WWE Royal Rumble 2017: Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens Best Possible Finishes

WWE Royal Rumble is being held on this Sunday in Texas. This battle night between the best 30 superstars is going to be a heck of an epic night. Best of the best participants are going to be there such as The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and a lot more! Don’t miss the Royal Rumble 2017 live stream here for free.

But this year’s Royal Rumble is going to be a pivotal point for both Roman Reigns as well as Kevin Owens.

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Coming to Owens, this could be a great end of his run for the champion of the Universe and also a start of the rivalry with Chris Jericho. On the other hand, Reigns appears to be headed for a top match at WrestleMania against one of the biggest names in the business.

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As we can see that WWE is building Reigns as “the guy”, he is been rumored as the opponent for the WrestleMania’s Main event against Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or even the Undertaker. But to get there, he has to get through Owens. And also that there is another possibility of winning the title and leaving the Royal Rumble as the Universal Champion, which is something that seems likely given WWE management’s insistence on pushing him on top.

There are a lot of questions arising like has Owens headed for the Gold again? Or is he looking for a title vs. title match against Jericho on the grandest stage of them all? Or is Reigns set to battle for the Title of the Champion for the Third time?

All this depends on the how Owens vs. Reigns pays out. So let’s examine the best possible finishes for the match at 2017 Royal Rumble.

Owens Wins Clean

This man’s pro wrestler’s journey has been marred by tainted victories and WWE’s reluctance to make him a top title. Now, something interesting to note here is that Owens has gone from a prey to a heavy round to defeat reigns as of Jan 28th. Also by the 5Dimes.com (h/t WWELeaks) “Owens has been a big mover as he went from -210 to -530. Roman Reigns’ price to get a result over the WWE Universal Champion has increased from +160 to +350,” which is a possible indication for a surprise win for Owens.

After all, WWE should seriously consider letting Owens beat Reigns 100% clean at Royal Rumble as the last chance to save his title run, but on an honest note, it is less likely to happen with Jericho around and this match now being no disqualification.

Reigns Wins Clean

There are many great pro wrestlers like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and dean Ambrose doing wonders for the Intercontinental Championship by putting on amazing matches and feuds and coming to reign, despite the criticism he gets, is a big match performer who would undoubtedly be booked strongly as Universal Champion.

Well, fans are tired of reigns vs. Owens, so basically it might happen the belt is moved off of Owen, a lifeless champion could temper interest in the Raw’s event.

Jericho Enters and costs Owens the title

During the match, Jericho will be hanging inside a shark cage suspended above the ring and making it look like Y2J won’t be able to enter the match and interfere.

But if you have been watching WWE long enough, you well well know that it is very less likely to happen. And it is a huge expectation that this happens so that Jericho can inadvertently cost Owens the Universal Title.

Also considering the Raw’s increase in the viewership is the addition of the addition of part-time stars like Goldberg or Brock Lesnar, as has been the case over the past two shows where Raw has witnessed sizable jumps in viewership. And if Owens is not able to make it like Goldberg or Lesnar can expect reigns to win the Universal title to set up a dispute with either of those stars.

Jericho helps Owens retains, Wins Royal Rumble!

If Jericho is a smart player, he is going to do the thing that is to target for his best friend to retain his Universal Title and do the thing that has been dodged by his entire career i.e. win the Royal Rumble.

So consider this, Jericho, through some sort of way, helps Owens retain his title against Reigns and then goes on to win the Royal Rumble Match. Which will in turn set up Owens vs. Jericho for the Universal and the United States title at Wrestlemania 33.

After all, the entire Storyline of Jericho vs. Owens revolved around the Championship so it will be a logical end to all this. Also, Jericho vs. Owens seems like a lock for WrestleMania anyway.

Well this being the scenarios, it will a heck of a match for sure.

What do you think about this match? Do you think that Chris will interfere the match? Do you think that Chris will get the title of Universal Champion? Let us know by commenting down below and allow your thoughts to flow in the comments 🙂

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