Finn Balor ‘s Defeat Seth Rollins In WWE SummerSlam Would Be A Surprise

Finn Balor is set to fight Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, look why the former winner would be classified as a disorder.

On August 21, former champion Finn Balor NXT will go head to head with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins, the WWE Championship universal newly created as a prize for the winner. You would be hard pressed to find a better man early night in the main list.

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Balor has made a big splash on his first night on Raw, first winning a fatal four-way match, then beating former WWE Champion Roman Reigns, to become the man who would face Rollins at SummerSlam 2017.

The fact that it is moving forward to face Rollins, a man who is also a multi-time WWE champion should tell you everything you need to know about where Balor is in the eyes of Vince McMahon.

But having said all this, if we see Finn Balor victory in his first match for the title of the main list, which could not be classified as a massive upheaval in the eyes of some fans, at least.

Watch Finn Balor defeating Roman Reigns On his debut 

Despite all his congratulations to NXT, and the world before the WWE always I want to point out that what happened before coming to the WWE does not mean anything.

Balor was NXT champion for most of his career with the so-called development company, but now by a man who had all the WWE on his shoulders there are twelve months only being rejected.

Raw on Monday, we saw that saw both Rollins and speak with Balor Balor revealing that needs to free his inner demon at SummerSlam. WWE is doing everything possible to make people believe that Balor is the outsider, with the same team of commentators, tell us that Balor would win disorder (how to sell your main event for the second pay per view of the year).

How Rollins has left its mark throughout the WWE in recent years, to be WWE Champion to be elected by the authority to carry out the stage of the main event of more than one year. Since making his return from injury earlier in the year he won the WWE Championship Roman queen, but only a few minutes.

Here in this video, Seth Rollins was kicked by Finn Balor:

If we use the logic of the WWE, where Balor enters SummerSlam only be a former champion NXT, any victory would be a shock Balor. If Balor was out of Brooklyn with this new universal championship at the waist, not just Rollins be far from happy, but most fans of the WWE could feel that her man had been beaten by someone who is not worth it.

For fans who have followed the career of Balor back to his days as Prince Devitt, to see him brandishing one of the most important titles arguably the biggest professional wrestling companies in the world, it is an ideal scenario. It is a scenario that WWE wants us to think it would be a shock, and watching the last months of the two men, who probably would. Protection Status

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