WWE Monday Night RAW Results, Highlights, Winners 22nd June 2020

Here we covered the highlights of WWE RAW held on Monday 22 June 2020. We are only a few weeks away from witnessing another PPV event- WWE Extreme Rules. Extreme Rules top matches are already being predicted.

Followed by the last week’s Monday Night RAW, the opponent of Drew McIntyre for Extreme Rules, which is being scheduled on 19 July 2020, was revealed in the show. Not only this, but we also got some unexpected tittle change as well on RAW. The show Kicked off with the entry of McIntyre inside the ring. Drew was about to say something, but we see Dolph coming out and saying that AJ was on SmackDown, and now Dolph and Robert Robe are on RAW.

Dolph started telling how he had picked up McIntyre when he was facing the lowest point in his career, and for this reason, now, Drew owed a title shot to Dolph. Drew answered him back and asked him if he wants to have a match. Dolph didn’t speak anything after this and Drew accepted the title challenge for the WWE championship in the upcoming PPV event- WWE Extreme Rules.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Highlights 22nd June 2020

Check out the WWE RAW match highlights and results held on 22nd June 2020.

1. Street Profits (c) vs. Viking Raiders – A RAW Tag Team Titles match

The first title match on RAW started, and we see Dawkins and Ivar in the ring. At first, Vikings were under the full control as Erik tagged in, and he tossed Ivar into Dawkins. He did this before Ford got tagged in the match. As the match started, Ford hit a colossal dive but failed to do so as he was caught up by a powerbomb by Erik. As we return, Profits was hitting the Viking Experience on Erik, but somehow the pin broke.

wwe monday night raw highlights

We see that before all four of them did cartwheels for some unexpected reason, it was Ford who took a big boot. Later Dawkins was moved down. Erik was now removed, and Ford then hit Ivar a From The Heavens Splash to win the match. When the match ended, all the four players hugged and showed the true spirit of a sportsperson.

Match Result: Street Profits wins the match and retains its RAW Tag Team titles.

2. Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte – A match of RAW Women’s Women’s title 

The match starts, and Flair had full control in the beginning. Later Asuka hits with a hip attack, and then she ran kick from the apron, which sent Flair down to the floor. Asuka didn’t stop after this and proceeded for a leaping dropkick from the ring itself, but we see that Flair sidestepped. Inside the ring, Asuka was taken down to the mat by Flair. When we returned, Asuka was almost getting pinned, but somehow, she succeeded in getting hold of the rope’s bottom.

wwe monday night results

Asuka was attempting the armbar, but she was able to lock the shoulder, which leads to damage arm, which was already injured. After this, Flair was left with no choice other than to tap out.

Match Result: Asuka wins and retains the RAW Women’s Women’s title

3. Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

Natalya and Lana were standing outside, and by that moment, the announcement was quite explicit. Morgan was taken down by Natalya with a clothesline and received a near fall.

wwe raw results

Before Morgan took a Hurricanrana, she sent Natalya outside. Morgan was being distracted by Lana, and meanwhile, Natalya got hold of Morgan from behind, and she locked her in the Sharpshooter.

Match Result: Natalya wins the match

4. Sasha Banks & Bayley (c) vs. The IIconics – A match of Women’s Women’s Tag titles 

Sasha and Kay started the match. Kay unloaded Sasha, and when we returned to RAW, Bayley was already hitting Kay and also mocking her. Next, we see Royce entering in for a big fisherman’s suplex.

wwe raw highlights

Royce later successfully managed to bump Sasha into Bayley, which ultimately sent Bayley outside the ring. After this, Royce was about to get a pin on Sasha. Somehow Royce got locked into Sasha’s statement. Royce was struggling badly and had no other option, so she tapped out.

Match Result: Sasha Banks wins the match and retains the Women’s Tag titles

5. Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

Monday night RAW was full of fascinating matches. As we return, we see that Shelton was unloading on Crews surprisingly before Shelton could proceed and lock in an armbar Crews managed and hits a standing moonsault.

wwe raw 22nd june results

Both Apollo and Shelton were now standing outside the ring, and Apollo sidestepped, which sent the Benjamin right into the steel post. Apollo immediately hits the toss Powerbomb, and despite his shoulder injury, he marked his victory in the match.

Match Result: Apollo Crews wins the match.

Summing Up Monday Night RAW Results & Highlights

All the four major titles were placed correctly on the Monday night RAW event this week. The show was full of some action-packed episodes. The show confirmed two big title matches that will be taking place in WWE Extreme Rules 2020.

Among these two matches, there is confirmation of one match for WWE July’s PPV event. Ric Flair, Big Show and Mysterio had returned to WWE RAW. Although we have no confirmation from the WWE, it will be astounding if we do not see a match between Big Show and Randy Orton at WWE Extreme Rules.

So that’s it from this week’s Monday RAW match highlights and results. In our upcoming post, we will share more information on WWE Extreme Rules- confirmed match cards, predictions, live streaming info, news, and updates. Do share your views on this week’s Monday Night’s RAW and which matches you are expecting at WWE Extreme Rules.

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