Top 8 WWE SummerSlam Predictions 2017 That Can Be True

The second biggest event of WWE, SummerSlam 2017 is going to held on August, 20th, Sunday.

Predictions are already going on for WWE SummerSlam Live Stream and it is probably the most anticipated card promotion year.

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SummerSlam main events have four major matches – Brock Lesnar will be defending Universal Championship, Jindar Mahal will be defending his title against Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles will face Kevin Owens for United States Title and Alexa Bliss will face Sasha Banks for Raw Women’s Title match.

Several WWE Superstars, Randy Orton, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, John Cena, AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Braun Stroman, Bray Wyatt, Jindar Mahal, etc. will be seen in the main event.

SummerSlam Predictions 2017

Top 8 WWE SummerSlam Predictions 2017

The 30th edition of SummerSlam is all set to take place in New York city on this Sunday. Here we have compiled the top 8 SummerSlam predictions that could turn out to be true in the main event.

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8. Brock Lesnar Loses His Title Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar SummerSlam

The Beast would against the monsters at WWE SummerSlam 2017. It would be tough for him to walk out as a champion. Or will he be able to retain the title?

Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, will all be eyeing on Beast’s title and there is hardly any chance that they will not destroy him.

If Lesnar loses the title, he will walk out from Raw and go to UFC.

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7. Shane McMahon Causes AJ Styles To His Title Against Owens

AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens

It happened twice when Styles found attacking Shane McMahon with his moves. Though it was for Owens every time, he left and it was McMahon who has to suffer.

Shane McMahon will be the special guest referee in SummerSlam for the United States title match between AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens.

Predictions are there that AJ Styles will again repeat his mistake and it might lose him the title against Owens.

6. The Great Khali Helping Jindar Mahar Again

SummerSlam 2017 Predictions

The Big 7-foot Giant made his comeback at BattleGround and supported his friend Jindar Mahal against Randy Orton to retain his title. Khali might come back to SummerSlam as well.

He might interrupt the match again between Mahal and Nakamura and support him to win again. It would be interesting to see whether the Maharaja takes Khali’s help again or not.

Nakamura defeated John Cena for the number one contender match and will now face Jindar Mahal at SummerSlam.

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5. The Shiel Helping Reigns To Win The Title

The Shield Reunion

The Shiel has been reunited again with the companies of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They are all set to face Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw tag team championship title match SummerSlam.

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Chances are there that they both could help Reigns to win the United States title against the beast, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman.

4. Bayley Helping Sasha Banks Against Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Vs Sasha Banks

Bayley is out from SummerSlam due to her shoulder injury. However, she might play a cameo in helping the Boss to win the Raw Women’s title against Alexa Bliss.

3. Big Show versus Big Cass

The primary result that looks good in this match is for Big Cass to get the triumph. Maybe we might be astonished by an Enzo Amore heel turn as has been assumed this past couple of days. Match prediction is  Big Cass wins over Big Show.

2. Akira Tozawa versus Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) 

Akira Tozawa passed on the best paralyze on this past scene of Monday Night Raw when he irritates Neville to wind up perceptibly the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

I think it was a to an awesome degree defective booking decision days from the remuneration per-see unless the WWE feels it’s the perfect open door for “The King of the Cruiserweights” to surrender his kingdom. Match prediction would be like Akira Tozawa holds.

1. Naomi versus Natalya (WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship) 

The WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Division has encountered Naomi in control as champion and I trust it’s the perfect open door for a change at the best.

Natalya is the best female foot bottom territory wrestler on the blue brand and its chance she gets her due with a title continue running at WWE Summerslam 2017. WWE SummerSlam match prediction would be Natalya wins to wind up discernibly the new WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Champion.

This is it for now. The above are the top eight predictions that could turn true at SummerSlam. Don’t miss the SummerSlam live action at

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