WWE SummerSlam 2016: Problems Of The Fight Brock Lesnar Vs Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton will star stellar 2016 SummerSlam struggle, struggle that is giving many conflicts WWE.

The fight between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam 2016 is already committed. Fight like display has great potential, but the personality of the snake, the times of embodied Beast, its judgment in the denial of doping and punish him harm WWE promotion meeting.

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The clash of two secure Hall of Fame WWE on such a big stage like SummerSlam is a show that sells itself. Orton put the proof: a glamorous and striking back, facing the most dangerous to show their potential.

The fight, on the other hand, to balance benefits in WWE. The head of the section of WWE “Bleacher Report” Dilbert Ryan explains this fact to a sure bet to fight against the uncertainty which means the vote of confidence Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler as challengers to the world titles.

Lesnar vs Orton is set as the first matchup marks. Orton is SmackDown and Raw Lesnar. In theory they never cross until SummerSlam and was -but that are invading territories-. But this is a conflict Brock times; also considering that WWE has to be smart to select the dates will appear in its programming.

In the past, Paul Heyman was a good substitute in the absence of Lesnar. Although Dave Meltzer said the representative lacks binding contract with WWE after its expiry weeks ago, it seems that ‘Paulito’ will be once a lifeline for the company.


For the above problems adds the personality of Orton shown. Since his return to WWE ring after his injury he was too good-natured. Presents more smiles that intense gaze murderer who preys on his prey shift that characterizes it and that would ignite more to the public, besides giving more confidence and credibility to your challenge.

Moreover, the US Anti-Doping Agency detected clomiphene (anti estrogen was also detected Jon Jones) in the body of Brock Lesnar before his win at UFC 200, according to ESPN. This made the mainstream press that won WWE go to the trash.

WWE also was branded a hypocrite. In order not to sacrifice your ad for SummerSlam Lesnar he decided not to punish . Recently he suspended humilló- -even a top fighter like Roman Reigns ; while Randy Orton has two penalties in the past for violating the drug policy of the company.

Again, WWE will have to appeal to how the fight develops in the ring to succeed . Adding drama will not add much if you only going to be surprise attacks : the fight is already committed . Thus, the narrative will have to be left a little aside to make way for a duel of violence to succeed SummerSlam. 

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