WWE Super ShowDown Results & Highlights 6th October 2018 Australia

The WWE Super ShowDown held at Melbourne Australia featuring WWE Superstars from RAW and SmackDown on 6th October 2018. The show featured some of the best matches in the history of WWE. One of them was The Undertaker Vs. Triple H – the final showdown.

It was a great night for WWE Fans. Over seventy thousand audiences gathered in the Melbourne stadium to watch their favorite superstar.

WWE Super ShowDown Match Results & Highlights 2018

If you are curious to know about the Super ShowDown results and want to watch the highlights, then here we bring you all the updates, wrestling videos.

1. The New Day (C) Vs. The Bar SMACKDOWN Tag Team Championship

The New Day defended their titles against the Bar at Super ShowDown. Sheamus & Cesaro made it tough for the tag team champions but it was the New Day who crossed the line and retained their titles.

Match Result: The New Day def. The Bar

2. Becky Lynch (C) Vs. Charlotte Flair For SmackDown Women Championship

Charlotte Flair challenged Becky Lynch for a re-match at Super ShowDown 2018. Charlotte Flair could have turned it on and grabbed the title but Becky Lynch was a bit cunning.

She used the band and hit it on Charlotte Flair and the match resulted in a disqualification one. So as per rules, Charlotte Flair won the match but Becky Lynch will keep the title.

Match Result: Charlotte Flair def. Becky Lynch in a disqualification match.

3. John Cena & Bobby Lashley Vs Elias & Kevin Ownes

Bobby Lashley had some face-offs on RAW where he won and lost against Elias and Kevin Owens. The duos decided to take on Lashley at Super ShowDown. But not on a 2-on-1 handicapped match. The WWE universe decided that John Cena, the Free agent of RAW and SmackDown will be the tag-team partner of Lashley.

Match Result: John Cena & Bobby Lashley def. Elias & Kevin Ownes.

4. The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre

The question whether the Lunatic will turn on his Shield brothers got cleared when the brotherhood, the house of justice faced off the monster among man, Dolph Ziggler, and Mcintyre at Super ShowDown 2018.

Dean Ambrose showed his character after a lot of rumors and made a DDT to Ziggler helping Shield with a victory.

Match Result: The Shield won.

5. AJ Styles (C) Vs Samoa Joe WWE Championship Match

Both the fighters have the last laugh at Melbourne. It was a no-disqualification match. AJ hurt Joe’s knee and he has to give up on AJ’s submission move.

AJ Styles is still the WWE Champion and likely to face now Daniel O’Brien at WWE Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia.

Match Result: AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe.

6. The Undertaker Vs Triple H One Last Time

What a show the two best wrestlers have put together at ShowDown night. They have gone to the extreme of their limits. It was another no-disqualification match of the night. After a lot of drama, it was Triple H who crossed the line with the help of his friend, Shawn Michaels.

Match Result: Triple H def. The Undertaker.

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