Charlotte Vs Asuka WrestleMania 34 Live Steaming, Previews & Rumours

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While other women wrestlers this time might have been dealing with a history, it’s quite difficult to point out where the history behind this specific match actually attained its threshold. Since both of these women, Charlotte and Asuka have been dominating on opposite brands for the past few years and so, WWE Universe has always had that feeling in the back of their mind that at some point they would collide.

For the record, Charlotte may be called as ‘The Queen’ because she has all the Championships and accolades necessary to be called so. While on the other hand, Asuka has been the longest reigning NXT women’s champion in the whole history yet she remained detached throughout her WWE career.

Ready for the Previews?

Quite evidently, as Charlotte calls herself ‘The Queen’ and there isn’t anyone who can argue with the fact that the SmackDown Women’s Champion deserves that accolade. Her dominance over the Women’s Division ever since she was promoted to the main roster back in 2015 has proved that she is the perfect person to take on Asuka and end the streak. We expect that there will a hotly anticipated fight coming up!

  1. Alen Butumović: I’m really excited about this match because they have not met before, and we really know who can be good in the ring when they are in a trance and I hope this will be covered here and we will get a quality women’s match. Asuka had a series of victories in serious danger because she had chosen a tough opponent. I think that Asuka still wins what it would mean to move to SmackDown, which should probably break the monotony in that division.
  2. Filip Stankovic: This is a dream match for me. Asuka is a new upcoming star with scary figures. The build-up was not something special, but I expect one of the best women’s matches in WWE history.
  3. Vedran Karlic: The match itself will have me, I think we have two talented women in the ring. But there is where everything stands, the construction of the match was not good, they overlooked who is not ready for it. It should be better, show them stronger, show how this is a great match. I hope Asuka will take the title.

Do rumors have it all? Let’s see…

Still undefeated in her WWE career, Asuka has been 2 years into all this. It would be great if she would be able to cement her empire be crowned with a new title. We’ve heard the rumors that this lady would definitely snatch away the gold and begin the new era in the women’s smackdown champion this time. What do you think?

While it is said that rumor has it all, and so it is widely rumored that Carmella could be set to cash in on whichever woman wins the match on Sunday night, rather than interfering part way through. The first ever winner only has another two months to use her contract and it seems that she is becoming increasingly desperate.

We believe it’s unlikely that Carmella will be able to dethrone Asuka, but if Charlotte wins and Carmella cashes in, then it’s easy to see the title changing hands. Let’s see what happens next!

Exclusive Live Info!

This match is one of the most anticipated women’s matches in recent memory since Charlotte will be putting the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line, whilst Asuka puts up her undefeated streak. Asuka came through NXT after Charlotte had left and the duo hasn’t crossed paths during their time in WWE.

It’s may quite apparent seem that Asuka may beat Charlotte and win the Smackdown Women’s Championship, but what could that mean for Charlotte? Will she continue to feud with Asuka or jump ship to Raw during the rumored Superstar Draft happening at Backlash? I’m sure you wanna know!

There are a number of options that WWE have when it comes to the finish of the match this Sunday, 8th April in New Orleans.

So just stay tuned for all the live updates on channels such as SkySports HD, Sony TEN HD!

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