WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Highlights Held On June 15th 2020

After WWE Backlash held on 14th June 2020, we witness WWE Monday Night Raw yesterday. We got to see Ric Flair meanwhile a legendary player has an unsanctioned match on Raw. The match was started with the entry of Christian for defending Edge.

Christian was removed from performance centre of WWE at the end of the Monday night Raw. Bobby Lashley told his wife Lana that he wants a divorce while the son of Rey Mysterio was all set for seeking revenge. Also, Drew McIntyre during a tag team match kept his WWE championship on the line.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Highlights

So much excitement and the buzz were there in the RAW show. Here we have shared quick insights of Monday Night Raw along with the results, highlights and exciting details in case you have missed them!

1. Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza On Monday Night 

As the match began, we see that Angel Garza straight ran at KO, but he moves aside, which made Garza move inside the ring post. Both of them were making it tough for each other, but soon there was Andrade’s music, and Angel Garza got distracted, this gives a chance to KO to gain access to the early upper hand.

It was seen that Andrade and Garza had some argument at ringside and before that Garza sidestepped. The bickering between both made Vega frustrated, and he left.

As we return to RAW after a quick break, we see that Garza just hit a big missile dropkick and got a near fall. Once again, we see Andrade was stepping up on an apron. KO utilizes this opportunity to his benefit and hits the stunners, thereby marking his victory in the match.

Result: Angel Garza defeated by Kevin Owens

2. The Street Profits & Viking Raiders vs Akira Tozawa & The Ninjas 

For Street Profits and Viking Raiders, it was a straightforward win. Both of them took down the Ninjas dubbed as Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 by the commentators. All four hit their combined finishers on the Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 and easily defeated them.

Right after the match, it was seen that the biggest Ninja enters the ring along with Tozawa. It was before The Big Show showed up on Monday night RAW.

Result: The Ninjas lost the match

3.The IIconics vs Natalya & Liv Morgan on a big show of Monday Night RAW

The match interestingly begins by Royce and Natalya as they were the ones who are up first. It was seen soon Natalya went down as IIconics was looking to maintain the pressure on by trading tags. Later we see that Morgan enters and he make a missile dropkick which turned the tables. On RAW it was Royce who brokes the pin.

Morgan got enough of time for getting a three count as the referee was distracted by the Royce. We see that Natalya was moved outside. Before the IIcoincs got the Pinfall on Liv Morgan, they hit their combined finishers and won the match.

Surprisingly it was seen that IIconics were speaking to Bayley and Banks after the match and asked them for tag team title match. Although the champions never clearly mentioned this before that, they were having someone inside who can help them on booking a tag titles match in the coming week.

Result: Liv Morgan lost the match

4. Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin

Okay, this was quite an exciting match. Right at the beginning of the game what we see is that Apollo Crews just unloaded on Shelton and he takes a German Suplex which was later also followed by a knee strike right to the face. Crews then picked up Shelton and were attempting to make a big move but failed as Benjamin had gone for a dirty pin by making the use of ropes.

The referee saw that move and warned Benjamin. Crews then rolled him up by holding the ropes tightly; he got the three counts.

Result: Crew pickups the win on Monday Night RAW

5.  R-Truth & Drew McIntyre (c) vs Bobby Lashley & MVP – WWE Championship match

To begin with, the challengers started with a Glasgow Kiss. Drew was corned by the two Bobby and MVP. But Drew powered through by making Lashley move outside. While Bobby was looking forward to the Claymore, we see that R-Truth just forced a tag.

Okay, so what we know after we get back from the break? R-Truth just got a beatdown from the MVP. Now R-Truth came back and announced a tag which made Drew take out MVP and shift his focus on Bobby. Though Mclntyre hit a DDT on MVP before that Bobby broke the pin. 

Result: Bobby Lashley & MVP lost the match, and Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship

6. Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax -A rematch of RAW Women’s Championship 

The match begins, and soon Nia went for Asuka but a second Asuka locked in the armbar. So what we see is that Nia just ignored what Asuka did, but Asuka again went for the armbar before Jax got rolled out. Right at the moment when we were heading for the break, we see that Nia just hit a powerbomb.

So as soon as we returned from the break, we see that Asuka got a near fall. Now Jax hits the Samoan Drop before she went attacking to the referee as a count was missed. The referee was about to disqualify Nia, but we see that Asuka went for her and roll her up in a fickle state of mind. Asuka marks her victory after the referee made the fast count.

Result: Asuka won’s and retained RAW Women’s Championship

7. The Unsanctioned Match- Christian vs. Randy Orton

This was the most exciting part of the match. We see finally Christina entering the ring after full six-year. Ric Flair and Christian were having a conversation when Ric informed him that Edge told him not to talk. Christian then ask him to move aside, and he asked for the bell. Later we see that Ric hit a low blow.

Randy was shouting this was your fault when he got the three count to Christian. The medical team enters and take Caption Charisma outside. It was quite explicit that Randy was looking like he was conflicted when he saw that Christian was carried on a stretcher out of the ring, 

Result: Randy Orton marks the victory and defeats Christian

This sums up the highlights and Monday Night RAW results for the show held on 15th June. Stay tuned for the latest WWE updates, news, results and highlights. We will soon come with the new post for results and highlights of Friday Night SmackDown later this week on Saturday.

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