Watch Big Show Vs Big Cass SummerSlam Live Stream 2017

Who will win at SummerSlam between Big Cass & Big Show?

It’s been quite a drama between Big Cass and Enzo Amore related to their friendship and as a tag team. Check out more SummerSlam Live Streaming 2017 updates here at 

The Story…

Both Big Cass and Enzo Amore were used to be good friends and they won various tag team matches.

Until Big Cass decided to hook and crook his friend and attacked him from nowhere. Enzo Amore wasn’t able to realize who was behind those secret attacks and the drama continues for few weeks till the footage cleared that it was no other than Big Cass himself.

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This week on Raw, Big Cass made it clear in the ring that he is going to defeat Big Show. Enzo Amore made his presence in the show and said, that Big Show won’t let him do it. Big Show also stepped up in the ring but completely assaulted by Big Cass and his fellars Anderson and Gallows. 

They all attacked him and injured Big Show’s right hand. Let’s see how Big Show will overcome this in next 4-5 days before the main event and how he will take his revenge.

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After some time, Enzo called his friend out in the ring and asked him to forget everything and rejoin again! Big Cass agreed and later he attacked him again.

Big Show Vs Big Cass SummerSlam Live Stream

Big Show Vs Big Cass SummerSlam Live Streaming 2017

Both have few fights between them, where Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore couple of times. 

Recently Big Show stepped up and saved Enzo from Big Cass. Big Show also did a knockout punch to Big Cass.

Both the Giants have faced each other in Raw, where Enzo Amore interrupted the fight and Big Cass had to lose the match.

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This time, Enzo will be suspended inside the ring at SummerSlam, when Big Cass will take the revenge from Big Show.

Don’t miss the SummerSlam live action on WWE Network on 20th Aug, Sunday.

SummerSlam Live streaming will be available on different TV channels as well across the globe.

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