WWE Wrestlemania 2016: Triple H vs. Roman Reigns | WWE World Heavyweight Champion Match

Triple H vs Roman Reigns WWE Wrestlemania 2016 WWE World Heavyweight Champion Match

Watch Triple H V Roman Reigns at WWE main event Wrestlemania 32 on 3rd April 2016. The road to Wrestlemania is closed to a month now. The Wrestlemania 2016 is expected to be the biggest WWE event in the history of wrestling. The rivalry between Reigns and Triple H is up, since Reigns destroyed Triple H and injured him badly.

Later on Monday Night Raw, Triple H took his revenge, destroying Reign’s face badly. No doubt it will be more than a fight at Wrestlemania 32, when Reigns will face Triple H for World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H snatched the title from Reigns at Royal Rumble 2016 in the closing moments throwing Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns over the ring.

Triple H Vs Roman Reigns WWE Wrestlemania Match Predictions

That Reigns got back to this stage is remarkable enough: The tests he’s gone through since his Royal Rumble Match victory in 2015 would have caused a lesser Superstar to tuck tail and run.

If nothing else, Reigns’ ability to plow past Lesnar and his best friend Dean Ambrose (again) at WWE Fastlane to earn the match with The Game should serve as proof to even his staunchest detractors that he’s made of stronger stuff than many gave him credit for this time last year.

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Whether desire is enough, this time, will be the question. It wasn’t last year, when Reigns, riding a mantra of “I Can, I Will,” put then-champion Lesnar on his heels in the main event of WrestleMania 31 before Seth Rollins swooped in and stole the show.

No doubt Reigns have that last year experience where he was so closed to defeat Brock Lesnar for grabbing the World Heavy Weight Title. He will definitely put a great fight against the Game at Wrestlemania match 2016.

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