WWE Super ShowDown 2018: The Undertaker vs. Triple H Match Preview & Predictions

Though the whole PPV(Pay Per View) special event is marked by all WWE fans worldwide on their must-watch list,(debuting on the 6th of October in Melbourne, Australia) but by far the most awaited match-up fans are dying to see, has to be The deadman against The H, one of the major fights of the WWE Super ShowDown, hailed as the “Last Time Ever”.

The two were first pinned against each other in 1996 in the semi-finals of the Kuwait cup, and the rivalry has lasted for twenty years now. Well, that’s a solid rivalry.

Although it is infamously referred to as their last encounter, it may not end just yet considering the many opportunities and storylines that can catch fire along with the occurrence of this battle. WWE announced both of the legend’s involvement during SummerSlam, and taking in consideration the greatness that was the last The Undertaker and Triple H encounter: “End of an era,” 6 years earlier (Wrestlemania XXVII), it can easily be called an event in itself. And it may even end up being the main event.

The Undertaker Vs. The Triple H WWE Super ShowDown 2018

While the Undertaker has called upon Kane to be at his side, Triple H also brings in his dear friend and another age-old Undertaker rival, Shawn Michaels. With so many superstars in the mix, the ringside will be crowded as hell. The fixture could also lead up to a tag team match between the brothers of destruction and the HBK and Triple H if all goes as planned. But will it go in the direction it is being reared in? Because of the long history and reputation of WWE guarantee for a more intense show than it’s official announcement and endorsement.

For starters, Kane, Undertaker’s brother-in-arms can turn against The Phenom, it can surely be a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a huge shock factor for WWE and Undertaker fans alike.

The power move of betrayal is not out of character for Kane, who has betrayed The Undertaker in the past too many times.

It is sad but true, but Kane has failed to impress his fans and give out an exploding show in the recent years, and he is also running for mayor of the Knox County, so he would have to find a fitting end to his illustrious wrestling career. Kane’s betrayal can also be seen as a failsafe; a convenient excuse for The ‘taker to lose the match without saving face.

Taking it all in perspective, the Shawn Michaels angle is another whole thing waiting to be explored since HBK could also hold a more important role, considering his involvement as a guest referee in a Triple H vs. Undertaker match in the past and his long line of on and off a rivalry with the Deadman. To top all these speculations/rumors, Samoa Joe can also be involved as Joe himself has hinted about it through his interviews and statements.

But if Kane does indeed betray his brother, Undertaker would be as far from retirement as he possibly can be. The betrayal may lead to a good, old Undertaker revenge spree against Triple H, Kane and Shawn Michaels with a lot of desperate team-ups and a whole new bunch of bloody fights. Maybe we’ll get to see Undertaker and John Cena team-up, that would be a dream come true for a lot of fans, the legends against the legends, what more can you ask for? But all the speculations aside, this would be a special treat for both the viewers and the superstars.

Talking about their latest forms, the Undertaker is heavily bruised and severely battered from the thrashing defeat against Brock Lesnar at the WMXXX. But the Undertaker comes back again and again, from retirement, from the jaws of death and many times with wins in the ring. Many thought that he had retired after last year’s WrestleMania and some even thought that he should when he lost against Roman Reigns but guess what? He made a comeback this very year by winning easily against John Cena in a matter of minutes.

The Game won’t make the mistake of underestimating The H and his experience in the giant league of WWE. Triple H has been in good form as well and can win the fight due to the strategic and dramatic settings surrounding the lore of the mega-event. Triple H is considerably in a much more comfortable position, but the unfinished rivalry is somewhat of a wound for both the legends.

With all these possible outcomes in the unpredictable equation, Kane and Shawn Michaels infrequent appearances fuel the rumors even more as both of them would probably be seen directly in Australia. WWE will indeed try to make Super Show-Down a favorite and memorable event considering how it is being organized as the biggest event since Global Warming and obviously a lot of expectations ride on the “Last Time Ever” which might not give a closure to the age-old rivalry but surely would give an epic spin to the whole WWE mythos.

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