Watch Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler WWE SummerSlam Live Stream

After a thrilling battle won by Ambrose at Battleground 2016, it’s time for him to defend his title at Summerslam Live Stream 2017. Yes, Dean Ambrose, the current World Heavyweight Champion is gonna defend his WWE title against Dolph Ziggler at WWE Summerslam.
The WWE SummerSlam Live Streaming will be available on official WWE Network.

Dean earlier beat both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Battleground and now he got one more competitor for upcoming Summerslam.

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Various fights and predictions are on already for Summerslam 2016. Fights like Brock Vs Randy Orton, John Cena Vs AJ Stylish, Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor are already on the buzz.

Dolph Ziggler face Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam

Ziggler won the short rumble match at SmackDown last week to qualify for the #1 contender for WWE Summerslam.

Ambrose and Ziggler will have a fresh fight at Summerslam. Would it be possible for Ziggler to turn that night on in his favor? Can he defeat Dean Ambrose at the main event on Sunday? We will find this out on 21st Aug.

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In the main fight, Dolph Ziggler won the right to fight against Dean Ambrose world title at SummerSlam

Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler Summerslam
Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler At Summerslam 2016

Each fighter had his moment in the ring, however, John Cena did all the work. ‘The Marine’ chained a series of ‘ Attitude Adjustment ‘. But, after the third, he was surprised by AJ Styles, who attacked him with an air movement.

After the attack, Styles was left alone in the ring looking for any opponent to attack and cover. All he found was a powerful sound kick in the face Dolph Ziggler, with which he won the battle.

Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler Summerslam Live Online

While no one bet on him as a champion of minimum continuity, Dean Ambrose has now two months being the maximum WWE monarch.

And if events follow the expected paths will remain as such at least until after SummerSlam 2016, which will be left unscathed the biggest event of the year after WrestleMania.

Realistically, there is little chance that Dolph Ziggler gets done for the first time in his career with the WWE World Championship.

It seems then that his recent statements on the podcast Stone Cold were not too presumptuous, saying it was the favorite wrestler Vince McMahon although this would not admit it. We do not know if such bravado contained within the lines of kayfabe, but the interview has brought much more cola than expected and reports the latest edition of Dave Meltzer, WWE’s top management would be upset with Ambrose. Not by phrases such as that, even for prevarication to some questions.

The main reason would perhaps veiled criticism that the fighter launched the creative team of the company, thus justifying an accommodation of his character, theorized by Austin during the interview. Ambrose also questioned some of the methods of screenwriting WWE promos that took place during its development stage. And speaking ill of the creative team is aiming high, this has been interpreted as an open criticism Vince and Triple H.

You also can not ignore the fact that “The Lunatic Radical” talk about Brock Lesnar laxity in the construction of their bout at WrestleMania 32, basically stating that “artistically not want to do anything”. Already demonstrated the privileged position that “The Beast” has within the company, ignoring his two positives for doping, so these statements seem to me somewhat ill-timed for the interests of WWE, trying to look more than ever image of its profitable superstar. Moreover, it is logical that Ambrose seizes the situation to covertly criticizing the unequal treatment received by his friend Roman Reigns under the same violation of welfare policy.

That interview could sprout very expensive to ex-Shield, and everything written in the first paragraph would turn 180 degrees on Sunday. Shoot three of the biggest heavyweights of the company is something that many people have come out with the feet first, and Ambrose would not necessarily be an exception. Therefore, rumors and give clinched its status as the bearer of SmackDown exclusive title arise; clearly a response from punishment by the stratospheres of WWE. It obviating the unfairness of course case, would it be a smart move with such vehemence act only to protect a fighter and so give an example? Protection Status 

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