WWE Extreme Rules Results, Match Highlights, & Winners 2020

Folks, here we come with the PPV event- WWE Extreme Rules results and match highlights held on 19th July 2020, Sunday. The Horror Show at the Extreme Rules starts by playing a cinematic video package in which it has featured all the superstar which were going to face each other in the PPV event. Before this, we Saw Murphy got defeated by Kevin Owens. At the show, The New Day was among the first to defend the SmackDown tag titles, going to be a tables match.

Check out the essential highlights of the Extreme Rules PPV Event:

  • Because of the Apollo Crews injury, a title match was canceled at the PPV event.
  • Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio just tore each other apart.
  • At Extreme Rules, a legend of WWE faced a severe injury.
  • Bayley retained her SmackDown Women’s Title against Nikki Cross.

WWE Extreme Rules Results & Match Highlights 2020

Here in the post, we have covered all the match highlights and results. Go on and read to know what all happened at Extreme Rules 2020.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro vs. The New Day- For SmackDown Tag Titles (Tables Match)

The most awaited show begins, and we have the first match kicked off with all of the four men inside the ring. Cesaro at the beginning of the match went after Kofi and Nakamura were going after Big E. Cesearo was hit by a Spear by Big E, and then Kofi moved Nakamura out of the ring. The first table was not brought inside the ring yet.

Both challengers were moved at barricades before Cesaro got dropkicked by Kofi to the steel steps outside the ring. At the ringside, Big E was setting the table, but Nakamura managed to save his partner.

Nakamura was power bombed by Big E, and then he was seen spearing Cesaro. Big E missed the table both times. The champions then moved Cesaro on a table outside the ring, but Kofi smacked on his face with the table, as the heels showed quick recovery.

Big E was going after Cesaro to hit a Suplex, and The New Day stacked up the table outside the ring. Nakamura spoiled their plan. Kofi was going for a Hurricanrana from the top, and he took help from Nakamura for this. Cesaro successfully power-bombed him with the two tables to become the first winner of Extreme Rules 2020.

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro wins the match and is now the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Nikki Cross vs. Bayley – A match for SmackDown Women’s Title

Bayley marked the opening of the match by slapping and taunting Nikki Cross. She then tossed Nikki away before she returned all her favors by slapping her back. Nikki was hitting a tornado DDT at the Extreme Rules floor, but before that, she had a backbreaker for a near fall.

Nikki Cross was fired up, and the champion was not having a good time before Bayley smacked Nikki’s head in the plexiglass barricade and then took it back inside the ring. Bayley got hit with a cross-face, but she countered it, and the champion fought out it and went for delivering a Bayley to Belly.

Nikki Cross moved Bayley to the ring post before she took a neck breaker inside the ring. After having a near fall, Nikki sidestepped. She sent Bayley directly to the turnbuckles before both of them ended out of the ring.

Sasha Banks then distracted the referee, and this gave Bayley a chance to hit Nikki with the studded knuckle ring that was carried by Banks.

Result: Bayley retains her SmackDown Women’s title and wins the match

MVP vs. Apollo Crews: A United States Championship Match. Incomplete Match

At Extreme Rules, Tom Phillips, the commentator, announced that Apollo Crews did not pass the pre-match because of his physical injuries. He will not be able to defend for United States Championship planned to be against MVP on the PPV event.

An eye for Eye Match: Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

Finally, we got to see the most awaited match of the night. WWE fans excitement level was at the peak, and we just had an announcement- To win the match, one has to extract the eye of the other. Seth Rollins was moving towards the ring and was having some piler-Yikes.

wwe extreme rules results

Surprisingly Rey Mysterio didn’t appear as the background music hits. He was standing and waiting behind Seth Rollins, and as Rollins turned back, he hits him a dropkick.

Rollins took the control right now, but Rey hit a hurricanrana on him and took the piler. Rey Mysterio then took out a steel bar present under the ring.

Seth Rollins bought a kendo stick and started hitting Mysterio with the stick before Rollins dodged the 619. On the apron, Seth Rollins hits a falcon arrow and then attempted to gouge the eye of Rey. As earlier this time also Rollins tried to make use of steel steps and then use a steel chair, but he got overpowered by Rey.

Seth Rollins was trying to stab Rey using a pen, and then he hits on his eye with the announcement table’s corner.

Rey then dodged a kendo stick in the eye of Rollins before he hits massive shots. Rey Mysterio snapped the kendo stick in two and poked roughly the pointed side inside Rollins’s eye before hitting the 619. Rollins again tried to go for the steel steps, but as the show continued, he took a stomp from Mysterio.

