3 Controversial Matches In The History Of Summerslam

WWE SummerSlam never missing a controversial moment or two, and blockbuster this year should be no different.

The spectacular August 20th will probably be the last time the two brands are on the same program until Survivor Series, it is imperative that the biggest summer lounge out with a real bang.

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SummerSlam Controversial Matches 2017

And although the level of the struggle is to be the highest it has been in some time, the controversial moment help explore the show.

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Here are three areas in particular where fans can expect to be frustrated, shocked or surprised by the controversy in the program.

WWE SummerSlam Controversial Matches

John Cena vs AJ Styles

This is the third and probably the last meeting between AJ Styles and John Cena, and if it goes in the direction of the WWE has done in the past with bitterness dinner party, fans will be outraged.

There is no indication that Cena goes in styles, but if the phenomenal leaving this rivalry especially the losing side, it will be another bad blow to WWE.

WWE should ensure that you spent Styles properly in this case. Dinner role should be increasingly one that allows future main event talent for a thrust at his expense and styles, no doubt, is a guy who, despite being over dinner, has a future in the SmackDown main event scene.

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As of now, there is no stipulation attached to the part, and the club is established in RAW, you must leave the fans with solid play head-to-head to see who wins this rivalry fascinating dream.

The result is crucial for a man than the other. Win styles and a huge platform on which to build. Lose, and your actions will be a real rotary drum and it will not impress the WWE fans.

Roman vs Rusev

Rusev looked unbeatable in recent times, especially when defending the United States Championship.

there, opposite the Roman Reigns at SummerSlam is an interesting approach in many ways. First, it is confirmed that the actions Reigns’ decreased after the suspension, and a passage to the mid card can actually become what you have to find your place in society once more.

But as he enters the fear that, given strong support Reigns “in the past, will be allowed to go Rusev and end shopping, superb more dominant heel in a while.

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The victory of the Queen in the first attempt here to cause controversy in abundance as they do simply nothing to Bulgarian Brute.

Should be allowed to join at least one victory in this fight before losing the belt, in fact, there’s a fair argument to say that the work he has done in possession of the title to date, should not lose for a certain time.

Roma vs. Rusev could be an exciting fight. If high Reigns immediately, however, lose its appeal instantly. More importantly, it will make memories Rusev fight with John Cena ago and a few years it took so long to rebuild his career since the crushing rivalry.

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

Will there be a clear winner? The club will go down and help Balor? Rollins or become the final heel again and sneak a win?

Whatever happens in this highly anticipated game will certainly have some level of controversy involved in the eyes of the WWE fans.

Have someone who will be cleaner, oddly enough, is the most controversial ending of all. This means that like the Roman Reigns own losses “both Dean Ambrose and Balor in the space of 24 hours someone else will be pushed.

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And indeed, there is a rivalry that might work for a while if WWE plays his cards. Having a controversial end to allow a man to escape the universal WWE Championship is much more logical in this case, but still, someone is bound to be unhappy.

What the fans know is that they can expect incredible warring parties potentially one of the games of the year if it is allowed to run.

But controversy and Seth Rollins went hand in hand in recent years, so do not expect that to change at SummerSlam.

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