WWE SummerSlam 2017: The Most Tense Moment In The History Of SummerSlam

Anything can happen in WWE SummerSlam. The company has sworn by this mantra for more than two decades and is well served. Each show has at least one “OMG” moment – a shocking turn or amazing place, what trends on Twitter. And SummerSlam – the second biggest show of the year after WrestleMania – is the ideal time for hot controversy.

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SummerSlam Most Tensed Moments

WWE SummerSlam Most Tensed Moments Of All Time

Some moments of this list made the fans angry. This is the result of misunderstanding reserve and questionable creative decisions. Other moments of this list were insignificant in appearance, but they were full of drama behind the scenes. Fans learned of the controversy later.

But in his case, each of these moments has people talking and arguing. Here is our list of the most controversial moments in the history of SummerSlam.

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The Ultimate Warrior Vince McMahon shakes for the money (1991)

So it seems, things were fine between WWE and The Ultimate Warrior at SummerSlam position in 1991. But behind the scenes, Guerrero threatened not to appear if not paid $ 500,000 believed it was due.

Vince McMahon free to retain their main event, but was livid about it. In the documentary WWE – The self-destruct produced The Ultimate Warrior, McMahon recalled that once SummerSlam was over, he “could not wait to shoot [Guerrero].”

There is a controversy as to whether Guerrero was suspended or dismissed altogether. In any case, it has led to bad blood, and those resentments were not dissolved until the warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Paul Bearer betrayed The Undertaker (1996)

For years, fans have speculated that Paul Bearer and The Undertaker were inseparable. His funeral tricks were so intertwined, and their chemistry was incomparable.

Carrier was horrible and disturbing; Undertaker was cadaverous, torn and intimidating. Carrier with the nozzle and the policyholder as muscle, it was a match made in heaven kayfabe.

However, at the height of Boiler Room Brawl Undertaker at SummerSlam against humanity in 1996, clocked his protege carrier with an urn and changed sides. carrier fractionation and policyholder could have been a disaster. Instead, they allowed the two characters develop; the dispute of humanity flourished, and the following year presented a bearer of WWE Kane.

Shawn Michaels a tantrum in Vader (1996)

Shawn Michaels vs. Vader was a fairly quiet main event at SummerSlam in 1996. However, after inspection, there was a bubbling near the surface tension.

Vader had a reputation for hard work, while Michaels was used to protecting people. The two do not get along, and Michaels threatening Vader with politics between racks. During the game, you can see an example of their mutual tension; HBK went for an elbow drop off the top rope, and when Vader did not move, as was supposed, Michaels yelled at him a kick in the head.

Jim Cornette, who managed Vader at the time, discussed the incident in an interview (Warning: video contains NSFW language), mocking Michaels as unprofessional.

Owen Hart who breaks Steve Austin (1997)

That’s why nobody in the WWE does a pile driver more.

Owen Hart, one of the most talented fighters technically still working for the company, was the fight Steve Austin in a match for the Intercontinental title when the movement was lost. Austin’s head landed directly on the canvas, breaking his neck.

Somehow, Austin and Hart managed to finish the game (albeit clumsily), but this was the beginning of the end of the race in Austin. It changed the whole style in the ring to be softer in the body, but ultimately, injuries began to pile up. His neck became molten unrecoverable, even after surgery, and retired in 2003.

Triple H hits Eugene (2004)

Triple H is respectable these days, with a shaved head and business suits. And as executive vice president of talent and the founder of NXT is likely to have past histories, he wishes he was not part of.

These include time, accused Kane to kill Katie Vick and have sex with her body, the time drugged and forced Stephanie McMahon and Triple H fight that saw beat a mentally disabled character named Eugene married.

Oversells Shawn Michaels Hulk Hogan (2005)

Without context, this match was rare to see. Whenever Hogan hit Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid was flying to the hyperbolic. It was jarring and comic; half the appeal of the meeting was to see what over-the-top motion that would pull next.

The story behind the game is even more interesting. Hogan was too “hurt” a dispute over a series of games. And when Michaels was told he would only have a match against Hogan and I would lose this contest, Michaels decided to turn the entire main event in jest.

“This was something that was just for my own pleasure,” Michaels said later in a session. “This is not right. This is not professional. But it’s the truth.”

Hulk Hogan buries Randy Orton (2006)

Here’s another victory that Hogan was criticized at the time. Hogan was a drop in part-time wrestler occasional disputes before disappearing again for several months.

So when Hogan was booked against Orton at SummerSlam in 2006, fans would Orton assumptions; The Viper is set as the future of society. Instead, Hogan won and then disappeared. He not only all the buzz of victory away with him, but Orton refused a rematch to redeem himself. And because? Promote Hogan Knows Best?

At 26, Orton was perhaps a little young. Maybe Vince McMahon was still recent 60-day suspension crazy Orton. In any case, this result makes perfect sense in retrospect.

Triple H blindsides Daniel Bryan (2013)

It was heartbreaking to see live.

Daniel Bryan after beating John Cena to win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam in 2013, was hit with a pedigree in the center ring Triple H. Orton then jumped into the ring, the money in the briefcase hand Bank Bryan pinned eight seconds. He had just finished confetti falling from the ceiling, and Bryan was back where he started.

It would have been nice if the WWE Creative has big plans designed to advance Bryan. But it was not. Bryan was banished to the upper mid card and was originally scheduled to face Sheamus at WrestleMania XXX. It was only because of the fan of the game that the WWE has changed his plans and gave him in title contention.

Brock Lesnar Undertaker hits a low blow (2015 )

In this rematch of WrestleMania XXX, Undertaker emerged victoriously, but it was not without controversy.

Earlier in the match, Undertaker slapped one Kimura lock, the referee did not see. Lesnar, thinking he had won the game, he released the hold. While the referee was arguing with the beast ‘s lawyer, Paul Heyman, Undertaker slipped into a low blow and followed with the Gates of Hell. Lesnar Undertaker came out and won the game.

Really? WWE was treating a heel turn ending Undertaker ‘s career? All this, and the low blow playing – was out of character mortician and appeared in an iconic fighter of his stature.

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