6 WWE Extreme Rules Top Matches Likely To Be On The PPV Card

Excited to know about WWE Extreme Rules top matches? WWE Extreme Rules is being scheduled for 19th July 2020. It will be held on the WWE performance center in Orlando, Florida. Earlier it was expected to be held in San Jose, California, but amid the COVID19 pandemic, it is not possible. After having some of the fascinating wrestling matches of this year like it happened in the Backlash event 2020, now WWE is looking forward to making WWE Extreme Rules even more interesting with some of the best wrestling matches.

WWE Extreme Rules is another WWE PPV event that will be held next month and right after that, in August, we have the second biggest event of WWE, i.e. SummerSlam 2020. We are likely to see various gimmicks matches this upcoming event, which will make this event one of the most popular events this year. 

Some of these Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View matches might have more stipulations, a variety of such matches will be featured in the show. All the feuds in WWE are likely to receive a well-deserving conclusion on this most awaited night of the year, which has no rules.

6 Top Matches Likely To Happen In WWE Extreme Rules 2020

Check out the list of 6 exciting gimmicks matches WWE might have planned for Extreme Rules 2020.

1. Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio 

Rollins left Mysterio- a highly experienced player with a concussed eye, and since then, they have got involved in a feud. Both Rollins and Mysterio are trading words at each other for the last few weeks. This rivalry might end in the RAW when Rey comes back.

wwe extreme rules top matches

Mysterio, along with his son, is likely to be seen on RAW. They both will be confronting Seth Rollins for making things physical. And as we know earlier, Mysterio made a promise to Rollins that when he returns, he is going to execute a 619 on him. Let’s see what happens next.

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At July’s event, a singles bout is quite explicit about happening between them. To end this heated rivalry, the “No Holds Barred” match can be the best way. Seth Rollins Vs Rey Mysterio could make it in the confirmed match card of WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

2. AJ Styles (c) vs. Sami Zayn

Last week Friday Night SmackDown, we have seen AJ Styles winning Intercontinental Championship for the first time. In the upcoming SmackDown night, AJ will be hosting a celebration for his victory, and with this search for his next challenger may begin. Sami Zayn- Former Intercontinental Champion might return and also claim for the gold back. 

On Twitter, Sami has already warned the new winner of the Intercontinental Champion. This possibly tells that once he returns is going to have a feud with AJ. 

3. Asuka vs. Nia Jax

At Backlash event, we have seen a RAW Women’s Championship match between Asuka and Jax. The ending of the match was quite disappointing, which explicitly tells that this feud will have its presence in WWE upcoming events too.

Until SummerSlam time is around, WWE might not have a full-blown program between Charlotte and Asuka.

The most popular and trusted gimmick matches of WWE is a cage match. Previously at Extreme Rules PPV, this match has been used very frequently. A cage match seems to be a promising solution to give a perfect end to this non-finish of Backlash event. Also, it will be an excellent way to keep Charlotte away so that there is no interference in the rematch of Jax and Asuka.

UPDATE: Recently it’s been confirmed that Asuka will be facing Sasha Banks not Nia Jax at Extreme Rules 2020.

4. The New Day (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro 

Last month, the New Day claimed their title back in a Fatal 4 Way match in the Bank. They didn’t get any opponent since then and got no chance to compete at the Backlash event. The recent racism controversy going on in the USA have scrapped the feud with the Forgotten Sons. And because of this, Jaxson, along with his two brothers are not seen on TV for some time. Champions received the new opponents this way.

Last Friday night, Big E and Kofi Kingston had a Tag Team match with Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro. Nakamura pinned Kofi and won the match. Therefore, the chances are that the duo can claim a title shot, which might be granted at July’s event.

5. Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley

At Backlash, we have seen a great match of the WWE championship between Lashley and Mclntyre. The match may seem to be more exciting if seen on Extreme Rules. 

Lana came inside the ring and argued for a clear two count, which distracted her husband, and he lost the match. We can say that Bobby Lashley and MVP were not at all happy to see this. Both Bobby and Drew share exciting chemistry. They can fight for ages at Extreme Rules as there will be no distraction from Lana, and also there will be no set of rules to be followed. If they compete in this event, then it might be more physical this time. Earlier at the Backlash match already, it was a brawl without any doubt.

So, all your WWE fans will get the best experience this time if Drew and Lashley fight in this event.

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6. Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

At Backlash, Sasha and Bayley retain their Tag Team Championship titles. Because of the two’s impending breakup, we might see the Banks and Bayley reign might end in the coming month. As we know that no another tag team is strong enough for dethroning Banks and Bayley, Bliss and Cross will continue to be in the picture. We might see a fun tornado Tag Team match between the two teams at Extreme Rules 2020.

wwe extreme rules 2020

There are chances that we might have a miscommunication between Sasha and Bayley, which will ultimately ruin their friendship and degrade their title reign.

That’s quite done for the top matches we might witness in WWE Extreme Rules 2020. The show is going to be a grand event for sure. We will keep updating you with all the match highlights, rumors, results, predictions, and more. Stay tuned for the next post with more information on WWE’s upcoming PPV event.

Do let us know which match you are looking forward to watching on WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

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