Watch Randy Orton Vs Rusev WWE SummarSlam Live Stream 2017

Who you think will cross the line between Randy Orton and Rusev?

The Viper lost to Jindar Mahal at Punjabi Prison match after the interference of The Great Khali. The rumors were there that the Viper will challenge Khali at SummerSlam since he was the one costing him the title.

But it didn’t happen, in fact, Randy Orton will be dealing with Rusev at SummerSlam 2017.

Randy Orton Vs Rusev SummerSlam Live Streaming

Rusev made his appearance at SmackDown asking for the opponent who can beat him at SummerSlam. When he said, no one can beat him in the SmackDown, then Randy Orton came and challenged him.

Rusev got the taste of defeat from John Cena at BattleGround under the Flag match.

Randy Orton Vs Rusev SummerSlam Live

On the other hand, Randy Orton faced defeats in his last three matches against Jindar Mahal.

Having said that, both the wrestlers haven’t won much of their last fights.

However, Randy Orton didn’t miss his RKO on last night SmackDown’s show to Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute.

Don’t forget to watch Randy Orton Vs Rusev SummerSlam live streaming on 20th August, Sunday, live from New York.

The live streaming will be available on SkySports network and on official WWE network as well.

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The other SummerSlam matches that are confirmed are:

>> Naomi Vs Natalya for SmackDown’s Women Champion
>> Jindar Mahal Vs Shinsuke Nakamura for World Heavyweight Champion
>> AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens for United States Champion
>> Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Samoa Joe Vs Braun Stroman for Universal Championship
>> Alexa Bliss Vs Bayley for Raw Women’s Champion
>> John Cena Vs Baron Corbin SummerSlam Live Streaming
>> Finn Balor Vs Bray Wyatt SummerSlam Live

More fights will be confirmed in this week WWE Raw and SmackDown shows.

Rumors are also there that John Cena will have Baron Corbin as his SummerSlam opponent.

Stay tuned here for more updates.

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