Will John Cena Return For WWE Payback 2016?

Will John Cena Return For WWE Payback 2016

John Cena in an interview over Wrestlemania 32 weekend said that he was medically cleared and fit to return in the WWE ring but he hasn’t made it yet. The WWE universe wants him to be 100% fit before he makes a come back and joins the ring.

The WWE concern about John Cena’s fitness, because they want him to be in WWE SummerSlam 2016 anyhow. So he is not likely to appear in WWE Payback 2016 on 1st May 2016.

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The talks with the interviewer and Johna cena, he said:

“I’m a 38-year-old man,” he says. “I’d much rather it be a program geared toward me, whether that’s TV-14 or sometimes even more graphic than that, which is what I like. For one thing, profanity brought fire out of people with personalities that backed the language. It’s very difficult to say, ‘Oh, you’re being poopy,’ especially when they’re meant to be fighting words. And now, if someone starts to bleed, the referee intervenes to stop the bleeding. But before, you’d just let it fly. Blood is one of the things that made fights cool. Like, you knew it had gotten serious. I understand why we don’t do it anymore. Vince has been a coach to me, a father figure, a boss and a friend, and his goal and my goal are the same: to make the company be as big as it can be. But, yeah, the blood is one thing I miss.”

No doubt the champ is missing the blood as he mentioned. A great superstar indeed he is, no doubt about it. The champ will never give up as he always says it.

Soon he’s gonna make a come back and definitely going to challenge Roman Reigns for WWE Championship.

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