4 Best WrestleMania Surprises Of All Time

WrestleMania is the biggest event for which all the WWE fans wait. There are a number of interesting matches that take place in WrestleMania. The results that occur in most fights are as expected by the fans. However, at times there are also certain surprise elements added to it. These surprises remain in the mind of the fans forever.

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4 Best WrestleMania Surprises Of All Time

#1 Brock Lesnar ends the streak in WrestleMania XXX

The chances of The Undertaker losing the match in Wrestle Mania was not there at all. Nobody ever imagined in the wildest of dreams that Brock Lesnar could pull of this match against The Undertaker and break the winning streak. Not only was The Undertaker beaten in the match but he was beaten so hard that the dead man could not come out of the box.

#2 Steve Austin turns to the darker side

Stone Cold Steve Austin won the 2001 Royal Rumble where he fought against the Rock who had earlier beaten him in the WrestleMania XV. Austin was absent for about a year owing to a neck injury and this time he desperately wanted to get back the top spot. Otherwise, both The Rock and Austin were always depicted as good guys though The Rock was a little heelish about everything. Austin threw everything at the Rock in order to win. Vince Mcmohan was favoring Austin but Austin refused to take any kind of favors. But finally, when he could not find any other way of winning, he finally took the steel chair from Vince Mcmohan and beat him brutally for 16 times. The most surprising element here was that Austin sided with Vince Mcmohan. Nobody ever imagined that they could see something like this in WrestleMania.

#3 The ultimate warrior finally returns in order to save Hulk Hogan

The most important event of the WrestleMania VII was the fight between Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice. Hulk Hogan was a clear winner here. But after the match the famous ultra-combo of the 90’s, Papa Shango and Sid attacked Hulk Hogan and things looked rather grim for this master wrestler. But then came the Warrior who was absent for some time from WrestleMania and saved Hulk Hogan. The biggest surprise here was that prior to this incident Hulk Hogan and the Warrior never came face to face with each other.

#4 Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage finally reunited in WrestleMania VII

In the year 1991, Randy Savage got a deep heel run and replaced his former manager Miss Elizabeth with Sherri Martel. But things changed when Randy Savage was up against the warrior in WrestleMania VII which was considered to be his retiring match. It was believed that he would end the match on a dark note. But finally, Miss Elizabeth who was absent for a year finally came to the scene and stood for Randy Savage. She was finally there with him at a time when Sherri Martel was not beside him. This was surely a surprise element.

Surprises are always something that has made the WrestleMania fans happy. These small surprises make them love WrestleMania all the more. If you love watching wrestling matches then knowing about the best surprises in WrestleMania would certainly be a good choice.

If you see the recordings of the matches then you will surely come across a lot of surprises that would appeal you. If you are wondering how to spend this weekend then watching some of previous WrestleMania matches would certainly be a good choice. It would surely be quite entertaining.

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