WWE Backlash Results And Match Highlights Held On June 14th, 2020

WWE Backlash 2020 held at Orlando, Florida, on June 14th 2020, Sunday amid of COVID-19. Backlash main event had a thrilling ending this time. Both the rival teams were involved in a fierce fight leading to a controversial conclusion. Drew Mclntyre had to face adamant title defence;
on the other hand, Jeffy Hardy had a rough time on backlash night. Here we have come with this exclusive post on the WWE Backlash 2020 highlights, match results and updates.

Let’s check out what happened at WWE Backlash 2020.

WWE Backlash 2020 Match Results & Highlights

WWE backlash 2020 marks its opening with the title match of Triple Threat Women’s Tag Team. Sasha Banks and Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and The IIconics the outstanding champions begins this kick-off show. This time WWE Backlash 2020 experience an interesting defend of Apollo Crews for the US title against Andrade.

1. Bayley (c) And Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics

Bayley, Kay and Nikki did the opening of the match. Sasha was tagged before the entry of Alexa. Later Royce was also tagged, Alexa tried to roll up Sasha but before her Royce did so. The six women entered for the standoff, in the ring and later there was a big brawl. Royce was under the control of Alexa and Nikki meanwhile Sasha made a double team move.

Nikki and Alexa were focusing entirely on Royce. Bliss hit a twisted bliss and proceeded for the pin on Royce. This was done before Banks entered with a roll-up and marking the first winner position on WWE Backlash 2020.

Match Result: Sasha Banks and Bayley won by defeating Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and The
IIconics, thereby retaining the Women’s Tag team titles.

2. Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

This time Jeff Hardy made his entry by having a face paint. The moment he entered Sheamus straight went for his face. Sheamus devastated Jeff, after a few seconds he reversed with a kick and then went for getting hold of Sheamus’s legs. The match starts taking unpredictable turns but to be in the game and not getting disqualified Jeff dropped down from the steel steps. Sheamus lifted Jeff high and dropped him straight on the ring post, breaking Jeff’s knee.

For seconds Sheamus faced a problem as Jeff hit a suplex by taking control back, but it was for very less time. The match continued, and Jeff attempted to get on top but Sheamus did not let it happen, and he hit for the next near fall. After this, Jeff was hardly responding as Sheamus didn’t stop. Jeff sidestepped and sent Sheamus into the post. Sheamus took control back and won the match by hitting Brogue Kick out of the ring and one inside the ring.

Match Result: Sheamus wins over Jeff Hardy

3. Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax for RAW Women’s Championship

Asuka was looking forward to getting a sleeper hold, but her attempt was not successful because Nia was already lowering the moves made by Asuka very quickly. Asuka locked in the Octopus, surprisingly Nia managed to take control back and threw Asuka away.

Jax was superimposing the match, but she was not able to get the pin. The Backlash continues, and Jax proceeds for a near fall by hitting a Jackhammer. Match went outside after Asuka got Kicked out. Asuka then wins by getting an armbar and ending the match on the note of double count-out.

Match Result: Asuka retains the RAW women’s championship by defeating Nia

4. Braun Strowman (c) vs Miz & Morrison For Universal Championship

Miz & Morrison once again ‘hit a new single’. This diss track was targeted at Strowman. Although the song is beautiful, it stopped as soon as Braun entered. The match was kicked off by Miz, but Morrison was also tagged before the beginning of the game at the Backlash.

While attacking the Strowman, both the challengers took turns then ran away. Strowman luckily got a shot in and managed to knock out Morrison before getting hit by the Miz. Braun sent Miz back to his teammate and moments after he was hit by the two of them. Both Miz & Morrison hit a double DDT.

Miz and Morrison hit the Skull Crushing Finale and Stomp Combo. Miz pulled Morrison out of the pin before doing so. The fear continued to haunt both the challengers as Braun returned and he attacked Miz inside the ring using chokeslam. Morrison made a top rope move, but unfortunately, a running power slam caught him up. Braun marked his victory and took the lead.

Match Result: Braun Strowman retains the Universal Championship by defeating Miz & Morrison.

5. Drew McIntyre (c) vs Bobby Lashley – WWE Championship match

Before the Backlash match started, Bobby Lashley made Full Nelson hold. Though the three officials tried to stop him but Drew didn’t bother and kept going backlash match, and Lashley unloads Drew at the same time. The Lashley made northern Lights Suplex movement. Drew continued to be superpowered later as well.

Lashley was sent outside by McIntyre before he was sent in the ring post. Bobby was thrown into the barricades by the Drew, so he got complete control, but Bobby got a near fall. Drew attempted for the reverse Alabama Slam. McIntyre went for his submission but before that Lashley locked into a cross face and also ankle lock. Bobby then got a near fall by hitting the spear. Lana came out from the backstage and told the referee about the cheating done by Bobby.

Match Result: Drew McIntyre retains WWE championship and wins over Bobby Lashley

6. Backlash main event: Randy Orton vs Edge

Orton got the first offence in, and meanwhile, Edge did the few arm-drags by going down on the mat. Both headed outside. Soon there was a brawl; Edge locked in a headlock being in the ring itself meanwhile holding Orton down as Randy was trying to get hold of Edge’s ribs. Once again Randy was moved out, and Edge was looking to go up for a huge dive.

Orton was busted open, and his forehead started bleeding. Edge was trying hard to cross-face, but he was not able to do so as Orton got the hold of ropes with his foot. Randy then sends Edge to the steel steps. Before Edge could move out of the ring, Orton already hit two Suplexes. Edge also hit two Suplexes and even a third one.

Match Result: Randy Orton wins over Edge

That sums up the highlights and match results for WWE Backlash 2020. We hope you enjoyed reading the post. We are going to cover all the match highlights and results, news, updates, rumours for the upcoming WWE PPV events including weekly Monday Night RAW and SmackDown shows.

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