WWE fans were stunned to see Mysterio ripping off Seth Rollins’s eye patch and then jabbing his eye into the steel steps. Set Rollins was trying to go for steel steps before Mysterio was injured severely. Rollins threw up after witnessing the severe damage he had caused to the eye of Rey.

Result: Seth Rollins becomes the winner of the match

A RAW Women’s title match- Sasha Banks vs. Asuka

The match begins, and Sasha was initially strong and took a kick right to the face before locking in Banks Statement. Asuka got hit more after she broke the hold. RAW Women’s Champion hits with keen at the jaw, which is followed by a hip attack. This made Shasha sent out the ring at ‘The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

asuka vs sasha banks

From the apron, Asuka was hitting a running knee before he attempted for the Asuka lock. Sasha Banks started to stretch fingers of Asuka and was looking ways to snap her fingers. Sasha drove her knees into the midsection of Asuka before she took a codebreaker at the corner.

Asuka got power-bombed by Sasha into the plexiglass out of the ring. Banks then hits the frog splash inside the ring to get a near fall. Before Asuka got a German Suplex, Banks Statement got locked in. Asuka could not manage a suplex from the top of the ropes as the show continued.

By now, Sasha had become desperate as she went all out. Banks were locked in the Asuka Lock. Bayley was making attempts to interfere and create a distraction, but Kairi just moved her at the ringside. Asuka had the Asuka Lock, but the referee got distracted by Bayley. Banks was tapping out now, and Bayley just got hit by a kick by Asuka.

The title was in the hands of Sasha, and by mistake, Asuka green misted the referee. With her little belt, Bayley was hitting Asuka, and she took the referee’s shirt for calling off the match before the timekeeper ring the bell. We had another controversial finish at the Extreme Rules 2020.

Result: Sasha Banks is now the new RAW Women’s Champion by winning the match.

WWE Championship Match- Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre

As the PPV event continued, we saw it was Dolph Ziggler who made the entry first, and he announced that the match stipulation would be that Ziggler was not permitted to do anything and McIntyre would not do anything which is not legal. If McIntyre gets a DQD, then the champion will be Dolph Ziggler. Must say a brilliant decision made by the Ziggler.

drew mcintyre vs dolph ziggler

At the ringside, Drew was tossing Dolph. After this, Dolph was going after Drew’s eyes, and he also got a steel chair. McIntyre completely blocked the chair shot, and he tossed it out. Later, Dolph took out a table. The champion Suplexed Dolph on that table; after that, he changed the direction at the show.

Dolph hits a low blow, and he got in the number of chairs for hitting McIntyre with. Drew McIntyre kicked out of the pin. After this, McIntyre sent Ziggler to the table of announcers.

The show continues, and we see that Dolph was sent face-first into the plexiglass. This was before hitting with the reverse Alabama Slam.

Dolph countered the Claymore using a Zig-Zag, which was followed by a Superkick outside the ring. Dolph moved the champion through the table, but Drew managed to beat the count.

Drew took a Zig Zag and also a Famouser. Ziggler was becoming highly aggressive by now; he took the Claymore and got pinned on the show.

Result: Drew McIntyre retains the WWW Championship and wins the match

A Swamp Fight- Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman

At Extreme Rules, the match started, and Braun made his entry by driving up to the swamp where Wyatt was sitting on a chair. Wyatt said, come home before getting lost. Braun went and just smashed the chair entirely and then headed in the ring for beginning the Swamp Fight at the PPV event.

braun strowman vs bray wyatt

Braun got hit from behind from a shovel, but later it turned out that it was Strowman himself. Braun got his senses after getting knocked out by none other than himself. He was compelled to sit on a chair and chained with it as we had Bray’s entrance music on the show. He marked his entry with a lantern.

Bray started to give him a speech on ruling the world together, which Braun replied by saying he does not wish to be with him again. A snake attacked Braun after this.

Strowman was fighting by two men (random). One was beside a fire, and the other was set ablaze. We heard a woman’s voice asking Braun to come back home, and later it was figured out that the sound was of Alexa Bliss.

Bray went after Brawn to attack him, but he got tossed in a boat. Bray then attacked him, and both were struggling in the water before Bray battered Braun using the paddle.

Braun managed to get up, and then he kicks him into the water by saying it’s now over. We saw Bray’s hand coming out of the water, and he dragged Strowman as well into the water, and both men were down in depths.

Bray Wyatt then walked out and said, ‘Let me in’ by looking at the camera. The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020 ends here.

Result: Bray Wyatt is the winner

Summing Up WWE Extreme Rules Results & Highlights

We had a unique experience watching Extreme Rules and had some gruesome matches in WWE’s entire history. Sasha Banks and Bayley cheated for winning, McIntyre beats all the odds and more.

Do share how your experience of Extreme Rules 2020 was?

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