WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions & Rumors

One ring, 30 men the battle for reaching the top, yes, the Royal Rumble 2018 is here!

If you ready to witness the biggest battle night of the year then you must be of course started guessing who is going to the next champion and who is not going to make it there. With a lot of great competitors like The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens etc. are going to make their appearances there. Don’t miss the Royal Rumble 2018 Full show live at WWE official network.

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Rumors Arising!

Yes, even the match has not even started and the rumors are already up and flowing from here and there. All these rumors are impacting the game night a big time and if you are a fan of the same then you must hear all these rumors that will surely change your thought and perspective on the game.

Disclaimer- Rumors are just Rumors. None of this is ever confirmed as a legit news or a fact, is is just being circulated in and around the pro wrestling fans and viewers.

Royal Rumble Rumors 2018:

  • It has been heard that Bray Wyatt has been scheduled for a run with the WWE world title in 2018.
  • Is has been noted that neither AJ Styles or Kevin Owens are going to be the champions in the WrestleMania so we all can expect changes in the upcoming Royal Rumble.
  • The match i.e. John Cena vs. Samoa Joe was apparently thrown around as a random idea and is still possible for WrestleMania 33
  • From the NXT Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, and tye Dillinger are the names which are possible to give surprise entry in the event.
  • Initially thought given as Seth Rollins is going to be the next Iron Man but his defeat to Sami Zayn has crumbled this rumor.
  • WWE could shock us by having Strowman being eliminated by a Team or by a Zayn dropkick.
  • According to sources, Strowman is the big favorite to have the most eliminations in the match.  
  • It is possible that there is going to be a surprise match between Shaquille O’Neal and The Big Show as a surprise as this has been heard a lot but nothing has been confirmed.
  • Taker or Lesnar is going to is win the competition. of course, Undertaker was not brought back to be a small piece of the puzzle and a win in the WrestleMania will be a really good win to end his journey as a professional Wrestler.

WWE Royal Rumble Predictions 2018

There are a lot of predictions being done in the same event as there are a lot of possibilities that can happen on the night. Though these are just predictions, not confirmed facts, but we can say them as the smart predictions that are predicted after some confirmed facts are taken into considerations.

  • The last august when Finn Balor had a shoulder injury he was confirmed that he will be out for “anywhere from 4 to 6 months” but as WWE is known for its surprises, it is being said that Balor will return to the ring in this Rumble.
  • Kurt Angle: there is a little doubt that he might return from his lengthy exile from WWE on this Sunday night’s event. It would be the biggest moments in the history of pro wrestling.
  • Samoa Joe who has not been on the NXT for the last 2 weeks means that his appearance at the Royal Rumble could be a heck of an appearance and a good return.
  • The Miz might make his appearance back to the screen. He possesses both the ability and cunning to outlast the competition but his comeback could give us a shock for sure!
  • Braun Stowman could be the next world champion. This 6-foot-8-inches monster would not be easy to take down this year. This monster lasted a total of 20 minutes in the last year’s bout and was given the title of most Superstar Eliminations with a total of 5 eliminations.

There a lot of predictions being done by the fans too and they are never ending. These rumors are being the best and most convincing of the lot. Again, these are just rumors and predictions, these might happen or might not happen as they are not based on any kind of proven facts.

Spread the word with your friends and fellow sports fans too. And also let us know what do you think of the rumors and the events and what else do you think could happen in the event by commenting down below.

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