WWE SmackDown Highlights, Results And Match Winners 19th June 2020

After the WWE Backlash 2020 held on June 14th, and Monday Night RAW on 15th June, here we come with WWE Friday Night SmackDown highlights and results.

WWE SmackDown was the most promising return ever. Amid coronavirus pandemic, the show held at WWE performance centre in Orlando on June 19th.

In the event, we have seen some fascinating moments which were a response to the earlier week event. AJ Styles presented everybody an opportunity for celebrating his victory on WWE International Championship held last week. Many superstars were present to celebrate his success.

AJ Styles there mentioned the only qualified person present over there for presenting him the title is Daniel Bryan. Bray Watt returned to give the response to an old dispute. 

Let’s take a look to the WWE SmackDown highlights and match results.

WWE SmackDown Match Highlights & Results 19th June 2020

Soon the Bryan got inside the ring and picked up a title to which AJ mocked and started calling him a coward. Bryan took a mic and said if it is correct that AJ Styles is a true champion, then he would have proved his title right at the moment.

Right before the Matt Riddle’s music started playing, we heard AJ saying he is going to fight with No. 1 contender. Riddle starts mocking at Styles before AJ hit him. Before we proceeded to the commercials on SmackDown night, Riddle fought with AJ and moved the champion out of the ring.

1. AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle- A non-title Match

The Friday night SmackDown begins, and as the match started AJ says that this match won’t be considered as title Match as Matt was not wearing shoes. AJ styles took German Suplex outside the gate and also two Gutwrench Suplexes. After a few seconds, we see that Matt Riddle hit with a kick right at his face, followed by a running senton on Styles.

AJ then hits a dropkick by taking Matt Riddle to the corner; then we see rookie of SmackDown at the mat. Matt Riddle dragged AJ out, but before that, Riddle was sent over the ropes. As we were moving towards another quick break on Friday Night SmackDown, we see that Corbin hits Riddle.

As we return from the break, AJ was continuing to be in control, and he hits a Dragonscrew. On the other hand, signs of wear were quite explicit from Riddle’s legs. Riddle hit a suplex before he went for locking in a submission.

AJ locked the calf crusher, but Riddle had got hold of the ropes. Both Bryan and Styles were at the ringside before Riddle comes in with Derek and defeats AJ.

Match Result: Matt Riddles wins the match

2. Mojo Rawley vs Shorty G

The match was about to start, and we see that before getting inside the ring Shorty grasped an early upper hand to Rawley. Outside the gate, Rawley unloaded on Shorty G.

Being occupied in a tackle Shorty G somehow managed to get out of it. Later we see that Gable hit a German Suplex and he attempted to go on the top, but Rawley does not allow this to happen. The Shorty G reversed the move, and he got off the pin. Shorty G wins the match right in the starting few minutes of the game.

Match Result: Mojo Rawley lose the match

3. The New Day vs Lucha House Party

Both Sasha Banks and Bayley were out and watching the match. They were supporting the New Day. Kofi and Lince were going for it inside the ring, and we see that for a double team game Metalik was tagged. Belly got hit by belly suplex by Big E before going for a dropkick.

Big E went down on the floor as Dorado hits him with a diving Hurricanrana. Kofi got spiked by Metalik with a Michinoku Driver. Later pinfall was broke up by the Big E. There was another dive by the Dorado, but Kofi managed to avoid it. At the midnight hour, it was the New Day celebrating the victory over the Lucha House Party.

Result: The New Day wins the match

4. Nikki Cross vs Sasha Banks

After the break as we return to the SmackDown, it was time to see Cross and Banks once again. Both were already in the ring and without wasting any time we see that Cross quickly hammers away at Bank while she was still in her apron. It was observed that Nikki Cross was quite disturbed when she went for hitting Banks to start the match. Nikki was caught up by Sasha inside the ring, within seconds Nikki crashed a tornado DDT and got a near fall. Sasha then hits and Meteora and defeats Nikki.

Result: Sasha wins the match

So, that’s it from this week’s Friday Night SmackDown. We hope you enjoyed watching the match highlights and the results. Stay tuned for more WWE updates, news, results, highlights for upcoming PPV events. 

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