Alexa Bliss Vs Nia Jax WrestleMania 34 Preview, Rumors & Live Stream Info

Buck-up guys! Nia Jax will be ready to challenge Alexa Bliss for the Raw women’s championship. Check out the Live streaming on 8th April, Sunday!

The Raw Women Championship title between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax is all set to take place at WrestleMania 2018. Nia Jax, being famous for always encouraging plus-size women to grow in what they do, she has been a sensation in the whole WWE women’s division. Inside the wrestling ring, she’s known for her strength & ferocity while outside, she’s better known for being a voluptuous fun-filled lady with immense confidence and tenacity. That’s better known by her fans who are connected with her on social media.

While we’re quite charmed by her unresting effort, we can equally laugh when Alexa (Nia’s ex-best friend) completely screwed herself by giving irrelevant body-shaming statements about Nia. Things came forward when Kurt Angle, disgusted by Alexa’s abuse of Nia and the poor example being set by the Raw Women’s Champion, informed Alexa that her title would be on the line in a match against Nia at WrestleMania 34.

Alexa Bliss Vs Nia Jax WrestleMania 34 Preview

The Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax angle takes a little bit more work than what usually looks like, but WWE has actually been sewing the seeds of this feud for quite a while now, with the pair being best friends on screen, on Total Divas and social media – with Nia even turning on Alexa in a short-lived rivalry.

Let’s look at what few experts have to opine on this:

  1. Kyle Decker: In order for this feud to work, Nia needs to win. She needs to put the bully in her place by taking her title. It’s a good story if that happens. If it doesn’t, then it becomes a story of a body shaming bully getting away with it. This feels like exactly the type of story the WWE would screw up, doesn’t it?
    Pick- Alexa Bliss
  2. Geno Mrosko: This story requires a very particular payoff – Nia Jax beating Alexa Bliss from pillar to post before pinning her clean in the middle of the ring to be crowned the new champion of the Raw women’s division. That is the only acceptable result.
    Pick- Nia Jax

  3. Sean Rueter: You can convince me there are people who can outsmart/outwork The Irresistible Force, and WWE has been doing it for years to keep titles off Nia. I don’t think they can sell it anymore, though. Not against Alexa, and not in this story.
    Pick: Nia Jax

  4. Rev. Claire: Nia has to win this and put Alexa in her place, anything else short of, I dunno, Madison Eagles (just to pick a wonderful but truly unlikely name) doing a run-in will be a real, major, huge bummer.
    Pick: Nia Jax
  5. Pete Sweeney: I don’t think this match is getting the prematch hype it deserves because of just how good we know Charlotte-Asuka will be. I think this match has sneaky potential and I love the story WWE is telling with Nia Jax finally playing a role she can actually relate to from her life experience. The legitimacy of her character has finally shined through, and I think the bullied goes over the bully.
    Pick: Nia Jax

But, wait! What the rumors have to say?

Taking a big leap at the card during this year’s event, it wouldn’t be at all shocking if relatively every match keeps going 10+ minutes, with the special case being Alexa Bliss versus Nia Jax.

Well, WWE fans are well aware how the previous plus-sized women wrestlers like Bull Nakano had to tolerate abuse from commentators, fans, and even fellow wrestlers just to compete. Wouldn’t that be too harsh on them although they are wrestlers, they do have a self-respect!

And again, the WWE Universe has been long sitting tight for this hilariously interesting Raw Women’s champion to at last get her vengeance from Nia throughout a previous couple of weeks, and the horrible route for Miss Bliss to lose to her ex-best friend would be in a stunning squash match that runs for under 60 seconds.

Here’s some Livestream Info!

I wonder what will happen when The Irresistible Force finally gets her hands on Bliss at WrestleMania? Will Alexa overcome incredible odds to prevail with the Raw Women’s Title yet again? Or will Jax show why Alexa wanted to keep her out of the title scene by triumphing over Little Miss Bliss?

Find out when Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax collide at WrestleMania 34, streaming live on WWE Network on 8th April! WrestleMania Live streaming will also be available on TV channels like SkySports HD, Sony TEN HD.

Stay tuned.

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