WWE Super Show-Down 2018 – Match Cards, Predictions, and Rumors

The latest and most prominent addition to the long and well-received succession of WWE events since Global Warming is a particular pay-per-view (PPV) event- Super Show-Down, which will take place on the grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Melbourne, Australia on 6th Oct. 2018, kick-starting the weekend of WWE fans with a bang.

The fans have been waiting excitedly for this late addition which was put together in a matter of months. And WWE marks history by showcasing a full roaster of legends and superstars of the past and the present alike.

Let’s take a look at the predictions and the rumors-

WWE Super Show-Down 2018 Match Rumors

1. The Undertaker vs. Triple H (Last Time Ever)

The match-up that fans have been eagerly waiting for so long is at hand. The Undertaker announced that Kane would be at his side, to which Triple H pulled out the HBK card; bringing Shawn Michaels to his aid.

Rumors run rampant that this could lead into a tag team match later on. But what if a brother stabs a brother in the back?

Yes, you read it right, what if Kane turned against The Undertaker? It could lead up to a final Kane vs. The Undertaker match because Kane too isn’t getting any younger. And on the top of that, rumor is in the air that Shawn Michaels could also play a more critical role in the equation.

Predictions– Triple H stands more chances of winning amidst the dramatic setting of the highly anticipated match.

2. The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Braun Strowman has not even come close to dislodging Roman Reigns when his brothers have his back, but Strowman has found his squad in Ziggler and McIntyre. But rumor has it that Dean Ambrose head might turn against this impenetrable shield, and the loss of the match might indeed break the Shield.

If not Ambrose, still a member could snap and “accidentally” hit his partner, sowing the seeds of doubt and the group’s eventual fall.

Predictions– The shield if it doesn’t break from the inside.

3. WWE Championship AJ Styles (C) vs. Samoa Joe 

It is known by all that AJ Styles has had his ugliest 2018 rivalry with Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe is aware that this might be his only opportunity at the biggest title of WWE. Nothing is out of bounds as Joe has already been going after AJ’s head and mind as much as he can to manipulate his rival both physically and psychologically, even going after his family.

It might get nastier and personal between the two as AJ might not take the own blows too professionally, it is a fight to look out for, involving high stakes, family and cheap tricks that could be unpleasant to watch.

Predictions– AJ styles has the upper hand here considering his form and performances.

4. Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad

The Bella twins got Rousey’s back against the Riott squad, for now….

Rousey has to prove that she deserves the position she is in as many believe that she is pampered and defended vigorously by the WWE.

The Bella twins might get greedy for a chance at Rousey’s belt, and that could lead to a very different scenario, an encounter that promises to be an entertaining as well as controversial.

Predictions– The Riott Squad considering the Bella twins and their self-interest and the latest performances of the Riott Squad.

5. SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

When Becky Lynch won against Charlotte Flair in the hell in a cell, she hit gold and established a persuasive authority on Flair, which also resulted in starting a mean streak between the two. Charlotte Flair’s reputation of being a destined champ was snatched away by The Guy Becky, making matters entirely personal for Charlotte. This match could lead to something interesting as their respective egos are involved. And Charlotte Flair could go to extremes to win her position and respect back.

Predictions– Becky Lynch since she won against all the odds against an assumed favorite (Charlotte Flair) in the Hell In A Cell.

6. John Cena and Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens and Elias

John Cena, a WWE legend who is reduced to being a special events guy, due to his absence from RAW and SmackDown has another chance to redeem himself somewhat. The team-ups are a bit unusual, but Cena had to be included somehow to cash in his popularity, and here we are. As it was discussed earlier, Kane may betray Undertaker which might lead to The Undertaker going down a path of revenge against Kane, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels, and The Deadman could find a good partner in John Cena, blasting the WWE ratings through the roof.

Predictions– John Cena and Bobby Lashley, the veterans would manage a win most probably.

7. Daniel Bryan vs.The Miz

One of the hottest feuds leading to SummerSlam 2018, eight whole years in the making, the rivalry is quite intense and fueled up. Daniel Bryan has been struggling and hasn’t quite come into his form as the fans expected. A perfect opportunity for him to get back stronger and prove his worth, this fixture also gets the winner a direct shot at the WWE championship.

Predictions– Daniel Bryan has the edge and more chances to win in this fight against the Miz.

8. Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Bar

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier)  has the ambiguous question of which two out of the three would be inside the ring against The Bar(Cesasro and Sheamus), leading to an atmosphere of uncertainty and speculations to run wild. And the fans can also expect some wild cards are running around the ring, making the quality of the match better than it already is.

Predictions– The New day with the extra man support and the Aussie crowd can easily retain their current positions.

9. Asuki and Naomi vs. The IIconics

Both the teams work well with their respective combinations and have been successful, but the fact that Asuka was a lone wolf before teaming up with Naomi cannot be ignored, though any surprises and twists are not expected for this match, still the WWE has not failed in surprising it’s loyal fans too many times.

Predictions– Asuka and Naomi as they are more desperate for a revival.

10. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy

Alexander and Murphy both deserve great credit for what they have done for the WWE cruiserweight championship and it could even lead to a proper integration of the category into both RAW and SmackDown, which depends heavily on this fixture. And Buddy personally too has to justify his decision of joining the division by becoming its lone champion.

Predictions– Buddy Murphy as has a bit more experience than his opponent Alexander.

That’s it. The Super Show-Down is all set to happen on 6th October, Saturday, in Melbourne, Australia.

Do let us know your thoughts or predictions on the above match cards. Which is your favorite match and whom you are going to support?

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