Top 5 Twists That Could Happen At WWE SummerSlam 2017

Returns debuts, they changed stipulations of the parties and more.

SummerSlam 2017  is a ticket pay-per – sale can only see the basis of their name value. Despite the WWE brings together a card at random, fans buy Summerslam tickets and watch the show as it is the next big thing after WrestleMania. Despite this, the WWE sent a strong card for this year pay- per-view.

WWE SummerSlam Live Stream would be available on official WWE Network.

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SummerSlam 2017 Twists

And one of the main reasons that led to the split. SummerSlam is the mark will be pay per view WWE 2017 after complete fracture of the blown brand, and as they say, is the first impression first. While walking a busy road is indeed an option for the WWE, which could also carry out some surprises, as they are for her.

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Top 5 Twists That Can Happen At SummerSlam 2017 

Honorable mention or twist as possible: Conor McGregor appears

Conor McGregor appearing at SummerSlam and the establishment of an appearance for WrestleMania 33 could be an ideal scenario.

McGregor stirred a great controversy with his latest tweets and how the whole list of WWE responded to him was suspect.

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It could have been a work of WWE to get some heat in the featherweight champion of the UFC, the UFC WWE and have already tried the stage, Brock Lesnar, you never know what might happen.

Moreover, McGregor bout at UFC 202 the day before, which makes this scenario highly unlikely.

SummerSlam 2017 Twists

# 5 A Return Debut In Mid Card

WWE fans have witnessed a series of statements and recently debuted, thanks to the division of the brand. Despite these segments is happening in weekly TV programs create a buzz that will not equal the impact of early returns or all could cause implemented on a big stage like SummerSlam.

Rumors suggest many names that could return, including MVP.

Bayley is another name could return to the mixture as Sasha Banks and Charlotte fight for the championship women. At this point, you may wonder why the word ‘mid-card’ is set in the title of this slide. Well, you will soon discover.

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# 4 Randy Orton Gets A Victory

WWE did their best to put Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton as an equal contest. However, when they start to ring the bell, everyone will be aware of the fact that Lesnar is the favorite.

It comes after his victory in the UFC contaminated Mark Hunt and since the end of the series Undertaker, WWE has not allowed Lesnar to make a clean pin.Naturally, making everyone guess SummerSlam Lesnar will come out as the winner.

Orton gets a victory over Lesnar will do nothing more when Orton to star power, as it is already a big name in the business.Yet if WWE Orton allows you to get a clean victory over the beast, will be a title that the Internet will break and serve the deviation for the show.

# 3 Wyatt Becomes A WWE Champion In A Triple Threat Match

The WWE Championship is on the line at SummerSlam when Dolph Ziggler go against Dean Ambrose. Ziggler’s rise as a number was something that caught the attention of everyone, but again, WWE Bray Wyatt took place close to the situation.

Bray said he wants the WWE Championship and still get a match at SummerSlam.

If Bray interferes at some point during the game Ambrosio vs Ziggler SummerSlam, we could watch the game became a triple threat that Daniel Bryan would not see the end of the game title for your brand without a decision.

Bray is logical to see the scene of the title as well, so it is a win-win for everyone.

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# 2 Seth Rollins Join The Club

Seth Rollins will go against Finn Balor at SummerSlam that year by the Universal WWE Championship. An important factor that fans expect to see during the game is interference club.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows taunted a partnership with Finn Balor from the very beginning, but for one reason or another, did not.

And now that AJ Styles are no longer at the helm, fans naturally expect Finn Balor step in and fill the void.

But instead of leaving the obvious thing to happen, the WWE could add a twist to the story and Seth Rollins in the new leader of the club.

Rollins, as the leader of the heel, flourish and be a more effective leader Balor that in the current scenario.

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# 1 Goldberg Returns To Face Lesnar

While Orton wins itself is clearly an option, the WWE could book the completion of a differently too.

The Goldberg vs. Lesnar match spoken for some time and gained momentum when Goldberg appeared for WWE 2K17 ad.

To make things more interesting, Goldberg was seen looking sign a ” suplex city ” in the video.a company like WWE inadvertently putting a video signal in its suplex city is certainly not possible.

WWE could try to build Lesnar vs. Goldberg for WrestleMania 33, Goldberg and Lesnar entering and cost his match against Orton will be a good start. Protection Status

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