7 WWE Extreme Rules Confirmed Match Cards, & Predictions

Excited to know about WWE Extreme Rules confirmed match cards? We are heading towards WWE’s another big PPV event of the year, i.e. Extreme Rules 2020. The WWE expert and fans have started predicting the top matches of WWE Extreme Rules. At Extreme Rules 2020, there are no rules to be followed, and we are excited to see matches between superstars of Raw, and SmackDown. From this week’s RAW and last week’s SmackDown, we have some of the fights (title matches) confirmed for WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

Let’s check out all the info about WWE Extreme Rules 2020 in this post.

When is WWE Extreme Rules 2020- Place, Venue, Start Time?

The biggest show of WWE is all set for 19th July 2020, at WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The show starts at 7 pm ET on the WWE official network.

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WWE Extreme Rules Confirmed Match Cards 2020 

Update: Match between Rey Mysterio Vs Seth Rollins is also confirmed for WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

Check out the confirmed, most likely to happen, rumored matches for WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

1. Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross (SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Bayley’s continuous series of dominance tells that she has left no challenger for the gold. She is now waiting to have a challenge from a hungry superstar. The opportunity of the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match has been earned by Nikki Cross. 

extreme rules match cards

At Extreme Rules 2020, The Horror Show, we are going to witness Nikki Cross vs. Bayley, and it is confirmed now. A marvelous side-line this match will get when the two superstars meet at the WWE’s PPV event.

At SmackDown 26th June 2020, we had a Fatal 4-way match. It was between Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, Dana Brooke, and Nikki Cross. Before the match began, we had Sasha Banks and Bayley with us, and they teamed up with the commentary team. As the match starts, Alexa and Nikki begin to work together and take down both Lacey and Dana; next, Alexa Bliss was thrown away to barricade by ‘The Sassy Southern Belle.’ 

Evans then entered the ring and began to fight with Dana. There was a twist in the match, Nikki Cross suddenly came from behind and rolled up Lacey Evans and became the No. 1 contender for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Nikki Cross is now all set to be a part of this championship on 19th July 2020 at ‘The Horror Show.’ Also, we have another match, which is having a team of Sasha Banks and Bayley. Both will be on action on Extreme Rules, but matches will be different. Sasha Banks will be fighting against Asuka: RAW Women Champion and Bayley against Nikki Cross, trying to retain her SmackDown Women Championship.

Are they both going to walk away from the Extreme Rules with gold? We are excited to see this. The events name this time already suggests that we are going to have full destruction, and many unexpected things can happen. There is no set of rules which will be followed at the PPV event, and so anything can happen.

2. Bray Wyatt Vs Braun Strowman Extreme Rules Universal Championship

It is now opened that Braun Strowman- WWE Universal Champion is going to defend his title at Extreme Rules 2020 against Bray Wyatt- The Eater of the Worlds. It will be a Wyatt Swamp match. 

braun strowman vs bray wyatt

We saw Braun Strowman enter inside the ring, and there he accepts that he was scared in the first meeting with Bray Wyatt at the swamp. He recalls that when Bray and he met at that time, he was holding a snake. That snake bites on the face of Bray many times, ‘The Eater of the Worlds’ laughed at what all was happening. After taking a long pause, Braun said that he has no fear of Bray now.

After that, Braun Strowman suggested that they can go back to that swamp once again for fighting it out. He claimed that there he would break the body of Bray Wyatt before we drag him to the swamp for the alligators to finish him finally. 

When Braun moved out of the ring after that, it was confirmed that he would be defending his WWE Universal Championship at WWE Extreme Rules. And he will be defending his championship against Bray Wyatt.

Some rumors are there according to different reports like both of the champions Bayley and Braun Strowman are likely to retain their championships at Extreme Rules 2020. WWE has already planned something huge for both of them for WWE SummerSlam. Also, there are chances that Braun Strowman might have to face Bray Wyatt “The Fiend” at the upcoming summer event. We might even see at the SummerSlam that Bayley goes against her present partners Bliss or Banks.

3. Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler For WWE Championship Title

The feud between McIntyre and Lashley was over since a long time ago, but on RAW 22nd June 2020, Ziggler returns. Dolph Ziggler said that he was also the part of the trade, which has made AJ Styles sent to the SmackDown.

extreme rules match cards

Ziggler then challenged McIntyre for the match and said that he owes credit to him for his championship. The conversation didn’t go long, and Drew McIntyre accepted the challenge immediately. At Extreme Rules, we might get to see a gimmick match stipulation between McIntyre and Ziggler.

