WWE Wrestlemania 33 As It Happened | Wresltemania 2017 Winners & Highlights

WWE Wrestlemania 32 As It Happened Wresltemania 2016 Winners and Highlights

The WrestleMania 33 happened at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, on 3rd April 2017, Florida. Over 1 lakh audience was there to witness the biggest show in the history of WWE. The wrestling enjoyed a lot with so many surprising entries.

More on that later, but first see the match cards that took place at Wrestlemania 33, with the winner’s name, those who won the matches, results and highlights.

The 33rd Wrestlemania started with the performance of 5th Harmony. The huge WWE show was telecasted in 35 different languages over the globe featuring lots of commentators for the different countries.

The Wrestlemania 33 started with the pre-show of Kalisto Vs Ryback match, where Kalisto defended his title against Ryback.

In Intercontinental Championship where Kevin Owners (Intercontinental Champion) was defending his title in a Ladder match.

Who Won Intercontinental Championship: Zack Ryder won the ladder match and became the new Intercontinental Champion.

In the next match, Y2J electrifying faced AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 2017, where both the so-called friends had a fight and it was so perfect for the audience.

Who Won Chris Jericho or AJ Styles: Chris Jericho won over AJ Styles.
Further, as the WWE Wrestlemania 2017 progresses, The League of Nations faced The New Day, in the Non-Title tag team match.

The League of Nations destroyed The New Day and registered a victory over them.

Who Won: The League of Nations.

Just after the match, Barret was saying that the League of Nations are the best in WWE, and suddenly come the WWE Superstars. Yes, the surprising entry of Steve Gold Austin, Shawn Michales and Mc Foley who took on League of Nations and destroyed them.

Later Brock Lesnar took on Dean Ambrose, in a street fight at Wrestlemania 33, where Brock Lesnar took Ambrose to Suplex City and defeated him. Last year, in Wrestlemania 31, Brock Lesnar took on the Undertaker and stopped his winning streak.

Who Won: 

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