Best WWE WrestleMania Entrances of All Time

WrestleMania is considered to be the granddaddy of WWE. For the WWE fans, this is even bigger than other wrestling sports like UFC. What drives these fans crazy is the entrance superstars at WrestleMania. The music, star’s entry set things on track for the fans to watch the fight further.

The entrance of the matches is something that you should not miss. Each of the wrestlers has their own way of entering the ring. If you want to know about some of the best WrestleMania entrances then this compilation is for you.

3 Best WrestleMania Entrances Of All Time 

1. The Entry of Triple H In WrestleMania 31

Triple H fans have been waiting since a number of years for Triple H to wrestle with Sting and it did happen at WrestleMania 31. Sting was the one who forced Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMohan to lose the control of the company. After the GAME regained the control, he wanted to be face to face with Sting in a particular fight.

Triple H Entry

There was a match in WrestleMania 31 that was named WWE Vs WCW. In this match, Triple H made his entry and was completely ready and armed. Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid homage by Triple H because he was inducted into the Hall of Fame just the night before.

WCW led by Sting was trying to close down the business of WWE. Before the music started and Sting was waiting in the ring there was a target on the screen that showed his name. There were also robots on the stage and finally Triple H came from underneath and was dressed as the terminator.

Finally, Schwarzenegger also appeared on the screen and said that it was time to fight The Game, Triple H. At the end of the match, it was Triple H who defeated the Sting.

2. John Cena’s Entrance In WrestleMania 23

The WWE universe actually could not understand what to expect when a black Mustang who also had white racing strips would race down the streets of the Motor City. There were small pieces of glass scattered all over the place. Then the car finally halted and the champ’s music started being played.

John Cena Entry

It was undoubtedly Cena’s night because he was able to snatch victory from Shawn Michaels. And yes, the CHAMP didn’t give up that night. 

3. The entry of Triple H in WrestleMania XXX

Triple H was considered the biggest heel who was going to the WrestleMania XXX. He was supposed to face Daniel O’Bryan, who by now had become the biggest name in the WWE. He was considered to be one of the best WWE wrestlers of all times.

Triple H

Bryan was able to snatch a win from John Cena in the SummerSlam match. Triple H was the guest referee in this particular match. After this win Triple H pedigree Bryan. As soon as it happened, Randy Orton entered the ring and tried to cash money in the bank contract to take away the title from Bryan.

Triple H was not willing to accept the popularity of Daniel Bryan and called him a B+ player. If Bryan wanted the title shot in the main event then he had to first defeat Triple H and then proceed. The entry of Triple H in this match is something you surely cannot miss.

So that’s it for now. We tried to cover the best entrances of WWE WrestleMania. Do let us know which superstar’s entrance you like watching at WrestleMania. We will surely cover it in the post and make a video for it as well.

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