WWE Announces Jon Stewart Returns To SummerSlam

Stewart hit John Cena with the president last year.

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart SummerSlam served as host last year in Brooklyn, and Mick Foley made a surprise announcement during a segment backstage Monday on Raw – Stewart returns as a special guest.

The SummerSlam Live Stream 2017 will be available on official WWE Network.

SummerSlam Returns

Stewart had a long-term involvement in 2015, from when Seth Rollins said in a promo that should replace the Stewart Daily Show host.

Stewart finally interfered in the match against John Cena heel turn and Rollins hit Cena with a chair, allowing Rollins to win the US Championship.

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Cena took revenge the next night on Raw, where he hit Stewart with an attitude adjustment.

The news of the return of Stewart met with a mixed reaction from fans, and there are some things that are a little strange in the notice of Foley.

  • Why not let the appearance of Stewart to be a surprise?
    Certainly, the knowledge that Jon Stewart is at SummerSlam will not lead to higher network subscriptions WWE.
  • What Jon Stewart will do, exactly?
    There was a rivalry between Rollins and build Stewart last year, but its performance is totally out of the blue.

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The best here is not a complete repeat of 2015 when Stewart played a key role in a big game.

Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor may be the night of the party on their own, as could AJ Styles vs John Cena, and participation in outside a guest star could not harm these parties (unless the customer is, for example, Stone Cold Steve Austin).

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