3 Best WWE Female Wrestlers Of All Time

This coming Sunday, the WWE universe will be glued to their screen as they witness the first major WWE event of the year, i.e. Royal Rumble. Thanks to incredible minds behind the WWE, in recent times, the Royal Rumble has been ‘split’ into two, i.e. the male Royal Rumble match and the female Royal Rumble match.

While awaiting the female Royal Rumble match, we have decided to take a few moments to share with you some of the greatest female wrestlers that have appeared before the WWE universe. Before we start exploring the most celebrated female wrestlers, we want to inform all readers that you can partake in the Royal Rumble on Sunday when you signup to NetBet and pick your favorite wrestlers.

1. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is arguably the best female wrestler the world has ever seen. Trish Stratus made her bow in the wrestling arena when female wrestling was viewed as more of eye candy by both the WWE universe as well as the WWE family. However, due to the determination of Trish Stratus, she managed to put female wrestling on par with male wrestling owing to her incredible fighting skills.

Her feud with Lita during the early days of female wrestling played a key role in attracting many fans to female wrestling. Just to underline the brilliance of Trish Stratus inside the ring, here are her career achievements: Trish is a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion. Besides, she is a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion and a WWE Hall of Famer.

2. Lita

Lita just like Trish Stratus was one of the earliest female wrestlers to ‘professionalize’ female wrestling. During her early days, Lita was part of the formidable Team Xtreme which won the edgy Attitude Era crowd. However, what cemented her place as the second greatest female wrestler of all time is her feud with Trish Stratus. Lita and Trish Stratus were to female wrestling what Steve Austin and The Rock were to male wrestling.

In terms of championships, Lita was unfortunate that she fought during the same time with Trish Stratus, a wrestler who won al fights she entered into. Besides the unfortunate part of fighting during the time dominated by Trish Stratus, Lita also made some hugely unpopular decisions such as getting involved in a real-life love triangle with other professional wrestlers in Matt Hardy and Edge. Lita’s scandalous antics cost her a place on the WWE Hall of Fame.

3. Chyna

As Trish Stratus and Lita were reaching the twilight stages of their careers, on came the fearless Chyna. Chyna carried on the legacy left by Trish and Lita, but she went a step further as she initiated the start of inter-gender wrestling. Chyna lobbied for inter-gender wrestling and was the first female wrestler to compete in the Royal Rumble (by then, there was only the male Royal Rumble, and Chyna managed to force her way in). In her career, Chyna won many titles including the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately, her career was cut short after her untimely death.

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