WWE Wrestlemania 32 Main Event 2016: Triple H Vs Roman Reigns

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Main Event 2016 Triple H Vs Roman Reigns

After the Fastlane 2016, WWE Wrestlemania is on its way which will take place at AT&T stadium on 3rd April. Fans must be wondering about the main event of Wrestlemania 32.

Well, let me answer you in a straight way. The main event of Wrestlemania 2016 is World Heavy Weight Championship battle between Triple H Vs Roman Reigns. This is the fight that most WWE fans were expecting.

The Story continues….

Earlier, when it was becoming tough for Roman Reigns to become WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, being so angry he destroyed the Authority to get his title back. He injured Triple H so much that he was out of the ring for many days.

But the GAME made his come back in Royal Rumble 2016 and he was the last man (at number 30) to enter the ring. He pulled out Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns over the ring and became the NEW World Heavy Weight Champion.

Now at Fastlane, Roman Reigns become the number 1 contender for World Heavy Weight Champion and he is going to fight with Triple H at Wrestlemania 32.

No doubt the eyes will be on this BIG fight between the Reigns empire and Triple H.

Though WWE tried to make it look like Dean Ambrose is going to steal the Fastlane 2016 but it was Roman Reigns who speared the Amborse at the end and won the match.

It’s gonna be tough for Roman Reigns to get his World Heavy Weight Championship title back against the Triple H as the game is one the best storytellers in Professional Wrestling. If they let Reigns be very straight to the point on the mic, and let him just be monster, the match should be good. 

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