Check out the complete match info here- Drew McIntyre Vs Dolph Ziggler at WWE Extreme Rules 2020

4. AJ Styles (c) vs. Daniel Bryan For Intercontinental Championship 

A 60-minute Iron Man Match between AJ and Daniel can be a right direction to go. But it is not that easy, WWE cannot merely give 60 mins of an upcoming PPV event in which there are no rules to be followed for a classic wrestling match.

wwe extreme rules match cards

On SmackDown 19th June 2020, we have seen AJ Styles has invited Daniel Bryan for this title celebration. It is quite evident both of them are not done yet. A Submission Match is an ideal match according to the strength of both of them.

5. Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks For RAW Women’s Championship Announced

The feud between Asuka and Sasha Banks has just started in this week’s RAW. At Monday night RAW at Asuka and Jax rematch, Banks made an entrance and attacked Asuka. We saw the challenger along with her friend Bayley attacking Asuka.

asuka vs sasha banks wwe extreme rules

This was done right before Nia was rolled up by Asuka, and the referee made the final fast count. The match ended up in a controversial finish. And at the end of the fight, Asuka accepted Shasha Bank’s challenge for the RAW Women Championship title match.

Since the match between Nia Jax and Asuka was called off, we might expect a Triple Threat Match to avoid repetition in the next event. If WWE makes a booking for the singles bout, it will possibly be inside the steel cage. Both Nia Jax and Asuka are superstars, and the only thing which can keep both of them in control is a 10-foot structure of steel.

Read about the complete match info here- Asuka Vs Sasha Banks at WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

6. Randy Orton vs. Big Show (Most likely to Happen)

On 15th June RAW, Randy brought Christian out of retirement by challenging him for an unsanctioned match. Christian was hit by Ric Flair and Edge, which had injured him. The dark side of Big Show came out because of this.

confirmed extreme rules matches

On 22nd June RAW, he tried to provoke Randy to fight with him but later said that whatever is coming next will be on the show. This entirely signifies that there can be another match possibly where Randy can have his famous “Legend Killer” gimmick.

7. MVP vs. Apollo Crews- United States Championship

MVP opened up about a new WWE United States Title belt design. MVP made an official announcement that at “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules,” he will be challenging Apollo Crews for the title. Apollo Crews was not present at the RAW that night.

mvp vs apollo crews

Apollo Crews has been in constant talks ever since he had won the United States Championship. Andrade, his former rival, is busier with his goals of the tag team. Apollo Crews is looking for his next challenge now.

MVP earlier was planning to recruit Apollo Crews as his new client. When he turned him down on several occasions, MVP decided to take deal things on his own. MVP had the Championship of United States for 343 consecutive days once. Let’s see he will be able to win the title for the third time or not? 

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Rumored Matches And Predictions 

Have a look at match rumors and predictions of PPV event- Extreme Rules 2020.

1. Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are involved in a feud for a very long time. Though both of them must move on now, they truly deserve a good ending. Each of the former Fire and Desire Teammates can bring different to the table. There is no particular stipulation to fit perfectly with the combined styles of both better than something else.

For Sonya Deville, a submission match would be excellent. Extreme Rules bout can provide Mandy with some edge as she can use weapons. Whatever the WWE’s final decision is, the feud between both should be finished without any involvement of Dolph or Otis. Both Sonya and Mandy should end the fight on their conditions.

2. Angel Garza vs. Andrade

Things between Andrade and Angel Garza won’t be good for a long time if they continue to create problems for each other. WWE’s Extreme Rules is scheduled for 19th July; so, there is enough time for WWE to develop a feud between both. Zelina Vega will soon pick up the client who, according to her, is a useful asset as she cannot continue to be unbiased. 

Such a match can be the best match of the night for any event. The technical and high-flying abilities will lead them to give outstanding performance among all without changing any rule. The match between the two of them will happen soon. At the PPV event, WWE might have already reserved a spot for them.

This sums up the announced match cards, predictions, and rumors for Extreme Rules 2020. We are expecting more matches to be confirmed in the upcoming SmackDown and Monday Night RAW. Soon we will be updating the article with more matches confirmation.

Stay tuned and gear up to witness WWE’s most exciting event of the year. Share your views and what all you are expecting at the upcoming PPV event.

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