WWE RAW Full Show Highlights And Results 6th July 2020

The countdown for WWE’s biggest PPV (Extreme Rules 2020)event of the year begins now as we are now just two weeks away. At Monday Night’s RAW, we have some important announcements like a showdown held between Bayley, SmackDown Women’s Champion, and Asuka, RAW women’s champion. At Extreme Rules 2020, the match will be kind of a primer for Shasha Banks vs. Asuka. Let’s have a look at WWE RAW full show highlights, quick updates of the Monday night’s show

WWE Monday Night RAW Quick Updates

Another announcement made during the show was that we would see the return of Rey Mysterio inside the ring to fight with Murphy and Seth Rollins and have Aleister Black as well at his side. Though it is not yet confirmed, there is a possibility that at ‘The Horror Show’ Rey Mysterio might have to face Seth Rollins.

This time WWE opened up a new title design, and we saw one injured Superstar return to the RAW. There was a massive match between Randy Orton and Big Show, and Rey Mysterio was seen teaming up with the former Universal Champion on Monday nights RAW.

Drew McIntyre entered and announced that Dolph Ziggler might throw any stipulation at him for the upcoming PPV event. He will be coming out as the winner before Dolph Ziggler can even tell the stipulation. Dolph Ziggler came and answered by saying that Drew McIntyre has made things rough between them by offering him the upper hand. Now he does not have any plans to reveal the stipulation before the PPV event.

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A few months back, Slater was released from WWE. Now he wanted to have a match with Drew McIntyre on RAW. Initially, Drew didn’t agree, but he finally decided for the match when Slater hit him.

WWE RAW Full Show Highlights & Match Results

In this post, we have discussed all the match highlights, results, and essential details of the Monday nights RAW. Check out the match highlights and results here.

1. Heath Slater vs. Drew McIntyre 

A very short match we had, and it ended as quickly it started. Slater appeared to be quite strong initially, and he managed to take McIntyre at the corner. To this, McIntyre replied with his single claymore, and then he took down his friend. This is how the first match of the RAW was like.

wwe raw full show highlights

Result: Drew McIntyre wins the match

When the match was over, Ziggler was very angry at Slater, and he began to hit him. Slater pushed Ziggler aside, and then McIntyre came and moved Dolph out of the ring and later helped Slater to get up. The former teammates hugged each other after this.

2. Kairi Sane vs. Sasha Banks

When we were back to RAW after the commercials, the match was already underway. Sasha banks took control at first and took some right hooks at the face, and after this took Hurricanrana to get a near fall.

sasha banks wwe raw

After a big move, Kairi was down. At the ringside, Bayley was mocking at Asuka, and then Sasha also joined. Asuka then stacked both of them out of the ring so that Sane can go for hitting a baseball slide from the ring on them.

After the break, Sasha Banks proceeded for the double knees. Kairi went to get a cover. Bayley rushed inside and attempted to break the move, which made Sasha Banks disqualify on RAW.

Result: Kairi Sane wins the match via DQ

3. Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy

On RAW, we saw Rey Mysterio and Murphy were inside the ring. Rey Mysterio was dominating the match at the beginning. Now Kevin was tagged in, and he took Murphy at the corner. Rey Mysterio was back to the match now, and he missed the 619 before Seth Rollins made a distraction. Seth Rollins took out Kevin Owens and went for the Dominick before Rey Mysterio was coming after him.

wwe raw highlights

After the break, Mysterio was set up for 619s, but Seth took Dominick hostage and fended off Rey Mysterio. Aleister went after Seth Rollins before Murphy was blinded by Dom when the referee was looking somewhere else. Murphy got hit by the 619, and it was followed up by a splash.

Result: Kevin Owens and Rey Mysterio win the match

4. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley and MVP

Early during the match, Bobby and MVP took out Ricochet. MVP was inside the ring for quite a long time, enough for him to get some shots before he brought Lashley inside the ring to finish off the Ricochet by Stalling Suplex. MVP hit an elbow on Richochet and then threw Alexander out of the ring. Bobby Lashley was tagged in before he could manage for hitting the Spear.

wwe raw results

Result: Bobby Lashley and MVP win the match

After the match, Alexander was again attacked by Bobby Lashley with a Full Nelson. Ricochet came and hit the Dropkick. He then retreated with Alexander.

5. The Viking Raiders and Big Show vs. Angel Garza, Randy Orton and Andrade

The match starts, and we see Garza was pinned under the boots of Big Show. Ivar and then Erik was tagged in by Big Show to get shots. In the corner, Garza was still being grounded. Big Show and The Viking Raiders were trading tags, and also, they took shots at Garza.

wwe raw match results

In the match, finally, now Andrade was tagged in, and Erik was dropped on him by Big Show. Angel Garza was shouting at Andrade. Orton was furious as Garza grabbed him and offered him the final last chance.

Ivar was then isolated by the team Orton. Big Show dodged the RKO before he missed the chokeslam aimed for the Andrade. Suddenly Orton came out after we saw that Erik was tagged in, and he hits the RKO.

Result: Angel Garza, Andrade, and Randy Orton win the match.

6. Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riott

The match starts, and Billie began to dominate at the early. She kicked Ruby to the corner before she was sent into the turnbuckle. Billie somehow managed to take out Ruby’s hair extensions of green color in the carnage.


Peyton then attempted to distract Ruby, which gave Billie a chance to hit two shots at the throat and then a big sitout driver who quickly finished off Ruby.

Result: Billie Kay wins the match.

7. Champion Vs. Champion match: Bayley vs. Asuka

We had Nikki Cross at RAW in the commentary this time. Early on in the match, Bayley enters, and she sends Nikki to the number of security guys who took her away. Asuka used this opportunity to her benefit, and she hits a massive kick on Bayley, who was still at the ringside.

bayley vs asuka

As we return to the RAW, we see that Asuka was hitting a superkick after Bayley and Shasha Banks started to yell about Sane from the ringside. Asuka keeps the assault inside the ring alive, and Bayley was struggling to hold a breather before she made use of ropes for hurting Asuka.

Asuka was moved outside and then sent to the announcement table before joining the announcers. RAW champion was getting taunts from Bayley as the break was over, and we returned to the RAW. Asuka replied to this with a codebreaker to face.

Bayley then caught a backfist, and then hip attack on the apron. Before being moved to the ring post, Asuka hits a dropkick from the top of the rope. On Sane, Bayley hits a shot. Sasha Banks then kicked Asuka from the apron.

Nikki Cross appeared somewhere in the crowd, and Asuka made use of the distraction to lead for the Asuka lock. She then pinned as Sane took out Sasha Banks, who was trying to break the pin.

Result: Asuka wins the match

Concluding Monday Night Raw Highlights

This time a lot of action was there on RAW as we headed for the biggest event of WWE on 19th July 2020. Check out our post to watch The Extreme Rules 2020 online live.

Some fantastic moments of Monday night’s RAW were the return of Kairi Sane and Kevin Owens and the fantabulous match of Champion vs. Champion. This match has already made WWE fans very excited about the Extreme Rules. Stay tuned for more updates on Extreme Rules 2020 and other PPV events of WWE.

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