WWE SmackDown Results And Match Highlights 26th June 2020

In this week’s SmackDown Results and Highlights, we have a lot more to tell you- The Undertaker retirement and Tribute to him by the WWE Superstars, Bray Wyatt making close his way to Braun Strowman for the Universal Title match at Extreme Rules, Jeff Hardy facing Barin Corbin in the main event of SmackDown and more.

Here in this post, we have shared all the exciting information, match highlights, and fight winners. SmackDown was organized at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, with no live audience.

Let’s see the full match highlights and results.

WWE SmackDown Results And Highlights 26th June- Tribute To The Undertaker

If you don’t want to read the entire post, you can just watch the SmackDown Full-Show Highlights in the video below-

The Friday Night SmackDown show begins with the Tribute to the Undertaker. In a recent conversation revealed on 15th June, UnderTaker said that- “he doesn’t want to return to the ring now. He is done”. The Phenom has made his mind to retire from WWE Universe, and we see a tribute video package designed for The Undertaker by WWE Superstars.

tribute to undertaker

The video played at the start of Friday Night SmackDown has all outstanding moments from the UnderTaker’s career. All the superstars of SmackDown gathered on stage and clapped for him.

We are already too excited for Extreme Rules 2020 as July is not so far now. After the kickass show of WWE’s RAW, yesterday we had another fantabulous Friday Night SmackDown.

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Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome, and later, we get to hear from many superstars like John Cena, Roman Reigns, Batista, Edge, and more. Graves started talking about the entire 30 years journey of Takers in WWE. Cole then mentioned about the Taker’s debut.

When we returned from the commercial break, there was another video in which more stars were praising and appreciating Taker. The footage had comments of stars like Christian, Bret Hart, and more, which was pre-recorded.

Baron Corbin Has Got No Chill-

As we get back to the ring, King Corbin was present inside the ring; he talked about special treatment given by Vince to the Taker. Corbin said that he is not interested in thanking Tanker and said he sucks badly. Jeff Hardy came out and hit King Corbin from behind after this.

Later, Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin gave a short interview in which they shared their views on the Under Taker.

1. Nikki Cross vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke

For the first new match of SmackDown, Bayley and Banks joined Corey Graves and Michael Cole. The match was Fatal 4-way in which we saw Bliss, Cross, Brooke, and Evans. The match started, and Alex and Nikki were working together for taking early on at Brooke and Evans. Very soon, they already cleared the ring, and then Nikki was going for a roll-up and got a near fall.

wwe smackdown results

Lacey and Dana get back to the ring, and before that, Lacey was in complete control, and Dana was going for a senton but failed to do so as Cross already broke the pin. The Bliss moved to the top, and she attempted Twisted Bliss, but Dana moved away right at the last moment, which leads Bliss to crash straight to the mat. Inside the ring, there was Evans; she led Brooke down to the floor before Nikki entered from the behind and rolled her up and managed to get the three count.

Result: Nikki Cross wins the match by defeating Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke & Alexa Bliss.

Now Cross is the No. 1 contender for SmackDown Women’s Title.

2. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. New Day & Lucha House Party, Miz, and Morrison, Cesaro

As the match starts, Big E enters and goes straight to the Miz and squeezed him, and he got two counts for this.

Metalik was dropping Nakamura with a bulldog, Kofi Kingston was tagged in after this. Next, it was Morrison, he hits Kingston, and his kick sent him straight to the floor. Earlier on SmackDown, it was Miz who got hit by a Tornado DDT by Kingston.

wwe smackdown highlights

We see that Metalik and Morrison got tagged in, and the luchador had put veterans away to a certain extent after he had hit a moonsault, but what we see is that Cesaro just broke it.

The match continues, and Dorado hits Miz by a Golden Rewind. Morrison was in the apron while he was getting launched on the floor using a top rope hurricanrana. Metalik then marks his victory in the match by hitting Miz with a springboard elbow drop.

Result: New day and Lucha House Party wins the match.

3. Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin- The SmackDown Main Event Fight

As the match starts, we see Jeff Hardy was moved out of the gate while King Corbin made his entry. Jeff immediately sent Corbin to the announcer’s table. The pressure was on, and the match moved back again inside the ring.

smackdown full show highlights

We were back at the SmackDown to witness that many of the Superstars were present at the ringside, and they were supporting Jeff as it was Corbin who dominated the match. As the match continues, King Corbin get some near falls and gets locked in submission before Jeff Hardy fought back really hard with a jawbreaker. Hardy then hit the Swanton Bomb and wins the match.

Result: King Corbin got defeated by Jeff Hardy

After the match, King Corbin attacked Jeff Hardy again, but The New Day entered and moved him out. They called Braun Strowman; he hits a Running Powerslam, Matt riddles hit a Floating Bro. A fantastic finish we get at the end paying deserving Tribute to the Deadman.

The episode was quite short this time as we had a recap of Undertaker’s previous WrestleMania. Many of the WWE legends joined as well for their Tribute to The Deadman.

Summing Up Friday Night SmackDown Show-

This is all from this week’s SmackDown held on 26th June 2020.

Nikki Cross grabbed an excellent opportunity; on the other hand, it was Jeff Hardy who gave outstanding performance this Friday night.

Let’s see what impact we see on the match card of WWE Extreme Rules of this Friday night’s event. We are coming up with details of more confirmed matches of the upcoming PPV event very soon. We hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Please share your views on the SmackDown event and stay tuned with us for more information.

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