WWE Fastlane 2016 Matches Results & Predictions

WWE Fastlane 2016 Matches Results and Predictions

WWE Fastland 2016 is around the corner. Only few days left for the BIG event of WWE. Some of the BIG stars like Brock Lesnar, Dean Amrose, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and others will be seen on WWE Fastlane 2016.

WWE Fastlane is the strongest on cards, as WWE is focusing a lot on promoting the main event before the Wrestlemania 31.

Fastlane 2016 is an upcoming proficient wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) occasion created by WWE ahead of WWE WrestleMania 2016WWE Fastlane 2016 will happen on Sunday February 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. It will be the second occasion in the Fastlane sequence.

BIG matches like Triple thread match between Brock Lesnar VS Dean Ambrose VS Roman Reigns for #1 contender for World Heavy Weight Championship is on buzz. Whoever is gonna win that match, will face Triple H for WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 2016.

Other matches that’s gonna take place on Fastlane 2016 are Kevin Owens versus Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho versus AJ Styles, usually a combination of stars from WWE Raw and Smackdown.

Apart from that, Charlotte defends her Divas Title against Brie Bella, and the card is rounded off with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks versus Naomi and Tamina.

Ryback, Big Show and Kane versus Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper is the bathroom break match, while Alberto Del Rio versus Kalisto makes for a stronger than usual pre-show bout. Here’s the results you can count on.

Here in this post we come up with WWE Fastlane 2016 Predictions for every match that’s going to take place in Fastlane 2016. The results of WWE Fastlane matches will be out once the event is end.

WWE Fastlane 2016 Matches Predictions

Below is the list of Fastlane 2016 matches along with predictions:

Match: Kalisto (C) Vs Alberto Del Rio – 2 Out Of 3 Falls, United States Title

Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio faced each other so many times for US title. One more time they gonna face each other on WWE Fastlane 2016.

Prediction: Who will win: Kalisto is fan’s favorite.

Ryback, Big Show And Kane Vs Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan And Luke Harper

You will see some big guys like Kane, Big Show, Ryback colliding with Wyatt’s family in a six tag team match on Fastlane 2016.

For Ryback, Show and Kane, they are only in there as glorified jobbers. They’re capable of good performances, but it is doubtful if they’ll be up to the task against Strowman. Any good exchanges will likely come between Harper and Kane, before Strowman gets in for the choke finish on Big Show.

Prediction: Who will win : Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper

Becky Lynch And Sasha Banks Vs Naomi And Tamina

Becky teaming with Sasha Banks will face Naomi and Tamina for Divas Tag Team championship match.

Prediction: Who will win: Naomi and Tamina

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho Fastlane 2016 Match

Th two start Aj Styles who made his debut in Royal Rumble 2016 and Chris Jericho have rivalries earlier. Both fought with each other quite a times in Smack down and Raw shows, and last night Chris Jericho challenged AJ Styles in a match on Fastlane 2016 main event.

Prediction: Who will win: AJ Styles

Charlotte (C) Vs Brie Bella – Divas Title

Charlotte will face Brie Bella, Nicky Bella’s sister for Divas Title in a Fastlane match 2016.

Prediction: Who will win: Charlotte

Kevin Owens (C) Vs Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Title

Kevin Owens who recently won the Intercontinental title will compete against Dolph Ziggler for the championship at Fastlane WWE main event.

Prediction: Who will win: New Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose – Number One Contender Match

This is BIG thriller ahead of the WWE Wrestlemania 2016, as two brothers and the beat will collide with each other for number 1 contender of World Heavy Weight Championship at Wrestlemania 2016.

Prediction: Who will win: Roman Reigns

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