WWE WrestleMania 2017 Hall Of Fame

The time of the year is not so far away for WWE to select this year’s inductee for the Hall of Fame. With the WrestleMania around the corner, WWE is here to make sure that they have as many eyes possible on the event when they will announce the Winner of all!

There have been many rumors floating around in the market but thanks to Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer, we have a quite an insight on the wrestlers who can be in the Hall of Fame!

Lets us begin the list of all the possible wrestlers that can get up on the Hall of Fame!

Note: These possible wrestlers are all based on rumors and are not confirmed.

Ravishing Rick Rude

One of the greatest heels in the 1980’s. This guy has been the greatest  villain and the he is main reason why The Ultimate Warrior got the push he did.The WWE had a taped episode of Monday Night Raw where Rude appeared yet on the Nitro that aired the same night, Rude appeared live. It’s great to see Rick Rude finally get his due.

William Regal

Currently might only be known as the General Manager of NXT but I would strongly recommend you to check out some of his early work in WCW and the WWE. Although he never reached the main event level, he’s the person who can make anyone look good in the ring. While he faced a lot of career ups and downs with all credit to his substance abuse issues, he was always a great contender in the ring as well as on the mic.


Another great name who deserves a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. He is really talented in the ring as well as on the mic yet the WWE never really got behind him. He had a great run during the days with edge as well as he has also worked with the pro wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. It is more likely that by the time WWE got behind Christian, his injury hit him hard.

John Cena

Over the years, Cena has gradually climbed up the ranks to become WWE Champion and has improved his rank. Also there is a lot more to him that has given him a shot at the place in the Hall of Fame. Seems like there’s a pretty good chance that John Cena will make it into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Comment down below what you feel like and what are your thoughts on this. We would be glad to hear what do you think 🙂

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