5 Reasons Rusev Can Defeat Randy Orton At WWE SummerSlam 2017 On Sunday

Randy Orton is on the right path to redemption, but Rusev should serve as an obstacle to WWE SummerSlam.

Randy Orton Challenged Rusev on last week’s SmackDown show for a match at SummerSlam 2017.

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Back in April, which would have been ridiculous to say Randy Orton end in the middle of a fight card for the mid way in a few months.

Randy Orton Vs Rusev SummerSlam 2017 Live

However, after several attempts to get control as the baby face world champion has failed, it’s back to the drawing board to WWE. If it is low on the map for a while or if it is just one stop remains to be seen, but the fact of the matter is Randy will be competing for the United States Championship at SummerSlam. So let’s focus on the here and now.

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It seems that WWE fans like reins and reinforced the freshness of his fight with Rusev.

When the Randy Orton went to confront Rusev it a few weeks ago on Raw, it was strange to see him there, but he was also a confirmation that the WWE realized what they were doing with it simply was not working.

Now they are turning to it bites against probably the best heel in the continuous effort of the company to reach again.

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It’s a solid strategy and is probably the best you can do for the Randy Orton of the race “on one side to turn his heel. But as things have gone so far Rusev must reach the top in their first match at SummerSlam. Here are five reasons.

5. Orton will not be in the central area of the map for long

As refreshing as it is to see Randy Orton off-stage the main event, which is very unlikely to stay out of it for long. WWE has put so much time and effort to him the next star of the company that there is no way that this is the end of his term as a main eventer do.

Instead, what is more than a reconstruction.?Again, Rusev is probably the best heel in the entire company, so if people are not rooting for Randy Orton before, the idea is that I now hope they will. After some segments of premiums between the two, which actually seems to work. This is a great sign for the future Randy Orton, ‘but you must not say that winning the US Title at SummerSlam.

It makes no sense to put a mid-card as someone who will not be there for a long time, especially at the expense of someone who has already done a lot for the credibility of the belt. If the Randy Orton is really meant to be back at the image of the main event sooner rather than later, why delay the process with what will probably be a mediocre championship reign? With the long term goal to be Randy Orton to regain its place at the top, the worst thing that WWE could make is that the emergence of US as an afterthought in the process.

4. The United States Championship must be handled with care

If Randy Orton vs. Rusev at SummerSlam was not a match for the title, it would be a totally different conversation. They could easily give the Randy Orton victory without consequences, besides the champion looking a little weak. But with the title game, WWE should be more careful booking.

US Championship was the most volatile in terms of title of credibility. Over the years, the US Title he lost momentum and several times because of the inefficiency of champions. John Cena has done wonders for the belt when his open challenges were made, and when Alberto Del Rio won him the night of his surprise return, it seemed a reasonable successor. However, his reign was disappointing and Kalisto summer even more when he basically killed the credibility of the title had yet. In addition, he defended the mostly pre-show.

Rusev brought the title back to relevance. Randy Orton could do similar things for the belt since his star power? Of course he could, but it would be better to retain the title away from the situation as a whole. With fans constantly turning it and the possibility that his title reign would not be as important band that appearance matters Rusev, you should not win a title at that time, much less one that must be handled as delicately as Title US.

3. WWE must demonstrate that it is serious about violations of the welfare policy

Congratulations to WWE. His handling of the violation of Randy Orton of health policy was almost perfect. They spoke all public and on television, and did so in a way that made her golden boy looks pretty ridiculous.

Then they had to leave Randy Orton be trapped in the Triple Threat Shield the battlefield, followed by another Finn Balor own loss for the next night on Raw. It was shown that rape was clearly taken seriously and would punish short-term reign.

Some may say Randy Orton has paid his dues and does not deserve to be punished even more, and I agree for the most part. It is true that sends the right to just lose some message of parties and immediately have a title to put online? No it is not.

It is quite understandable that after serving a 30-day suspension and lost more games in the space of a month that has made throughout his career (exaggeration, but you get the point) where you can start your path to redemption, but must not start with a title win.

Randy Orton must follow to get some wins and be in meaningful fights until his return to the main event inevitable, but a title win? Which for now is not the time for it.

2. Rub beaten Rusev should be given to someone who needs it

Rusev reign was remarkable. After a horrible career as a member of the League of Nations, which was restored rightly the house of anti-American machines it deserves.

Apart from the obvious benefit of establishing a genuine star to use from the list in the coming years, another positive accumulation is that anyone who strikes it gets a big boost to his career. Randy Orton does not need this boost.

We have already seen what happens when a rising star unnecessarily sent to one of the front runners. In fact, he went to the exact same star (Rusev) with the exact same championship. After a series of crazy unbeaten winning streak finally broke Rusev by John Cena at WrestleMania 31.

This whole game was made a temporary burial Rusev unnecessary Dinner victory. The truth is that we gave the US Open I challenge, but we’re talking in the interest of superstars at that time, not the championship itself.

The good thing about a real loser Rusev defeat for the title in the future is that at least gives the winner a good rub. Yes, it would hurt short-term Rusev, but at least it would not be in vain Cena win or a potential Randy Orton win. Over time, Rusev will lose the title, but it should be someone like Sami Zayn or Cesaro, not a set of events main star.

1. Rusev should not be reburied

It refers to the last slide, but Rusev not abuse like that. After suffering a funeral in the hands of John Cena, much work has been re-build Rusev the monster he is today. If it would be defeated again in the hands of one of the stars of the WWE I will repeat a very bad mistake.

Rusev should be treated as super-heel it is precious. As much as people may appreciate his work in the ring, it seems that most people are rooted against him in his matches, which is an important trait to have. Take Kevin Owens as an against-example.

There is a cash heel, but his comic side and large suite of India much of the crowd on his side. It is a main star of the event in the manufacturing as well, but there is something special to have a guy who is universally rooted against. Very few relevant superstars actually fall into this category, let alone someone as versatile as talent Rusev.

Therefore, it must be continually heavily booked instead of being constructed as to be fed to other runners. Rusev may hold a half- title card at that time , but it is an important step to become man . Consistently provides great games and promotions, so it’s time that can be treated as such . Do not bury Rusev again, WWE. Just do not do it.

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