WWE SummerSlam 2017 Early Predictions After BattleGround

Are you excited to watch WWE SummerSlam Live Streaming?

Summerslam is a popular professional pay-per-view event also. It was first started in 1988 in New York and became popular in very less time. The event previously broadcasted as pay-per-view.

Every WWE lover is excited and eagerly waiting for the upcoming Summerslam 2017 which is going to start next month, so we have very less time remaining.

The SummerSlam Live Streaming will be available on different TV channels. Online viewers can watch SummerSlam on WWE Network.

Various SummerSlam matches are confirmed till now where fighters from Raw and SmackDown will participate.

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SummerSlam Predictions 2017

SummerSlam 2017 Early Predictions After Battleground

Considered as the most powerful guy, John Cena was on the top in the previous predictions, and this time Brooklyn wants to be better than Wrestlemania 32 and he is already preparing for it.

Apart from John Cena, Brock Lesnar is a buzz these days since he won UFC 200 after a long come back. Rumors are there that Brock Lesnar gonna face Randy Orton or Kevin Owens.

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In this post, we are going to share WWE Summerslam Predictions 2017, about the upcoming WWE event and who will do the wrestling with whom.

When Is Summerslam 2017?

WWE Summerslam event is on 20th August 2017 and some matches are already confirmed between the wrestlers, like for example John Cena is going to fight against AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar is going to fight Randy Orton.

If you want to know more about what differences WWE Summerslam 2017 as compared with previous ones have then let me tell you that it has some of the amazing new matches and the wrestlers will get a chance to challenge those who are already suffering from some minor or major injuries.

The excitement is increasing day by day by thinking that who will win the belt this time and who is going to take the position on the top of the card.

The road to Summerslam 2017 is on its way now. The event is almost 4 weeks left now, where various superstars from Raw and SmackDown gonna feature. The eyes will be on the come back of Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar.

Both super stars gonna have a fight at Summerslam 2017. So many expectations are around with this another mega Pay-Per-View event of WWE.

Apart from the Beast and the Viber, other tough competitors like Samy Zayn and Kevin Owens gonna have a fight at Summerslam. Summerslam is a yearly blockbuster show of WWE which is considered the second best after Wrestlemania.

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Another surprise is booked for the fans when Finn Balor will face Seth Rollins for WWE Universal Championship for the very first time.

However, for WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Dean Ambrose will defend his title against Dolph Ziggler. Do you think that Dolph can defeat Ambrose at SummerSlam?

And what about the match between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins? Who you think will win??

Well, we will figure this out on Sunday 20th Aug.

John Cena and AJ Styles are also on buzz again. These two might have another fight on 21st. Talking about predictions, here are the 10 earlier analysis for Summerslam.

1. John Cena Vs AJ Styles

All the WWE lovers will be happy after looking at this news. It is predicted that, in upcoming Summerslam that is on 20th August, AJ Styles and John Cena will have a match together.

When John Cena was suffering through some bad injuries, Aj Styles took the place of the most popular face of the company.

As AJ Styles was once got a golden opportunity to become the top villain of WWE, the company signed him for long term project afterward.

As per as Summerslam predictions, this match can be on the top of the card.

There are more chances for John Cena of winning the match, but AJ Styles is not idle and he is also preparing himself to win the match as both of the wrestlers have equal belts.

2. Dean Ambrose Versus Dolph Ziggler

The match between Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins would have on the top in the most popular match and the main event of Wrestlemania 31 and Wrestlemania 32, but unfortunately, as Seth Rollins got injured, it did not happen.

This time Seth Rollins is ready to challenge Roman Reigns to get the title which is given to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

But Dean Ambrose holds the title now after winning the Money In The Bank. It would be interesting to see who becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

3. Sami Zayn Vs  Kevin Owens

Already fought with each other in the past in singles match, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens is ready to fight again and both will try to defeat each other.

Sami Zayn is already having an intercontinental title with him for his helluva kick to Cesaro. But later Zayn lost it to Rusev.

Whatever match it is they are again getting a chance to face each other.

Let’s see who wins and hope for the best because both of them have a great strength and power to defeat each other and don’t give up easily.

4. Randy Orton Vs Brock Lesnar

They were about to have a match against each other but it did not happen and there was a rumour before that they will not fight in the Wrestlemania 32, but when they were about to fight with each other at WWE Roadblock, but at that time Brock Lesnar had a match with Luke Harper and the match never happened between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar.

As Randy Orton will be making a come back now he will be facing Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2017 as per expert’s opinion.

5. The Club Vs The New Day

To become on the top of the WWE, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson teamed up with AJ Styles.

This time, let us see how many teams will get into this and how multiple teams will play the match in the SummerSlam.

6. Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte

When Sasha Bank lost the match in Wrestlemania 32, she was not fighting any match as WWE has kept her away from the matches. But now she is ready to come back with more power and she will take the title and will not miss the opportunity now.

In today’s date, the best wrestlers match on the WWE Summerslam Event was the match between John Cena and Seth Rollins, for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

People who are eagerly searching for WWE Summerslam Predictions, we have a good news for you all.

This Summerslam 2017 will declare two world champions that are we will be having two winners in 2017.

Quick Summerslam Predictions Highlights At A Go

Here are the top 10 early predictions for WWE Summerslam 2017:

  • Becky Lynch Gets Her Revenge
  • Sami Zayn Gets The Gold
  • Sasha Banks Becomes The Alpha Female
  • The New Day’s Reign Comes To An End
  • The Miz Gets His Comeuppance
  • John Cena Vs. AJ Styles: A Win For Cena
  • Brock Lesnar Defeats Randy Orton
  • Finn Balor Climbs The Ladder
  • Roman Reigns Makes A New Star
  • Dean Ambrose Vs. Dolph Ziggler: Dean retaining the title

So your wait is soon going to over as the WWE Summerslam 2017 is about to arrive, only one month left for it.

If you are a big fan of John Cena or AJ Styles, start making up your mind and decide it quickly, whom you are going to support and start predicting yourself that who is going to be in the top position this time.

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