Rey Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins At WWE Extreme Rules 2020

It’s a confirmed match- Rey Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins, facing each other on 19th July, Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules.

Extreme Rules 2020 is already created a lot of buzzes having match cards confirmed for the event on 19th July, Sunday. The titles match between Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler, Asuka Vs Sasha Banks, Big Show Vs Randy Oron, and more.

On 6th July, WWE RAW was full of actions. After the event, it was confirmed that at Extreme Rules 2020, Rey Mysterio will face Seth Rollins and the match will not have any usual stipulation. A very uncommon match ‘Eye for an Eye’ has been confirmed for the upcoming PPV event on 19th July 2020.

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On RAW, we saw that Rey Mysterio, along with Kevin Owens, wins a match against Murphy and Seth Rollins. Before the match started, Seth Rollins had already challenged Rey Mysterio to match him at WWE Extreme Rules 2020. The expert of 619 agreed for the challenge, and he declared the stipulation for the match would be an “Eye for an Eye” match. 

Watch Rey Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins At WWE Extreme Rules 2020

It is finally happing for real, Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio in The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. The match has its own unique and bizarre type of stipulation. The ‘Eye for an Eye’ stipulation as left fans stunned, and now they have no clue what will happen next. Rey Mysterio will be getting justice for which he is craving for so long, or it will be Seth Rollins finishing the savage attack, which has been the reason for this match?

rey mysterio vs seth rollins

Predictions say that Seth Rollins might win the match at Extreme Rules 2020. The feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins is at the hype, but what runs the show is Dominik, son of Rey Mysterio.

Also, different reports have stated that we might get to see Seth Rollins sacrificing Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules so that Dominik can return. This will then give Dominik a chance to start a feud with the Monday Night Messiah. The feud will get justified end at SummerSlam, where Dominik will finally mark his victory and defeat Seth Rollins.

For complete match details of Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins and Mysterio, you can check WWE RAW 6th July 2020 updates by us.

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