then Rollins hits with two superkicks, and then both of them went down. Rollins called for Murphy and then went for hurting Aleister’s arm using the ropes. Rollins conveniently hits the stomp and marks his victory in the RAW.

Result: Seth Rollins is the winner of the match

2. Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Bobby Lashley vs. Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander and Ricochet

Now in the RAW, it was time to see Superstars of WWE inside the ring. As the match begins, Bobby started beating Cedric inside the ring before making the tag for Benjamin, who didn’t stop to the onslaught. Okay, so now it was MVP who came next as they attempted to trap Shelton in their corner, thereby preventing him from making any tag. Bobby was back again, and he hits a spear, then MVP was hitting a big boot inside the ring.

wwe raw highlights

MVP hits Cedric with the Ballin’s Elbow before hitting a big boot. Now Ricochet got tagged in, and we headed to have another short break on the show.

As we return to RAW, we see that Ricochet was facing a tough time as he made the tag to Mustafa Ali, who was hitting MVP with a massive dropkick before he sent Lashley to the announcer’s table by making a considerable dive. Ricochet then moved out Benjamin at the ringside. Inside the ring, Ali hits MVP with a neck breaker and then by 450 for winning the first match after his return on the RAW.

Result: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander wins the match

3. Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

The match begins with Riott dominating off the bat. Soon she got grounded by Peyton; she was calling Ruby a loser with no friends.

raw night results

Royce got hold of Riott using the ropes before hitting a huge kick and missed the top rope move. Ruby then hit Riott with a kick.

Result: Ruby Riott is the winner

4. Angel Garza and Andrade vs. The Street Profits

As the bell rang in the show, we saw Garza and Andrade hitting both of the champions. Dawkins was with Garza inside the ring first. Ford got tagged in and moved Angle Garza out before he dived over the Andrade, and after this, we had commercials on the show.

monday night raw results

As we return, we see heels corner, Ford and Angel Garza hit a big kick at the face and made the tag. Ford was able to get a tag, and then to get pin Dawkins moved Andrade down, but Angel Garza broke it up. Ford got tagged in, and he hits with a marvelous Frog Splash and gets the pin.

Result: The Street Profits wins the match

5. Kairi Sane vs. Bayley

The match was already going on as we return to the RAW, and Sane had control and got an early near fall. Bayley tried to turn it around, but she was moved out with a crossbody. Sane rolled up Bayley, but before that, Bayley got a near fall by hitting a suplex.

wwe raw results

Bayley tried to hit a suplex from the apron, but she was thrown over the ropes by Sane. After the break, Shayna Baszler was seen watching the match.

Inside the ring, control was still with Kairi, and she hit a double stomp and got a near fall. Then she hits Insane Elbow, but Bayley broke the pin as she managed to get her feet on the ropes. Bayley hits the elbow drop, but Sane managed to kick out. Sane got the pin as she rolled up Bayley and wins the match.

Result: Kairi Sane is the winner

7. Big Show vs. Randy Orton

On RAW, this one was the unsanctioned match. Big Show went, and he took Randy at the corner for making some big moves. Orton was making some big shots early, and then Big Show hits a spear before he reached under the ring to get a table. Outside the ring, Big Show got attacked by Angel Garza and Andrade.

randy orton vs big show

At the ring, both Garza and Andrade set Big Show up for the punt, and then The Viking Raiders moved them. Back on the show now, Randy got some offense in, and then Big Show hit him with a chokeslam for grounding him with a near fall.

Inside the ring, Big Show was placing a table and he moved Randy on the table. Big Show went through the table, but somehow right at the last moment, Randy stepped away.

To get a near fall, Randy hits an RKO. Randy then brought in a steel chair and hit the Big Show using it, and then he smashed him with it. Then Vipers hits the Hanging DDT. Randy then hit RKO, and he got a pinfall, and the match finished.

Result: Randy Orton wins the match

Summing Up Monday Night RAW Highlights & Match Results

After an astonishing show of WWE Extreme Rules, 2020 fans of WWE had a good time watching RAW’s episode this Monday night. We had some intense matches and amazing promos too. Asuka and Sasha will be having a rematch for the RAW Women’s title. For the next week, Dolph Ziggler negotiated for another title shot, which will be against Drew McIntyre. We also got a new 24/7 champion.

This is all about the WWE RAW 20th July 2020. We are looking forward to hearing your experience of Monday night RAW. What do you think is going to happen in the rematch of Asuka and Sasha Banks? Keep visiting WMR for the latest updates on RAW, SmackDown, and PPV events of WWE.

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